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Want to Raise Empathetic Kids?  Get Them a Dog.

Unlike IQ, which is fixed at birth, EQ can grow and be nurtured, and what better way than with a loving pet who is a gift to the whole family? Read more

A Beer You Can Share with Your Dog

“If you can’t share a beer with your best friend, then what else is there?” Read more

10 Reasons Why Your Dog Is the Best Valentine's Day Date

You can have all the wine and chocolate, and you don’t have to feel guilty about not sharing. Read more

Tractive MOTION – Fitness Tracker for Your pet!

If you think your dog could be overweight and want to help him or her lose some weight, Tractive MOTION might just be the high-tech product for you. Read more

Dog Photo Art: From a Simple Image to a Handmade Oil Painting

The folks at Pixelist can turn a simple image of your dog into real art. Read more

Turn Your Dog's Photo into a Puzzle

Take that adorable picture of Fido and convert it into a jigsaw puzzle. Read more

Muttropolis Speaks About Site, Products and Community

Recently, we had the privilege of interviewing the team behind Muttropolis, an online store offering distinctive and functional products for dogs Read more

Looking for Someone to Trust

Blitz was found tethered to a telephone pole a few years ago in Georgia by a homeless gentleman. The man loved Blitz and they both moved to New Hampshire together. Read more

Four Pit Bull Puppies Find Forever Love Against All Odds

Like so many other stories, Mac, Petey, Piper and Percy’s rescue started with many late night phone calls, text messages and desperate pleas. Read more

Organization Combating Dog Overpopulation in Sri Lanka

Samantha (Sam) and Mark Green, both from the UK, have been living in Sri Lanka on and off for about eight years, working to fight dog overpopulation Read more

Dramatic Rescue of Little Dog Ends with Search for Forever Home

Tracy Frank, of SARA Sanctuary in Texas, was headed back from picking up Frieda, a very sweet and energetic black lab who had just come out of eye surgery Read more

Buy One Scarf or Tie to Feed a Shelter Dog for 20 Days

The San Francisco SPCA is launching an initiative today, September 2nd, to raise funds for their shelter dogs. Read more

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