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Amazing Dog "Works" Comforting Elderly at Nursing Home

“She’s an angel,” said 90-year-old Ruth New as Nala hopped up onto Ruth’s bed and cuddles in next to her. Read more

Two Chihuahuas Survive Fatal Car Crashes

One dog was reunited with his owner’s family and the other was picked up by a rescue organization and is looking for a new forever family. Read more

Men Walk Half Mile Through Swamp to Rescue Injured Dog

Thanks to a passing motorist, a police officer and a swamp tour guide, this dog has a second chance for a good life. Read more

Woman Inspired to Train Service Dogs by Own Dog

“They can really be a comfort to you,” cathy said. “I’ll say, ‘Duffy, I really need a hug,’ and he’ll come up and lay his front paws on me.” Read more

Police Stops Van Transporting Cage Puppies on Roof

Animal lovers and fellow highway riders noticed scared puppies on the roof of the car and started dialing 911. Police soon stopped the van and rescued the dogs. Read more

Police Officers Rescue and Adopt Dog Found at ATL Airport

Abandoning a dog in an airport’s parking lot is not a good way to get rid of a dog. There are other options – much safer options – to relinquish a pet. Read more

Bonded Pair Left Orphaned Now Waiting for a New Home

“The home they are staying in will be sold within a few weeks – we are running out of time.” Read more

Canadian Man Fights Off Cougar to Save Girlfriend’s Dog

“He’s good. We took him to the hospital and he just had some teeth marks on his skull from where the cougar was trying to drag him,” the hero said. Read more

Lost Dog Travels 120 Miles Before Found

A dog lost during a car accident traveled 120 miles before getting found, but thanks to volunteer animal lovers, the dog and his owner will reunite again. Read more

Dog Saves Owners After Neighbor Sets Home on Fire

A 26-year-old man was arrested after setting his neighbor’s home on fire. No one died thanks to a heroic dog who warned and saved his owners from the fire. Read more

Man Jumps into Dirty Canal Waters to Save Stray Dog

People gathered around a canal to witness how a man, with the help of two policemen, saved a dog trapped in the dirty waters. Read more

21 Dogs Who Are Completely Oblivious to How Enormous They Are

“What’s that, you say? Crushing you? But I’m just a lapdog!” Read more

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