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Dog Weighing 130 pounds Spends Night Stuck in Ravine

A Washington state dog owner called firefighters to help him rescue his injured 130 pound Saint Bernand stucked in a ravine. Read more

Raccoon Tricks Dog into Drainage Pipe Getting the Dog Stuck

A dog chased a raccoon into a drainage pipe and got stuck. The unlucky pet spent 18 hours trapped, but was rescued and reunited with his owner. Read more

Pit bull Saves Eight-Year-Old Boy from Bees

Suffering from excruciating pain, the young boy couldn’t make it on his own up the hill, but luckily, his Pit bull Hades was nearby and rushed to help. Read more

Collie Rescue Group Takes in Nearly 100 Seized Dogs

A large group of collies are beginning to lead better lives after a judge asked a rescue group to take them late last week. Read more

Homeless Woman in Michigan Finds Best Friend in Abandoned Dog

“He kept coming back and coming back,” she said. “So I guess he just wants to be my dog. I don’t know. I can’t afford him, but I can’t just let him starve out there.” Read more

Pit Bull Puppy Saves Mother and Baby from House Fire

The fire started in the back bedroom of the family’s home over the weekend. It’s pretty much a total loss at this point, but a woman wishing only to be identified as Cristina is just thankful that her baby daughters and seven-month-old puppy are alive and well. Read more

Starbucks to Offer Public Apology for Denial of Service Dog Entry

Zero is there to help her out with various daily tasks that because of the brain injuries, can make life very difficult. Everything from coping with memory issues such as where she left her car, all the way to dealing with the anxiety brought on by the bipolar disorder. Zero is there with her and for her, every day. Read more

Buy One Scarf or Tie to Feed a Shelter Dog for 20 Days

The San Francisco SPCA is launching an initiative today, September 2nd, to raise funds for their shelter dogs. Read more

Airline Owner Helps Homeless Dogs Get to Forever Homes

Thanks to caring and giving individuals like Dirk van der Sterre, 120 dogs have been saved from high-kill shelters and placed into forever homes. Read more

Arkansas Community Bands Together to Clean Up Animal Control Shelter

“If we don’t step up and we don’t show that we’re interested then we can’t expect everybody to either,” volunteer Suzette Geer. Read more

Doggy Cakes Recipe Provides All Natural Option for Treats

Kayla just wants to get the word out on how important our pet’s diets are, just like our own. She has worked with many rescues, and also donates her products to several local shelters. Read more

Puppy Pipeline Pups All Adopted Within One Hour of Arrival at Rescue Shelter

“We want to make sure our priority is our community – and when we have space, we can open it up for little animals like this,” said Ender. Read more

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