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Dog Faints with Excitement at Reunion with Family Member

Rebecca Ehalt has been living and working in Slovenia for two years, and her return home was just too much for Casey to handle! Read more

Loyal Dog Guards the Body of His Slain Teenage Owner

The Border Collie kept approaching joggers and kept trying to get them to follow him, pleading to help. Read more

Rescued American Bulldog Rescues Others

“We hate seeing Knuckles in pain and unable to run and play like he loves! He is a great dog that has done so much for others. We just want to give a little back to him!” Read more

Dog Owner Forces Pet to Wear Collar Made of Bricks

The canine struggled to keep his head up due to the extra weight the sadistic collar carried. Read more

Six Children Save the Life of an Injured Stray Dog

Children turned to a radio station to help them save a puppy with a mangled rear leg. Read more

Canine Fire Survivors Continue to Wait for Homes

Community works together to save pets from massive forest fire, but now four months later those pets are still waiting for forever homes. Read more

Dog Apologizes to Baby in a Big Way

“When Charlie takes any of the Laura’s toys he always gives it back. We keep her toys in the basket, but he loves to open it and bring it to her (WITHOUT ASKING).” Read more

FOUR Pounds of Fur Shaved from Dog Who Couldn’t Walk

“We were ecstatic to see what an amazing job they have done with his physical therapy and he was even able to get up to a little trot today!” Read more

Good Samaritan Rescues Dog Involved in Fatal Crash

“I’m so grateful to Frankie for his time and consideration,” Joni said. “He was so confused and scared. Frankie really was a comfort to Truman.” Read more

Stranded Dog Rescued from Lagoon

In the middle of the night and in complete darkness, three hero animal rescuers headed into a lagoon, armed with a kayak, a paddle, and a few flash lights, to rescue a stranded dog. Read more

You Won't Believe How Dedicated this Dog Was to His Fallen Navy SEAL Officer

The dog of fallen Navy SEAL Officer Jon Tumilson was dedicated to him while Tumilson was alive, and remained dedicated after his death. Read more

Dogs Feel Jealousy, Raising Questions About It’s Evolutionary Origin

Despite the wide variety of species that have complex social structures – elephants, monkeys, chimps, dolphins, giraffes, wolves, corvids, and lots more – many have argued that jealousy requires a sophisticated understanding of the self and of other’s social goals and desires. Read more

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