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Officer Jumps in Icy Pond to Save 160-Pound Dog

“I didn’t really think about it,” DeDieu said Friday. “There was a dog in trouble. I have my own dogs. I knew what to do.” Read more

A Perfect Stranger Pays $6K Vet bill to give dog a Second Chance at Life

“That somebody would do that for somebody else is just above and beyond anything that anybody could ask somebody else to do,” Cari said. Read more

Dropout from Police K9 Training Catches Burglar

“He keeps pacing outside the door, going back and forth. But it’s dark, so you can’t really see. But we know someone or something was back there,” Cunningham said. Read more

Cooking Oil Saves Trapped Dog

Firefighters used cooking oil to lather a dog’s neck and then slide the pet out of the machine where his head was trapped. Read more

State Trooper Rescues Dog From Icy Water

If the heroic state trooper hadn’t helped Belle, her life would have ended that day in the cold waters of the Erie Canal. Read more

Abused Senior Dog Finds Second Chance with 96-Year-Old Woman

“I put my hand out to pick him up and he came up to kiss me and that settled that.” Read more

Dog Disabled from Life in a Cage Is Finally Free!

“Sadly, we cannot spare him the pain he’s already lived, but we can get him the medical attention he urgently needs and help him have the best future possible!” Read more

Over $35,000 Raised for Man Who Walks 5 Miles a Day to See Dog

“I can’t thank everyone enough,” Pete said. “The words ‘thank you’ aren’t big enough. Buster and I are going to be together again.” Read more

Heartless Owner Looks for Younger Dog Moments After Dumping Senior

Hopefully Carson did not allow the man to adopt a dog who doubtlessly would end up back in a shelter once they got too old. Read more

Florida Man Flies 3,000th Rescue Animal in Plane

Jeff Bennett recently flew his 3,000th rescue animal from shelters where they are in danger of euthanization to other shelters where they are able to find homes. Read more

Confused Dog Saved After Running into House Fire

“When she was breathing well enough and opened her eyes and was responding, they went ahead and got me,” said Scott. Read more

Dori, a Severely Matted Dog Gets Unbelievable Transformation

Dori, a severely neglected dog was hiding under 4 pounds of matted hair and dirt accumulated through years of neglect, but thanks to rescuers, she was saved. Read more

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