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Jane Lynch & Hilary Swank to Host Thanksgiving Dog-a-thon

“Rescue dogs are not broken animals,” Levitt said. “They are the victims of bad circumstances, but most are loving and most grateful creatures.” Read more

Dogs Suffering at Atrocious Shelter Finally Receiving Help

Nearly two dozen dogs have been rescued from a squalid shelter where they were living 2-4 to a kennel that fills with sewage. They are sick, emaciated, and fighting each other for food. They are finally getting help from Big Fluffy Dog Rescue, and need all the donations they can get! Read more

1427 Days in a Kennel

Young, athletic, smart, ginger male, ISO loving companion to share my life with. I enjoy long walks, spontaneous road trips, and the occasional wrestling match. Best feature? My smile. Read more

Police Searching for Clues in Abandonment Case

“He was so sweet. He was so loving. He wasn’t like, angry about what was happening to him. He just wanted relief,” said Shawnee. Read more

She Was Saved Once - Now She Must Be Saved Again

This New York lady needs a home today – can you help? Read more

16 Best Doggie Thanksgiving Photos

What are you and your pups thankful for? Show us in the comments section! Read more

NY Firefighter Hopes to Adopt Rottie Thrown from Moving Car

Firefighter William Aaron hopes Dasher survives after she was thrown from a moving car. He wants to offer the dog a loving forever home. Read more

Bodie's Radiation Therapy

Brodie is a 9 year old lab receiving radiation treatments in a friendly environment with state-of-the-art equipment that assures safe and effective treatment. Read more

Puppy with Bucket Stuck on It’s Head Saved by Family

“The feeling I had waking up on Sunday morning and not looking out the window and not looking for that dog, that was a good, happy feeling,” said Bohannon. Read more

Abandoned and Emaciated Dog Found, Sparks Full Criminal Investigation

Due to the “severe state of neglect” officials say the dog was in at the time of his rescue, a full scale criminal investigation has been started. Read more

Ginzey and the Backyard Snow Maze

Ginzey’s humans never said that he couldn’t cut a few corners to get his treat! Read more

Injured Bull Terrier Recovers after Getting Pulled out of Garbage

A dog with injuries to his legs was found tossed inside a garbage container. Police are now looking for the dog’s abusers. Read more

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