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Happy Ending for Detroit's Trashcan Dog

Six weeks ago, a concerned citizen heard a whimper coming from a garbage can. Under some trash was a weak and scared little dog. The pet was rescued and has found a loving forever home. Read more

France Grants Pets Rights as Living Beings

For hundreds of years, dogs, cats, and horses in France had the same legal status as furniture, but they now have had their rights upgraded. Read more

Over 20 Dogs Rescued from NJ Fighting Ring

Though dog fighting is a felony, abusers rarely see two years behind bars. Hopefully with the addition of gun and drug charges, they will be serving sentences closer to the ones they deserve. Read more

Boom's Easter Photo Shoot

Though he spends much of his time competing in flyball, agility, dock diving, and weight pull, he takes the occasional break to cuddle up with chickies and ducklings. Read more

Shih Tzu Learns to Love After Rescued From Puppy Mill

In March of 2011, Katie, a volunteer from Agape Animal Rescue, first met the little Shih Tzu named George Read more

Dog Gets Critically Injured Chasing a Squirrel

Tater and his owner Michael Blackwell were visiting a friend’s farm when the playful dog spotted a squirrel near the foot of a tree, chased after it, and was impaled by a metal rod. Read more

Golden Retriever Saves Dunsmuir Man from House Fire

Molly alerted her owner that their home was on fire. Thanks to her Mike Pickard from Dunsmuir, Calif., is alive today. Read more

17 Dogs Having Really Bad Hair Days

Bed head, windblown hair – dogs have first world hair problems, too. Read more

13-Year-Old Uses Facebook to Save Romanian Strays

“I like to know that my dogs will be spoiled, and will be allowed to sit on the sofa,” Ana-Maria Ciulcu said. “So one of my first questions would be, ‘Are you going to chain him?’” Read more

16 Ways My Dog Has Made Me a Better Parent

“Without our dog, I would miss the beauty of all their overlapping natures. The interspecies walls vanish. They’re all brothers, and we call them that.” Read more

Tijuana Special Needs Stray Gets Second Chance in Life

A special needs dog rescued from the streets of Tijuana needs a foster home to heal from his surgery. His back legs need amputation but his recovery is depends on finding a foster home. Read more

Misa Minnie Passes Her Therapy Dog Test

Watch as little Yorkie Misa Minnie aces her TDI Therapy Dog Test to become a therapy dog. Read more

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