It’s Pit Bull Week – Let’s Celebrate!

8.28.15 - Pit Bull Week4

Pit bulls are lap beasts, and two of their favorite activities are snuggling and smooching.
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Woman Given Death Sentence Might Now Lose Her Best Friend

8.28.15 - Shivonie & Gia4

“This woman should be thinking about how she wants to spend her last remaining months. Instead she has to worry about not knowing how they are going to live.”
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Former Puppy Mill Dog Needs Some Help

8.27.15 - Puppy Mill Chloe4

“Although we have 3 other dogs, (2 rescued from being euthanized), we are telling you she is the BEST dog we have ever owned.”
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The Artful Dodger Finally Lands Himself a Home

8.27.15 - The Artful Dodger2

“We called him Dodger after the Artful Dodger when we discovered he had a cheeky knack for stealing loaves of bread.”
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Dog Emoji Keyboard Created by Animal Welfare Group

8.27.15 - Dog Emoji Keyboard Will Help Dogs in Need2

“We see so many wonderfully different dogs every day, we wanted to share this with the public.”
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$100,000 Dog Fighting Ring Busted in South Carolina

8.27.15 - dog fighting

Chester County Sheriff Alex Underwood said, “To go out and fight animals, it’s just inhumane.”
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URGENT! Packed Shelter may Have to Euthanize

8.27.15 - crowding

“We work really hard with rescue groups and fosters, but if it comes down to it, sometimes a decision has to be made,” said Animal Control Officer Barnett.
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Barkfest 2015 – THE Best Party of the Year

8.26.15 - Barkfest18

Food, art, music, fireworks, AND dogs? Best festival of the year!
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Kind-Hearted Couple Cares for Dog Caught in a Rainstorm

8.26.15 - Kind Couple Shelters Dog During Rainstorm1

“We had no idea who they were, they just turned up and the guy had even taken his jacket off. Jon took them over some umbrellas to help them out.”
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Dog Killer Gets a Taste of Her Own Medicine

8.26.15 - Killer Sits in Hot Car1

“She stated it was really hot in the back seat. I then asked Thomas how she thinks her dog felt with the car not running and stuck inside a crate.”
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Couple Give Special Role in Wedding to Terminally Ill Dog

8.26.15 - dog weddFEAT

“He had so much energy. He did a fantastic job as the ring bearer,” said Cassidy Williams.
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Happy National Dog Day!

8.26.15 - Hot Tub

Here is a funny video to get your National Dog Day started off right!
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Hero Men Risk Lives Saving Dog Stranded for 10 Days in Canal


Why didn’t anyone do something before? This we will never know, but the pooch named Moi is now safe and awaits a forever home.
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Eight Puppies Are Rescued from a Garbage Bin


Police find eight puppies in a garbage bin and community members help identify the animal abuser who abandoned the days-old dogs.
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Abandoned Retired Army Dog Goes Back to Handler

8.25.15 - army dog1

“I owe her my life and I intend to spoil her for the remainder of hers,” said Retired U.S. Army vet Tyler Roberts.
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Vets Save Dog Found Tied Up and Stabbed

Naif recovering.

Naif was found with his legs tied together, rope wrapped around his torso, and a stab wound on the neck. Today he is recovering and looking for a forever home.
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“Don’t Worry, He’ll Never get Over 20 Pounds…”

8.25.15 - YogiFEAT

Wife tells her husband that the dog she just adopted would stay small. Boy was he surprised to see just how big the dog got!
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Dog Survives 32 ft. Drop into Ravine


Firefighters rush to rescue a small dog abandoned in a 32 ft. ravine.
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Police Officer Soothes Dog Who Bit Him

8.23.15 - Cop Calms Dog7

“It’s about remaining calm, and thinking a problem through rather than overreacting.”
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Police Officer Single-Handedly Saves Two Drowning Dogs

8.22.15 - Officer Saves Two Drowning Dogs1

“Using some MacGyver-like skills, he tied two nylon leashes together, hooked them to a nearby metal grate, and lowered himself into the water.”
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