Puerto Rican Police Rescue Puppy from Sewer Drain


A man walking near an open sewer drain noticed a dog sitting on top of garbage. Police were called and the pet was rescued.
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The Dog Biscuit Challenge is Taking the Internet by Storm

8.3.15 - DBC

Move over ice bucket challenge! It’s dog biscuit challenge time!
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Coast Guard Station in Milwaukee Adopts Stray as Mascot

8.3.15 - Coast Guard1

“He was a good dog right from the beginning,” Kaminski told CNN. “He’s quiet (and), meshed well with the family.”
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Dog Gets “Job” Helping Youth Soccer Club Find Lost Balls

8.2.15 - MaggieFEAT

Maggie the border collie is an unofficial mascot and full time lost ball locater for a youth soccer club in Glemsford, Suffolk, UK.
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Raven is Addison’s Protector and Snoozing Buddy

8.2.15 - Raven and Addison

“People that say ‘money can’t buy happiness’ have never paid an adoption fee,” said Kristin Leigh Rhynehart.
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Please Help in Finding a Forever Home for Neville

8.2.15 - Neville1

Neville was a stray that was rescued just in the nick of time. Found with chemical burns all over him, he is healing and now seeks a forever home.
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Dog Graciously Allows Bird to Eat Off Her Head

8.1.15 - Bird Eats Off Dog's Head2

“Inca is very laid back. She’s rather big for a whippet but she’s so calm and nonchalant it’s unbelievable,” Askey said. .
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Merit’s Story Will Forever Touch Your Heart

7.31.15 - Miracle Merit1

“Merit LOVED other dogs and would light up when he saw dogs… This was a big surprise to us as he was so antisocial in every other situation with people.” .
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Move Over, Grumpy Cat – There’s a New Curmudgeon in Town!

7.31.15 - Earl the Grumpy Puppy8

“I’m just happy people get to see what we see every day. His personality, we sit and crack up all the time.”
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I Put My Dog Down Today

7.31.15 - I Put My Dog Down Today2

“I put my dog down yesterday. He was not sick. He was not old. I rescued him over 8 years ago. And I put him down to rescue him again.”
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Soccer Ball-Sized Tumor Removed from Senior Dog

7.30.15 - Soccer Ball-Sized Tumor4

“I was really shocked when they said it was a tumor on her spleen. Suddenly I thought I might lose her. It was awful.”
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Firefighters Rescue Dog Trapped 5 Days in Between Boulders


It is uncertain how the pooch got stuck in between the boulders, but after five days, the dog was rescued by hero firefighters.
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Meet Brooklyn’s Fearless Hasidic Dog Walker

7.29.15 - Hasidic Dog Walker

“I usually get comments from Latino men,” Gottdenger said. “They say, ‘I never saw a Jew with a dog before!’”
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Dog Missing for 6 Weeks After Falling into Poudre River Found Alive

7.30.15 - dog foundFEAT

“We were thrilled, just absolutely thrilled, to know someone had her at that point,” Hill said.
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Veterinarian Saves Puppy Doused with Acid


Matias might have long lasting scars along, but animal lovers have come together to make sure the pet is loved and cared for.
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Police Officer Rescues Dog During Domestic Disturbance Call

7.29.15 - police rescue

“I saw this dog that was just laying down on the ground, and I am prone to going to the dog. I wanted to see whose dog it was, and no one claimed the dog.”
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Border Collie Saves Newborn Lamb


Dino the sheep dog licked the newborn lamb stimulating blood flow and helping it come back to life.
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Bus Driver Stops Bus to Save Run Over Dog


A bus driver noticed an injured pet in the middle of the road along his route, and didn’t hesitate to help.
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Police Officers Rush to Help Dog Hurt By Hedgehog


Police officers rush a veterinarian to aid a dog who encounter a hedgehog and was left wounded with dozens of spines.
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City of Detroit Gets First No-Kill Shelter

7.28.15 - detroit shelter4

Detroit Dog Rescue secured a license to operate the first no-kill shelter in the city’s history.
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