Hero Dog Defends Family and Home Against Burglar

5.24.15 - sadie

“When I came out of the bathroom there was a man standing there and he is physically punching my dog but she would not back down at all,” said Sadie’s human.
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Meet Jurassic Jessie! She Needs a Forever Home

5.24.15 - Jessie1

“With the new Jurassic Park film due shortly we are hoping that as fans are unable to adopt a real dinosaur Jessie will be the next best thing!”
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Man and Dog Take Cross Country Trip to Raise Money

5.24.15 - Sand5

“We’re on schedule to raise over $250,000 for these kids, just man, his dog, and his cell phone on the road,” Sandoval said.
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17 Celebrities Who Have Dog Twins

5.22.15 - Celebrities Who Have Twin Dogs0

This is actually kind of insulting to some of these dogs!
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Entire Village Saves a Dog with a “Broken Heart”

5.22.15 - Entire Village Saves a Dog with a Broken Heart5

“It’s a small village, so everyone knows Alice,” Siouxie said. “She’s so friendly, so everyone wanted to help her when she heard she was ill.”
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Blinded Rescue Dog’s Little Brothers Step Up to Be Her Guides

5.22.15 - Blinded Dog’s Siblings Step Up as Guides5

“They were kind of bookends to her… When they are coming in from the backyard they rub up against her. They guide her.”
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Petey the Puppy Survives Fatal Crash


A two-month-old puppy survived a fatal crash on Interstate 71.
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Firefighters Attempt Dog Rescue from 300 ft. High Cliff

Photo credit: Plottier Fire Department.

Two firefighters worked together to secure a dog and lower him to safety. The dog rescue took place on a cliff more than 300 feet high.
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Police Officers Save Five Dogs from House Fire


Police officers risked their own lives by saving five dogs trapped in a house fire. One by one all dogs were found and pulled from the burning home.
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Phoenix Domestic Violence Shelter Now Welcoming Pets

5.21.15 - Phoenix Domestic Violence Shelter Now Welcoming Pets10

“It feels good to know that I’m here right here next to my cat, and he’s here whenever I need someone to comfort me,” Robert admitted.
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Dog Returned to Rescue Is Now Fighting for His Life

5.21.15 - Dog Returned to Rescue Is Now Fighting for His Life1

“My chemo and meds cost about $700/mo. That will continue, until I can no longer fight. Unfortunately, bladder cancer is almost always terminal.”
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Officer Adopts the Dog He Rescued Off Freeway

5.21.15 - Dallas Officer Adopts the Dog He Rescued Off Freeway2

“[She’s] real sweet, and that’s the kind of dogs that we have at home. They’re real tenderhearted. Seemed like it’d be a good fit.”
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Heroic Officers Jump in Flooded River to Save Drowning Dog

Principe being rescued by hero police officers.

Heroic police officers ran along a fast flowing and flooded river to save a dog carried away by the river’s strong and dangerous current.
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UPDATE: Dog Orphaned by Texas Tornados Finds Forever Home

5.21.15 - Emma dog

“She didn’t want to [come out] so I climb back into the pickup and started loving on her and she came into my lap,” said Shockley.
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Woman in Florida Cited for Leaving a Dog in a Hot Car

5.21.15 - hot cars

This woman was blown in to police by an eyewitness for leaving a dog in the car while she shopped at a store for over an hour.
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Now You Can Wear Your Dog Comfortably

5.20.15 - Dog Hoodie1

The hoodie has a removable liner that can be washed to keep your pet’s nest clean.
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Hero Dog Attacks Rapist to Save Owner

KCSO mug of sex offender Ralph Young

The dogs did everything they could to protect their owner from harm.
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Midwest Dog Flu Hits the South

5.20.15 - Midwest Dog Flu Hits the South1

This flu strain is highly contagious. Symptoms include a fever, cough, runny nose, lethargy, and loss of appetite.
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Nikon Develops Camera that Your Dog Can Operate

5.20.15 - dog cam

Is your dog the next big thing in photography? Using a “human-free” camera case, now you can find out!
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Great Dane Sings National Anthem to Honor Fallen Vets

5.19.20 - Belle sings

Belle the Great Dane sings the United States national anthem with her owner to honor fallen vets, human and canine alike.
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