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A Message to All from Hope for Paws

With the cold weather approaching, abandoned and unwanted dogs need our help more than ever. Read more

Yellow Ribbon Campaign Hopes to Raise Awareness of Dogs Needing Space

Tying a yellow ribbon around the leash you are using with you furry best friend is the simple idea being put into practice across the country by many dog owners. It is supposed to serve as a warning that your dog may need a little extra space. So the idea is quite simple, but it works. Read more

For Rent, but Only to Pet Owners!

No pets, no apartment. For Judy Guth, her tenants must be pet owners, if not they are not allowed to live in her North Hollywood, 12-unit apartment complex. Read more

The magpies escourted his fur - a pet portrait

The making of a dog portrait helps bring out layers of feelings for a beloved pet. Read more

The Pit Bull Problem

Lori Weise, founder of Downtown Dog Rescue and Cornelius “Dog Man” Austin describe the unjust depiction and treatment of pit bulls in the media and society. Read more

An Unconventional Farewell

“You have to make a decision. You are being offered the chance to save Jodi’s life. I hope you will take it.” The emotionally charged silence was deafening. Read more

Promise for the Old Dog

I told him just today, “Look, I’m right here with you , every step of the way.” Read more

A Tick - By Susan R. Stoltz

Within the verse of this humorous limerick you will find many facts about ticks, where they live, how they work, symptoms of Lyme disease, and how to prevent. Enjoy! Read more

A Farewell to Peanut

“I have attached a short essay that my 13 year old grandson, Ethan Hunter, wrote about losing his beagle, Peanut. He wrote this in a half hour writing assignment at school.” Read more

Meaning of Life With the Old Dog

A woman searches for the words to explain why living with an old, deaf, one eyed pug brings her so many rewards. Read more

Plastic and Your Pet: The Hidden Toxin

The very things we give our pets to make their lives more exciting, more wonderful, more interesting, and more healthful, could actually be increasing their incidence of cancer, disease, and premature death. Read more

Responsible Pet Ownership: How do You Score?

Use these guidelines to aspire to the best owner possible. Your dog certainly deserves it. Read more

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