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Dad Makes Dog’s Kennel Look Just Like Their Living Room

Other dogs appreciated being invited to Igor’s “home,” and Hera, a Saint Bernard, visited every day. Read more

Cool Dog Rides Like a Boss

“They see me rollin’… they hatin’… patrolling, they tryin’ to catch me ridin’ dirty!” Read more

Bathroom Time Always Means Time to Hang with Dad

Well, that’s one way to maintain a captive audience… Read more

Super Serious Dog Refuses to Play

How could anyone resist such cute attempts at play? Read more

Hope for Paws Called to Rescue Family of Homeless Dogs

The Bill Foundation reaches out to Hope for Paws to rescue an injured momma dog and her three pups off the streets in Southern California. Read more

Dog in Minnesota has a Rare Talent for Art

Newman’s mom had seen other dogs, in online and television videos, using their paws to paint. She wanted to see if it would be possible to take things one step further. Read more

Canadian Dog Picks up Second job as Zamboni

We all knew hockey was HUGE in Canada, but this takes the cake! Read more

Bored? These Shiba Inus Are Sure to Help!

With those fox ears and curly tails, who couldn’t fall in love with a Shiba Inu? Read more

Dog Elevates Fetch to new Heights

The dog understands Russian as well! What a smarty pants! Read more

Hope for Paws Rescues Dog from Water Treatment Plant

“Though Mufasa was frightened to be rescued, he quickly embraced the second chance he was being given.” Read more

What a Dog Thinks When He's Left Home Alone

“I left my camera running to see what Diesel does when I leave him alone out of the crate,” he said. Read more

Shelter Threatens to Adopt out Family’s Dog While Away

“We do know who the owner is, and that they are out of the country. They have been contacted and they have been made aware that the dog will be put up for adoption and placed with a good home.” Read more

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