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It is Back to School Time for the Dog

Children are not the only ones waking up early to catch the school bus and go back to school. Dogs are too! Read more

Four Minutes of Funny Dogs

Dogs. Inventing more ways to make us smile a little more each day! Read more

Pit Bull Displays Saint-Like Patience with Rambunctious Kitten

A pit bull showing other dogs how it’s done when it comes to dealing with little kittens. Read more

Arkansas Community Bands Together to Clean Up Animal Control Shelter

“If we don’t step up and we don’t show that we’re interested then we can’t expect everybody to either,” volunteer Suzette Geer. Read more

Doggy Cakes Recipe Provides All Natural Option for Treats

Kayla just wants to get the word out on how important our pet’s diets are, just like our own. She has worked with many rescues, and also donates her products to several local shelters. Read more

Puppy Pipeline Pups All Adopted Within One Hour of Arrival at Rescue Shelter

“We want to make sure our priority is our community – and when we have space, we can open it up for little animals like this,” said Ender. Read more

Peek-A-Boo Pup

Benny the English bulldog plays his favorite game. Read more

Wife Catches Husband Teaching Dog to Dance

What an adorable dad & dog duo! Read more

Dogs Love Car Rides

Oh the good old days of summer! Watch how these dogs really enjoy going on car rides. Read more

The Best of Dogs Arguing with Their Humans

Who could possibly say no to these cuties?? Read more

Dog Sleeps in Owner's Bed

This dog looks too cute sleeping on his owner’s bed. Read more

Silly Dachshund gets stuck in Shirt Sleeve

As you can see, as part of playtime, he likes to wriggle his little sausage like body into a shirt sleeve. We’re not quite sure if you’d call it dog doing snake or doggie sausage. We do know one thing for sure, he is adorable. Read more

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