Raven is Addison’s Protector and Snoozing Buddy

8.2.15 - Raven and Addison

“People that say ‘money can’t buy happiness’ have never paid an adoption fee,” said Kristin Leigh Rhynehart.
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This Dog Has the Weirdest Sneeze Ever!

8.1.15 - Weirdest Sneeze Ever1

Poor pups…. someone get the Benadryl!
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Well, That’s One Way of Doing It…

7.31.15 - Peeing Weird

When it comes to moments like this, is there really a wrong way to do it? We don’t think so!
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Hydrotherapy Gets Disabled Husky Back on His Paws

7.31.15 - Hydrotherapy

“Taking him for a swim is the only thing that really helps… It’s such a relief to know that while we’re swimming Kane isn’t hurting.”
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Silly Dog Dances


This silly dog shows us his dance moves.
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This Dog Actually LIKES the Mailperson!

7.30.15 - mail fetch

This dog fetches the mail for his human everyday, and actually LIKES his mailperson!
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Dog “Saves” Drowning Human

7.30.15 - tricking dog

This is why it’s not a good idea to try and fool your dog into “saving” you from drowning!
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Dogs Are Family


A dog shows us why it is so easy to love them.
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Dogs Who Love Water


Leave it to the dogs to show you how to have fun on hot summer days.
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Border Collie Saves Newborn Lamb


Dino the sheep dog licked the newborn lamb stimulating blood flow and helping it come back to life.
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Black Lab Plays “The Floor Is Lava”

7.28.15 - The Floor Is Lava

While his front paws might be touching lava, his back paws are still on home base!
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Dogs LOVE Waterslides

7.28.15 - waterslide

This dog looks to be having the time of his life on that waterslide!
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Uber Driver Refuses Blind Man and His Service Dog

7.28.15 - Uber

“It clearly states that they’ve educated all of their drivers that service dogs are allowed in all vehicles,” said Tolmie.
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Courageous Dogs Get Scared too


Not all dogs are brave. Here are a few dogs who get easily scared
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Dog Door Fails

7.27.15 - video

Sometimes dogs just don’t know their own size.
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This Dog Will Do ANYTHING for Ice Cream

7.27.15 - Dog Wants Ice Cream1

I scream, you scream, Ruby barks – for ice cream!
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Watch How Love, Food and Care Help Change a Dog


A hairless and sick dog transforms into a beautiful pet in just six weeks. All it took was love, good food and some medical help.
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Injured Pit Bull Transforms After Getting Rescued


Penelope couldn’t stand up. She was skinny, infested with fleas and had a bad cut on her thigh. Getting rescued transformed her and her life.
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Dog Swims with Dolphins

7.24.15 - Dog Swims with Dolphins

What a lucky dog!
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Dog Plays with Balloon


Give a dog a balloon and chances are the dog will happily play for hours.
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