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Puppy Plays with Stuffed Toy

This cute puppy is so happy to be playing with his favorite toy. Read more

Video: 10 Most Inspiring Dog Rescues

How far will people go to rescue a pet in need? Watch and find out. Read more

Cute Puppy Lab Turns One

Want to see what a cute black Labrador looks like his first year of life? Just watch. Read more

Why Walk Down the Stairs When You Can Slide Down Instead?

This dog might just bee too lazy to walk down the stairs. Read more

Dog and Cat Are True Best Friends

Whoever thinks cats and dogs can’t be friends have never met this pair. Read more

Video Captures Thieves Stealing Three Pets, Owners Want Their Dogs Back

Ariadne Villaba is devastated after her dogs were inhumanly tossed over the fence of her home and then thrown into the trunk of a car. Read more

Wrinkly Bulldog Puppy Finds His Voice, Or Tries Too

This wrinkly little puppy practices his howling. How cute! Read more

This Dog Is Not Afraid to Swim with Big Fish

What does a dog swimming with Tarpons look like? Watch and find out! Read more

Whatever Happened to the Rescued Sochi Ten?

Find out how two of the ten dogs rescued from Russia, by The Humane Society International, during the 2014 Winter Olympics are living today. Read more

Rescue # 75 - Beagle Freedom Project

Beagle Freedom Project rescue # 75, dubbed the ‘LA Love’ rescue, includes Guinea Pigs alongside four lovable Beagles! Read more

Puppy Asks "Why Can't We Share?"

This cute puppy wants his fur-sibling to share his Kong with him. Read more

The Handstanding Dog

This Jack Russell Terrier is full of tricks! From a hand stand to jumping rope to a belly crawl, there’s nothing this dog can’t do! Read more

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