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Lazy Dog Refuses to Get out of Bed

Most dogs can’t wait to get up and go outside first thing in the morning. Then there are others… Read more

Misa Minnie Passes Her Therapy Dog Test

Watch as little Yorkie Misa Minnie aces her TDI Therapy Dog Test to become a therapy dog. Read more

Barber the Senior Sick Dog Waits for Rescue at the Shelter

A senior dog suffering from a large mass is waiting for her Guardian Angels to come save her from living the rest of her days in a crowded shelter. Read more

Dachshund Stuck in Coat Sleeve

Anybody else think this is probably not the first sleeve this dog’s gotten stuck in? Read more

From Trash to Treasure

A scared dog, trapped inside a garbage bin, was waiting to be rescued or to be crushed with the rest of the garbage. Thankfully the dog was rescued before a garbage truck came to pick up the trash. Read more

Mommy, I missed you!

A pup is very happy to see Mommy back at home, and lets her know she’s been gone for far too long! Read more

Boxer Loses His Marbles over Marbles

Boxers certainly know how to keep themselves entertained! Read more

Homeless Brazilian Dog Waits Outside Owner’s Hospital for Eight Days

Days passed, but Seco stayed right outside. Hospital staff took pity on the dog, and provided him with food and water. Read more

Dog Getting Licked by a Crazy Goat

Goats are so weird. Read more

Colorado Town Elects Dog as Mayor

This is a creative and fun way to fundraise in any town or city. Perhaps your local animal shelter could use the suggestion… Read more

Idaho Mayor Faces Recall over Cop Shooting Dog

“My decision was that [Hassani] did a good job and was totally justified in putting the dog down,” said Filer police chief Tim Reeves. Read more

MHS Returns Mrs. Hamilton's Diamond

It’s frightening when a pet goes missing. It’s even more frightening when your pet is not only your best friend, but your only companion. Watch Mrs. Hamilton and Diamond’s heartwarming reunion! Read more

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