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Jealous Dog Forgives Owner

Dog feels jealous when her owner pets another dog. Read more

What A Little Snitch! You're NOT Supposed to Sell out a Family member!

The bigger dog is clearly snitching on the little dog, and that’s just not right! Family is supposed to stick together, not tattle on each other! Read more

5 Things You Know if You Own a Pit Bull

What thing do you know to be true of your pit bull? Read more

When Your Best Friends Won’t Stop Fighting…

“Hey guys, I know you both like this ball, and you both like playing tug-of-war. But enough already!” Read more

Annoyed Dog Cleverly Tricks Her Sister

“Indy being the gentle giant with boo, who wanted every toy that Indy was playing with. So Indy plays the old bait and switch,” Justin Tokarsky said. Read more

Dog Tries to Become First Dog-Snake Hybrid

This dog wants to make some waves in the world of science, by becoming the first dog to successfully turn himself into a completely different animal. Read more

This Dog Still Thinks it's Not Safe to Go Back in the Water

No mechanical shark from a movie made in 1975 will be snacking on this dog’s human today! Not if the dog can help it! Read more

Fireworks + Your Home + Your Lonely Pet = DISASTER

Get your dog ready for this year’s loud fireworks, the noise scares them and you could come home to find it completely destroyed like in this video. Read more

Woman Faces Jail Time for Heroically Saving Dog on Tracks

Metro de Lima administrators say that going on the tracks for any reason whatsoever is illegal and punishable by jail time ranging from six months to six years. Read more

The Bizarre Truth About Purebred Dogs (and Why Mutts Are Better)

“Our arbitrary standards (are) causing them to get sick and die. As much as you love the bulldog, the fact that it exists at all is borderline animal abuse.” Read more

Man Arrested in Strange Case of Kennel Tresspass

A man in Roosevelt, Utah has been arrested for breaking in to a family’s backyard and letting their dog out. Police are investigating into why. Read more

Two Women Arrested for Leaving Puppy in a Hot Car

Faith and Kandice Williams were arrested and sent to jail on animal cruelty charges after leaving a dog in a car at a casino parking ramp. Read more

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