Cute Dog Videos

Get your daily dose of cuteness with these adorable animal videos.

There Is No Way That Is Comfortable!

Some dogs will sleep anywhere. Where is the strangest place or strangest position you dog has ever slept in? Read more

Jumping Baby Delighted by Jumping Dog

Dogs and babies: mutually entertaining for the last 10,000 years! Read more

Dreaming Bulldog Puppy Will Make You Squee with Delight

What is he dreaming about? Where is he going? Read more

French Bulldog Betty Takes on Gary the Cat

But as you will see from Jason Edmondson‘s videos, Betty is usually the instigator! Read more

Please Cuddle with Me!

Ruff and Chica just want to make sure their owner will cuddle with them. Read more

Dog and Cow Are Madly in Love!

“Our flat-coated retriever greets the neighbor’s cows every morning,” says Dante Renneus. Read more

Muddy Husky Malamute Tries to Talk Her Way Out of Trouble

Those chatty huskies! Read more

Who Is a Better Artist, the Dog or the Child?

An adorable duo. The dog sings while the child plays the harmonica. Read more

Two Puppies and A Rottweiler Run Free

What dog doesn’t enjoy being playfully chased by another dog? Read more

Sleepy Husky Puppies Will Melt Your Heart

There is no way anyone could resist these adorable little puppies!videos Read more

Dawn, the Fox Who Loves Belly Rubs

“Dawn was a young fox that was taken into a dog rescue centre, as the member of public that found her thought she was a dog!” Read more

Dog Gets Groomed by Patagonian Maras

Who needs to go to a spa when your wild animal friends can groom you and make you relax? Read more

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