Loving Puppy Adopts Lamb Whose Mother Didn’t Want Her

5.30.15 - Dog Adopts Lamb1

This proud mama loves showing off her lamb!
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Dog is Not Happy About Being Called Last for Dinner

5.29.15 - vid

Check out the attitude on this dog! He’s upset about being called last for dinner.
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See Holly Catch Balls in a Bucket

5.28.15 - Dog Catches Balls in Bucket

I wonder how many times she caught the ball in her mouth before she resisted the temptation and let the bucket do the catching!
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Rescued Pit Bull Does Some Rescuing of Her Own

5.28.15 - Bella

“She had already befriended a rescued cow, watched over piglets saved from slaughter, and looked after battery-caged chickens from the largest farmed animal rescue in California’s history.”
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A Look Inside the Mind of a Puppy

5.27.15 - 8pm vid

Some cavalier puppies give us a piece of their mind.
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Dog Uses Backyard Trampoline to Escape

5.27.15 - Paddy3

Paddy is one smart dog. Using a trampoline to hop a fence, Paddy escapes the backyard and follows his human to work.
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Today Feels Like Lazy Dog Day


Three more days until the weekend, but for now lets just do what this lazy dog is doing…”resting.”
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A Bowl Full of Cuteness

5.27.15 - puppy bowl

Our friends at The Pet Collective give us some corgi pups in a strainer, to add a touch of extra cuteness to your day!
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Face-Sliding Is FUN!

5.27.15 - Face Sliding

A picture can’t even do justice for how much fun these dogs are having sliding around on their faces!
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Marnie, the Cutest Disabled Dog Ever

5.27.15 - Marnie's Adventures

Marnie takes on all adventures, big and small!
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Matisse and His Human Dance Circles Around the Competition

5.26.15 - MatisseFEAT

Matisse and his human gave the performance of a lifetime on Britain’s Got Talent.
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Soldier Receives the Best ‘Welcome Home’ Gift Ever

5.26.15 - Sergeant's Girl Meets Him at the Airport

“Staff Sgt. Brent Cartwright just returned from his second deployment with the Air National Guard. The lady who greeted him sure seemed to miss him!”
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A Memorial Day Tribute for Soldiers and Dogs Alike

5.25.15 - memorial4

Happy Memorial Day! Thank you troops!
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Two Dalmatians Play Gently With Baby Kitten

5.25.15 - dogs and cats

That kitten is protected by two Dalmatians, whom both seem to have the patience of a saint!
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A Dog and His Stick Are Not Easily Parted

5.22.15 - dog and stick

Keep trying! You’ll get it….eventually.
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Dog Is So Thirsty He Eats His Water

5.22.15 - Dog Doesn't Know How to Drink Water

Those jowls were built for this kind of water consumption!
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How to Tell if Your Boyfriend is a Cheater

5.21.15 - video

Be careful who you ride around town with in your car. You never know who could spot you, and the consequences are pretty steep.
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Dogs Freak Out Over Levitating Hot Dogs

5.21.15 - Dogs Freak Out Over Levitating Hot Dog

Some dogs are confused, and others can’t be fooled when food is present!
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Video: A Dog’s Unconditional Love


The unconditional love of our pets extends even after our own death. Watch this fictional video and get ready to shed a tear.
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This Dog Really Hates Calenders

5.20.15 - dog cal

We’re not sure if this dog is not a fan of knowing what day it is, or if he seriously thinks that the picture of the dog on it is trying to muscle in on his kitchen.  Either way, it’s pretty funny.