Cute Dog Videos

Get your daily dose of cuteness with these adorable animal videos.

Annoyed Dog Cleverly Tricks Her Sister

“Indy being the gentle giant with boo, who wanted every toy that Indy was playing with. So Indy plays the old bait and switch,” Justin Tokarsky said. Read more

Dog Tries to Become First Dog-Snake Hybrid

This dog wants to make some waves in the world of science, by becoming the first dog to successfully turn himself into a completely different animal. Read more

This Dog Still Thinks it's Not Safe to Go Back in the Water

No mechanical shark from a movie made in 1975 will be snacking on this dog’s human today! Not if the dog can help it! Read more

No one Gets Between this Dog and His Bone

Not even a couch can stop this dog in his quest for his bone. Read more

Dog in Wheelchair Becomes Besties With Man in Wheelchair

“When he’s in his chair and we’re running together down the street, we feel free. It’s easy for us to relate,” said Michael. Read more

Loyal Dog Saves “Drowning” Owner

If this man ever is in danger of drowning, he better hope he has his best pal around to help! Read more

Dog and Cow Are Best Friends

Friends are friends, and to these two, being different species is not a problem. Read more

Grandma Got Run Over by a Puppy

We’ve heard the silly Christmas song Grandma got Run Over by a Reindeer, but this is just nuts! Read more

Corgi Time! 35 Corgis Being as Cute as it Gets

A cute video from our friends at BuzzFeed give us some corgis being corgis. Read more

Have a Happy Take Your Dog to Work Day 2015

Office dogs make for the best coworkers and they get paid in snuggles and belly rubs. Read more

Minions Wiener Dog Edition

Dogs are cute, but dogs dresses are minions are adorable! Read more

Dog Gets Surprise Birthday Party!

Every dog should get surprise birthday parties. Read more

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