Dog is Overly Cautious About Hitting the Mark

8.27.15 - hesitation

“I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…..”
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This Dog’s Butt Will Have You Dying!

8.27.15 - Dog Butt Dress-Up

Dog butts are generally a thing to avoid, but this one is adorable!
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Barkfest 2015 – THE Best Party of the Year

8.26.15 - Barkfest18

Food, art, music, fireworks, AND dogs? Best festival of the year!
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Happy National Dog Day!

8.26.15 - Hot Tub

Here is a funny video to get your National Dog Day started off right!
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This Dog Is Awesome with a Balloon

8.26.15 - Dog & Balloon

This dog takes dedication to an entirely new level!
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Dog Rides Jet Ski


This dog is the coolest dog on the lake.
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Video: Tazo’s Best Day


Nothing makes a shelter dog happier than having dreams come true.
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Why Adopted Dogs Are the Best

8.21.15 - adopt

Don’t shop – Adopt!
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Ten Whole Minutes of why we Love Dogs so Much!

8.20.15 - silly dogs

Ten minutes of dogs being dogs. Whether silly, goofy, smart as a whip, or just plain funny, we all love our dogs for who they are.
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Dog Slides in for a Treat

8.20.15 - Dog Slides in for a Treat

He’d probably be pretty good at baseball, too!
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It’s Back to School Time

8.20.15 - back to school

An adorable compilation of dogs dealing with their human kids going back to school.
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Everyone Knows Dogs LOVE Accordion Music!

8.19.15 - singing dog

Move over Weird Al Yankovic! This dog’s taking over!
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Teeny Puppy Is Determined to Win Tug-of-War

8.19.15 - Puppy Tug-of-War

We know who’s going to win this match, but it’s still just so cute to watch!
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Dogs Waking Up in the Best Way Possible

8.18.15 - Dogs Waking Up to Food

Those faces – sheer joy!
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Some Crafty Dogs to Lighten the Mood

8.18.15 - dog video

Some funny clips of dogs getting the upper hand on their humans!
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Is That Dog Really Dancing?


The rhythm flows naturally through this dog’s body!
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Paralyzed Dog Stuns Mom by Walking Again

8.17.15 - Paralyzed Dog Walks Again

“After three intense months of daily rehabilitation, Sammi managed to defy all odds and took his first steps.”
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Dog Celebrates Positive News from Medical Test Results


Pet owners capture the moment they tell their pet she is cancer free. The dog’s reaction is priceless.
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This Is How K-9 Heroes Are Made


A K-9 puppy plays “lets catch the criminal” in a training session.
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Silly Dog Goes for a Swim in a Ball Pit

ball pit

One dog, plus one kiddie pool and a TON of plastic balls is an equation for adorable!
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