Cute Dog Videos

Get your daily dose of cuteness with these adorable animal videos.

Silent Night Sleeping Puppies

It is impossible to watch this video without gushing over the cuteness! Read more

Gremlin Gets a "Real Job"

Gremlin seems to be the best candidate for the job! Read more

Mama Dog Adopts Kittens into Her Litter

This momma dog seems to just LOVE being a mom. Regardless of who the kids are! Read more

You Play and I Sing

This dog loves to sing! Read more

Maymo Gets 210 Bottles for Christmas

Just be careful with these around your dogs. Though some will just try to get the cap off, others may cut themselves on sharp edges or eat the plastic. Read more

Dogs "Play" Banjos

Kermit the Frog is not the only four-legged animals that can play the banjo. Read more

Funny Pit Bull Will Answer Your Questions

And everyone thinks Collies are so smart! Read more

The Eight-Week-Old Escape Artist

It’s never too early to learn how to get over fences. Read more

Kitty Gets a Puppy Bath

Who wouldn’t want to be covered in cute, cuddly puppy kisses? Read more

Puppy Mill Dog is free to Dance!

Cricket, a 6 year-old miniature poodle puppy mill survivor who was rescued by National Mill Dog Rescue, is out of the cage and she is now free to dance! Read more

Rolley-Polley Bulldog Pup Can’t Get Up

HELP!!! I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!!! Read more

A Heartwarming Story for a Cold December Morning

That all important best friend. The one that stands by our side no matter what. It’s what makes life worth it. Read more

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