Want to Raise Empathetic Kids?  Get Them a Dog.

Unlike IQ, which is fixed at birth, EQ can grow and be nurtured, and what better way than with a loving pet who is a gift to the whole family? Read more

A Beer You Can Share with Your Dog

“If you can’t share a beer with your best friend, then what else is there?” Read more

An Open Letter to the Person Who Left This Sweet Dog at the Kill Shelter

“I was worried she was alone and scared, looking everywhere for her family. I couldn’t stand the thought of it — and she wasn’t even my dog.” Read more

Blog Roll

Blog Roll Read more

Oklahoma Shelter Dogs Sent to Wisconsin and Texas to Make Room for "Tornado Dogs"

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma — While we have watched as tearful humans in Oklahoma are connected with the pets torn from their homes by the recent FE5 tornado there were other dogs at risk of not finding homes at all. Read more

Dog Walking Regulations Go Into Effect July in San Francisco

If you’re going to walk dogs in SF make sure you know the new laws Read more

Dognition Helps You Understand How Your Furbuddy Thinks

Find out how your dog solves problems with Dognition Read more

Parents Share More (Germs) with Their Dogs than Their Children

Who do parents share more with — their children or their dogs? Read more

Thousands of Dogs Walk in Perth, Australia Fundraiser

10,000+ dogs walk to raise money for RSPCA Read more

Dogs Offer Crucial Help in Developing Cure for Human Dementia

Dementia patients may soon thank dogs for a cure Read more

Three Metro Detroit Animal Rescue Groups Win Pedigree Food for a Year

It took a little help from their friends but three Detroit Metro area rescue groups won’t have to worry about food for a year. Read more

New York City Dogs Hunt Rats as Part of RATS Pack

New York City dogs hunt rats in in night time hunts through alleys and streets. Read more

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