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A List of Dog Supplies That Are Essential For Dog Owners

With these supplies you will be able to practice responsible pet ownership, and you will be able to embark upon a rewarding and wonderful relationship with your dog. Read more

Buffalo Dogs Battling the Blizzard

Some love to play in it, but most would much rather snooze on the couch! Read more

The Moment that an Abandoned Pit Bull's Life Was Completely Changed

“His head popped up and like he had been waiting for me for his whole life, he came running to me….so excited to see a human,” Rockdale said. Read more

Dogs Wearing Cat Hats

Dogs = cats’ transportation. Cats = dogs’ ear warmers. Win win! Read more

Golden Retriever Hilariously Fails at Dog Competition

This competitor knows what a winner really is – the one who gets the most food! Read more

Pets Now Welcome at Nebraska Homeless Shelter

Andrew Phares was heartbroken to learn that homeless pet owners had to be turned away because of others’ allergies to pet dander. Read more

Owner Saves Dog from Python’s Deadly Grip

At first it seems like the swatting does little to even annoy the python, but the man does not give up, and soon the snake begins to uncoil itself. Read more

Life-saving cancer detection dog awarded Blue Cross Medal

A dog responsible for detecting hundreds of cases of cancer – including her owner’s – has been awarded the Blue Cross Medal. Read more

Woman Proves That Dogs Can Be Trained To Sniff Out Anything

“I can travel, I can go out to eat, I can do things that I couldn’t do before,” said Dawn. Read more

K9 Service Puppy Named After Hero Officer

“Officer Renn was an avid dog lover, and the addition of this K9 will be a powerful reminder of the work that Officer Renn did throughout his career,” said Mayor Greg Ballard Read more

Heroic Dog Saves Owner from Coyote Attack

“This was more indicative of a diseased animal,” Lt. Eastman said. “They don’t like to be around human beings so something is very wrong with this coyote.” Read more

Man Gets Himself Arrested After Posting Dog Fighting Video

“[It’s] unknown if he’s in a ring, but by looking at his dog and what he was doing, that’s what people do when they train dogs to fight and kill other dogs,” said officer Joe Gomez. Read more

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