From Homeless to Nursing Home

9.2.15 - From Homeless to Nursing Home

Good things come to those who wait…..
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Deaf, Blind, Senior Dog Adopted After Six Years in Shelter

9.2.15 - Deaf, Blind, Senior Dog Adopted3

“We just lost a Jack Russell terrier,” Kellie told Florida Keys News. “And we both said the next dog we would get was going to be one that no one else wanted.”
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Newly Adopted Dog Saves Family Members’ Lives

9.2.15 - Adopted Dog Saves New Family1

“She rescued us, she saved our lives,” Silvia said. “We were sleeping… we wouldn’t have known, otherwise.”
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Boise Police Department Makes Rescue Dog new Mascot

9.2.15 - police dog

“…Just being there for somebody when they’ve gone through that tragedy, sometimes that can make somebody feel that much better,” said Chief Bones.
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Police Officer Assists Dog After Car Accident

9.1.15 - cop helps dog2

Officer T.J. Poe is a hero for rescuing a dog that was involved in a motor vehicle accident.
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Hero Catches Dog Falling from a Balcony 14 Stories Up

9.1.15 - dog falls1

Talk about being in the right place at the right time!
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Seven Ways you may be Feeding Your Dog Incorrectly

9.1.15 - Wrong Dog Food

You May have been feeding your dog incorrectly, but the good people at are here to set things straight.
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Dog Rescued During Hurricane Katrina Finally Gets Home

8.31.15 - Yogi

Yogi was rescued from the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. After a long recovery, he finally has the forever home he deserves.
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Fire and Abuse Survivor Gets Prosthetic Paws

8.31.15 - fire paws1

“There was so much softness and trust in her eyes – despite the ordeal that she’s been through,” said Marilyn Hendrickson.
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Amazing Transformation of Rescued Dog

8.29.15 - amazing

You won’t believe that you are looking at the same dog!
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Dog Lost in Motel 6 Explosion Reunited with Family

8.29.15 - lost dogFEAT

A dog that was lost in an explosion at a Motel 6 has been found alive and well, and was returned to her family.
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Forget Shark Week – It’s Pit Bull Week!

8.28.15 - Celebrate Pit Bulls1

You’ll be hard-pressed to find cuter dogs than these!
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It’s Pit Bull Week – Let’s Celebrate!

8.28.15 - Pit Bull Week4

Pit bulls are lap beasts, and two of their favorite activities are snuggling and smooching.
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Woman Given Death Sentence Might Now Lose Her Best Friend

8.28.15 - Shivonie & Gia4

“This woman should be thinking about how she wants to spend her last remaining months. Instead she has to worry about not knowing how they are going to live.”
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Former Puppy Mill Dog Needs Some Help

8.27.15 - Puppy Mill Chloe4

“Although we have 3 other dogs, (2 rescued from being euthanized), we are telling you she is the BEST dog we have ever owned.”
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The Artful Dodger Finally Lands Himself a Home

8.27.15 - The Artful Dodger2

“We called him Dodger after the Artful Dodger when we discovered he had a cheeky knack for stealing loaves of bread.”
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Dog Emoji Keyboard Created by Animal Welfare Group

8.27.15 - Dog Emoji Keyboard Will Help Dogs in Need2

“We see so many wonderfully different dogs every day, we wanted to share this with the public.”
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URGENT! Packed Shelter may Have to Euthanize

8.27.15 - crowding

“We work really hard with rescue groups and fosters, but if it comes down to it, sometimes a decision has to be made,” said Animal Control Officer Barnett.
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Barkfest 2015 – THE Best Party of the Year

8.26.15 - Barkfest18

Food, art, music, fireworks, AND dogs? Best festival of the year!
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Kind-Hearted Couple Cares for Dog Caught in a Rainstorm

8.26.15 - Kind Couple Shelters Dog During Rainstorm1

“We had no idea who they were, they just turned up and the guy had even taken his jacket off. Jon took them over some umbrellas to help them out.”
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