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Fla. Man Rescues Dog Trapped in Crate

“I thought it was a recycle bin,” said Lachat. “I seen it was a dog crate, and I seen him flopping around. So I stopped, backed up, ran out and grabbed him.” Read more

Rescue Dogs Are Saving Lives in Earthquake-Devastated Nepal

A boon to everyone’s spirits came five days after the earthquake when a teenage boy was discovered. He had survived on ghee and water wrung from his clothes. Read more

Once Unwanted Dog Desperately Needs Surgery to Save His Life

Barney used to be energetic to the point of annoyance, but now spends his days shaking in pain. Read more

Letter to the Woman Who Abandoned Her 17-Year-Old Pet

“The tech wrote “depressed” on her card. I’d be depressed too if I went from “sleeping in the sun” to a metal cage with a thin layer of newspaper.” Read more

Police Dog Throws First Pitch at Baseball Game

The Tampa Bay Rays welcomed dogs at one of their April games and had a K-9 officer throw the first pitch. Read more

Dog Dumped at Kill Shelter Will Now Be Saving Lives

Reba recently completed her training, and will soon be on her way to a Hawaii police department. Read more

Local Fire Crew Raising Money for Girl's Service Dog

Leah O’Kelly, Sydnee’s mom said, “I’m blown away by all the help. It’s very humbling.” Read more

Senior Man Punches a Bear in the Face to Save Tiny Dog

“The man or beast that I run from ain’t been born, and his mama’s already dead,” Carl Moore said. Read more

Stray Pit Bull Found Nursing Kitten On Roadside

No one at the Mercy Animal Clinic knows the story behind these two, but they do know that dog loves that kitty. Read more

Dog Rescued by Sheriff's Deputy in Florida

Deputy Linda Ruggiero had noticed that a dog, not far from where she was, was in a very bad way. Under a great deal of distress, if she hadn’t acted, the dog may have died. Read more

Dog Gives Mom of Autistic Child an Amazing Gift

Roxy has made the impossible, possible for the mother of a child with Asperger’s syndrome. Read more

Nylabones Recalled Due to Salmonella Risk

All Nylabone Puppy Starter Kits with the lot number 21935, UPC code 0-18214-81291-3 and an expiration date of 3-22-2018 have been recalled. Read more

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