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Emaciated Ky. Dog Rescued and Saved

The Arrow Fund saved Hank’s life. No one knows where the dog lived or how he came to be so malnourished, but rescuers agree he should weigh about 50 pounds. Read more

Dog Lost in Michigan Tornado Found Two Days Later

Puckett escaped when his boarding facility was damaged in a tornado but luckily he was found alive and well a few days later. Read more

Dog Abandoned and Tied at Airport Gets Unexpected Rescue

DIA employees believe the pet was abandoned because she was found tied to a pole, wearing a collar but had no identification tags. Read more

Cleveland Browns add new Member to “The Dawg Pound”

Swagger is being provided by The American Kennel Club, and is described as a dog “that possess great intelligence and a willingness to please, making them ideal family companions and protectors.” Read more

Woman sets up her own Charity to Rescue Unwanted Dogs

“Through Happy Paws I now have built up a network of organizations which will let me know when a puppy is in need. Happy Paws then fosters the puppy and then finds the puppy a wonderful home.” Read more

Former Homeless Man Turns Life Around Selling Sketches of his Dog

“I’ve captured him magnificently in that, but these little ones that I do, I basically try and capture his personality if I can in all of them,” he said. Read more

Homeless Women save Dog Thrown from Speeding Car

Two homeless woman sought help for a female dog injured after being thrown from a car. The canine was turned into the Humane Society and given medical assistance. Read more

One-Eyed Senior Dog Reunited with Owner After Getting Lost

Thanks to animal control employees who placed the elderly dog with a rescue group, instead of having the pet euthanized, Heidi, the one-eyed senior was saved. Read more

Chihuahua Needs Donations for Critical Surgery

Rover, a 3 year old Chihuahua, has recently had a dramatic change in his life circumstances Read more

Dog Saves Drowning Bird

Jax, a Labrador from Connecticut saved the life of a baby bird that hadn’t master the art of flying. The bird fell from its nest and almost drowned in a lake. Read more

Catholic Dog Participates in Religious Festival

Father Luis Ángel Espínola Echeverría joked during mass services saying that even the town’s dogs were Catholic believers. Read more

Oklahoma Dog Mourns Owner's Death

Animal Control was called when the loyal pet refused to leave his owners side. The dog was very thirsty, confused and scared.. Read more

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