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Photographer Captures His Dog in Some Fantastic Scenes

These whimsical photos are sure to put a smile on your face! Read more

Businessman Donates $250,000 for New Ohio Dog Shelter

“A huge thank you, it’s spectacular,” said dog warden Sarina Atwell. “It’s huge for the community. It’s huge for us, huge for the dogs.” Read more

See This Therapy Dog Calm War Vet’s PTSD Anxiety

Though the well-trained dog obeys every command, such as “stay,” he knows when to break position to soothe Erick. Read more

Dog Stolen at Gas Station Returned to Family

“This is what it’s all about,” said St. Paul Police Sgt. Ron Jeffery during the reunion he helped make possible Saturday. Read more

Yoyo the Dog Is Not a Dog, Just a "Very Large Cat"

Whenever Yoyo is seen around campus people greet Mosey and his dog with witty remarks such as “I love your big cat.” Read more

A Truly Happy Ending for Pocket

“My heart opened up again, said Karla. “The love, you can just feel it. She is the sweetest, dearest animal. I will give her the warmest, dearest home in the world.” Read more

Puppy Saves Family of Five from Arson Attack

Araya awoke to the flames and smoke, and immediately went to warn Mark. She got him to wake by pawing at him and barking very loudly and non-stop. Read more

First Hand Account of Working at a Puppy Mill

The kennels were stacked six or seven high, with three or four dogs crammed into each one. Dachshunds, bulldogs, beagles, huskies, mastiffs, pugs, rottweilers—all less than eight weeks old. Read more

Meet Lemon, the Farming Dog

Lemon seems to be a natural farmer. Not only can this wonder dog pump and carry buckets of water, but he can also plow a straight line. Read more

Dog Branded With Profane Word Will Soon Get Plastic Surgery

Thanks to generous animal lovers, Felicity will soon get plastic surgery to erase the profanity from her skin. Read more

Lost Dog from New York Found in Florida

Two years ago, Nikka vanished from her yard in New York City. Last week she was found in Marion County, Florida. That’s over 1,000 miles away! Read more

Pit Bull Puppy’s Reaction to Being Reunited with Rescuer

It would be safe to say that Mr. Wagner has got himself a good friend for life. Read more

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