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Rottweiler Saves Small Neighbor Dog from Coyote Attack

No one had seen coyotes in the area, so the attack came as a complete surprise. Read more

Trash Collector Rescues Skin and Bones Dog from Garbage Can

“She is eating small amounts of food. That’s all we can do to build her up — just give her small amounts of food every three hours or so.” Read more

Why It Matters That PetSmart Discriminates Against Pit Bulls

If your dogs are bully breeds, PetSmart says they aren’t allowed in their doggie daycamps – even if they’re certified therapy dogs! Read more

Suspected Drug Dealer Arrested with a Little Help from His Dog

“Bo was rewarded with dog biscuits from our K-9 sergeant,” said the report. Read more

Pig the Unusual Dog Gets a DNA Test for First Birthday

Well, the results are in, and it turns out that shares family lineage with many breeds. Read more

Boy and His Dog Dress to Match Every Halloween

“When Henry was a baby, I found a banana costume for dogs,” mom Karen said. “So naturally, I had to make a monkey costume for Henry.” Read more

Heroic Homeless People Rescue Dog Hit by a Car

“He was in pretty bad condition… Once in a while he puts the leg down in back, but most of the time he’s walking on his front feet.” Read more

Loyal Police Dog Being Treated Inhumanely on Chief’s Orders

Tell others about Jack’s plight. Let the whole world know this inhumane treatment of a loyal service dog must end immediately. Read more

Dog Abandoned After Fire Just Wants a Forever Home

“Hey there! You’re here to rescue me, right?” Read more

Injured Stray Dog Gets New Life Abroad

Abused stray dog without a nose gets second chance at life and her nose back. Read more

Chihuahua Recovers after Being Thrown against Starbucks Window

“Why would you do this to a little dog? This dog never hurt anyone, but we’re going to save her no matter what.” Read more

Police Department Refuses to Let Cancer-Stricken K-9 Retire

Despite being ill and injured, the Kinston Police Department refuses to let Karr retire, and have cut off communication from partner and handler Jay Eubanks. Read more

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