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Middle School Kids use Social Media to Help Puppy Return Home

“I knew the owner would be looking for her,” said Villa. “I had no doubt that the owner would be found.” Read more

Dog Goes from Living on the Streets to Protecting Them

According to Perry, “When they met, it was love at first sight. Buster just jumped on his lap and that was it.” Read more

Study from UC San Diego Finds Truth in Doggy Jealousy

“Our study suggests not only that dogs do engage in what appears to be jealous behaviors, but also that they were seeking to break up the connection between the owners and a seeming rival.” Read more

Doggie Surfing Contest held in Huntington Beach, California

Dogs show that you don’t have to be human, to be able to tear up the surf in California. Read more

“Puppy” gets a new set of Wheels

Eddie Perez said, “Puppy is like my brother. I love him so much, I cannot measure the love I feel for Puppy, me and my family. He is like the baby of the family.” Read more

Stolen Oregon Humane Society Puppy Found Thanks to tip Delivered via Facebook

“Their hearts were broken when Marlowe was stolen,” said Lytle. “Everyone was very thrilled when they heard she was found.” Read more

Two Dogs Found Starving and Abused in Coachella Valley

It’s unclear who exactly is responsible for the neglect and abuse of both of these poor souls. An investigation is currently underway. Read more

Therapy Dog Receives Hero Dog of the Year Award

“I thought, ‘If this puppy can forgive humans, I can forgive dogs,’” said Donna Lawrence. Read more

This Wonder Dog Can Catch 30 Treats in a Row!

Mila has so many fantastic qualities that it would be hard to pass her up. She’s even become quite the swimmer! Read more

WHAT?! Texas City LESSENS Punishment for Leaving Dogs in Hot Cars

What a bad decision. Hey city council members – you should have had a V8! Read more

This Amazing Utah Canyon Hike Comes With a Rescue Dog

Shelter dogs get to hike the rusty red mountains twice a week — at least they will until they are adopted from the Ivins Animal Shelter in Ivins, Utah. Read more

From Foster to Forever

The foster mom said she felt like “he’s the one that got away.” Read more

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