Extremely Neglected & Sickly Dog Rescued from the Side of the Road

“The next morning, we took her to the vet, and even she was amazed that Mia was still alive in her condition.” Read more

Rescued Egyptian Dog with Cancer Makes Miraculous Recovery

“With a few more treatments of chemo he will be cancer free and able to go to a new home.” Read more

Woman Faces Jail Time for Heroically Saving Dog on Tracks

Metro de Lima administrators say that going on the tracks for any reason whatsoever is illegal and punishable by jail time ranging from six months to six years. Read more

Rescuing Layla

This homeless poodle rescued off of the streets of LA shure knows how to display gratitude! Read more

Loyal Dog Saves “Drowning” Owner

If this man ever is in danger of drowning, he better hope he has his best pal around to help! Read more

Elderly Street Dog with Massive Tumor Rescued

Dominga’s tumor has been removed, but she had a bad reaction to the anesthesia and has been needing advanced treatment over the last two weeks. Read more

Abandoned Dog Heroically Rescued from Poland’s Highest Mountain

It took 10 hours for them to climb using chains and ropes, but they successfully reached the dog and carried him down the icy mountain in their arms. Read more

New State Law Would Allow Citizens to Save Dogs in Hot Cars

Obviously people can’t just put on their hero pants and go around busting up windows every time they see a dog in a car. Read more

Couple Spends Vacation Rescuing 34 Homeless Animals

Even rescuers need a vacation once in awhile, but when duty calls, a hero must answer! Read more

Baby Cakes Discovers She Has a Tail... and Really Loves Mud!

Baby Cakes is so entertaining – everyone needs a rescue pup like this! Read more

Dog Rescued After 12 Years of Living in an Alley

“This is actually her first time out of the alley way in 12 years! She has never been in a car, either. Cookie will never see this life again!” Read more

Bonded Pair Thelma & Louise Deserve a Happy Ending

These bonded pairs are so adorable, who wouldn’t want to bring them all home? Read more

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