Dogs Suffering at Atrocious Shelter Finally Receiving Help

Nearly two dozen dogs have been rescued from a squalid shelter where they were living 2-4 to a kennel that fills with sewage. They are sick, emaciated, and fighting each other for food. They are finally getting help from Big Fluffy Dog Rescue, and need all the donations they can get! Read more

The Moment that an Abandoned Pit Bull's Life Was Completely Changed

“His head popped up and like he had been waiting for me for his whole life, he came running to me….so excited to see a human,” Rockdale said. Read more

Owner Saves Dog from Python’s Deadly Grip

At first it seems like the swatting does little to even annoy the python, but the man does not give up, and soon the snake begins to uncoil itself. Read more

Stewart's Rescue



A puppy living alone near an abandoned house in Detroit, Michigan was rescued and has found a good home.

Stewart’s rescue was not the most dramatic one, but it has made all the difference for him.

The Michigan Humane Society, the organization that rescued Stewart, answers many calls in the course of a year for the homeless, abandoned and stray dogs, who are well known to populate run down sections of Detroit and are often found living in or around the city’s many abandoned homes.  As is often the case, Stewart’s plight was called in by a neighborhood resident who wanted to get the puppy some help.

MHS writes about Stewart, saying: “A life on the streets is not an easy one for a puppy. Stewart was never sure when his next meal would be, or where he could find shelter to sleep.

“There are many dangers – other dogs, wild animals, cars, people… so Stewart was understandably a little nervous when two MHS rescue drivers approached him one day.

“They set down a can of food for him, but the still-anxious puppy grabbed it and walked away, trying to hide in the abandoned house nearby.

“Eventually, they were able to pick him up, and he started to wag his tail and lick their faces… like he knew they were there to help.

“Now, Stewart has a bright life ahead of him. He has a new loving family, he will live in a warm house with a soft bed and will always be fed and cared for.”

Watch Stewart’s rescue here:


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Badly Injured Stray Pup Rescued from Middle of Road

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The Pup that Saved My Life

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Barney, the bad luck beagle

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Dog Jumps Out of Abuser’s Truck and into the Arms of Rescuers

“What I want to do is change their lives and show them life is not all bad, and people are not all bad,” Rafi said. Read more

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