Complete Strangers Unite to Keep a Dog from Dying in a Tar Pit

“Everybody came and brought something and tried to help, and everybody had ideas, and there were 20 people out here trying to get this little dog out.” Read more

Men Walk Half Mile Through Swamp to Rescue Injured Dog

Thanks to a passing motorist, a police officer and a swamp tour guide, this dog has a second chance for a good life. Read more

Canadian Man Fights Off Cougar to Save Girlfriend’s Dog

“He’s good. We took him to the hospital and he just had some teeth marks on his skull from where the cougar was trying to drag him,” the hero said. Read more

Disabled Bonded German Shepherd Ladies Rescued & Need a Home

“I have been begging and pleading with everyone I know to pull these seniors, and am told they have NO commitment.” Read more

Paralyzed Dog Who Refused to Give Up Finally Has a Home

“I am so happy and blessed to have Willow in my pack. She fits in perfectly…” Read more

Ricky-Charlie May or May Not Like Raincoats

How would you explain his behavior with the raincoat? Is he scared of it? Is it comforting? Is he just being a goofball? Read more

Rescued Fighting Dog Crashes & Snores in Caregiver’s Arms

“Instead of ignoring the furry heap that laid in her yard, a concerned citizen called us. Because of that, Fudge’s life has been saved.” Read more

Texas Teenagers Save the Life of an Abandoned, Dying Dog

Only weighing 27 pounds when she was found, rescuers said the six- or seven-year-old Lab mix likely had only hours left to live. Read more

Woman Writes Heartbreaking Letter to the Breeder of Her Puppy Mill Rescue

No dog should suffer the way Lily did. Contact your local politicians to crack down on puppy mills in your area. Read more

Lab Gets a Rescue from a Puppy Mill & a Life He Never Dreamed Of

“We noticed there was a lonely Lab pup in cardboard box inside a muddy outdoor kennel. I knew that we needed to take him out of the freezing cold.” Read more

This Video Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

“She continued to bark at me. I turned my back to her and assured her it was ok now.” Read more

Man Risks Own Life to Save Dog Hit by Car on Mexican Highway

The dog survived and was called Lucky and adopted by Rodrigo. Read more

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