Dog Jumps Out of Abuser’s Truck and into the Arms of Rescuers

“What I want to do is change their lives and show them life is not all bad, and people are not all bad,” Rafi said. Read more

Rescued Weimaraner Survived by Eating Rocks and Twigs

“This experience has taught me to not give up hope. Even the worst cases of neglect and abuse can be saved, especially if the community comes together to help out.” Read more

Puppy Mill Dog Delilah Experiences Pure Joy When She Tries Out a Soft Bed

Sweet, friendly Delilah was rescued from a puppy mill after spending 9 years in a wire cage. It was a joyous moment when she experienced a soft bed for the first time. Read more

Abandoned Dumpster Dog Gets Adopted Into Loving Home

A Chihuahua mix dog found in a dumpster still wearing his collar has found a new home where he will be loved. Read more

Rescue # 75 - Beagle Freedom Project

Beagle Freedom Project rescue # 75, dubbed the ‘LA Love’ rescue, includes Guinea Pigs alongside four lovable Beagles! Read more

Unfixable Puppy Mill Survivor Finally Finds Love

It took a long time, but Jazzy finally learned to love being a lapdog. Read more

Ignored, Badly Injured Dog Gets the Rescue of a Lifetime

“Dogs are not the mud beside the road – they have hearts like ours. They would never leave a man by the road to die, and because of that I cannot tell them no!” Read more

Rescued Senior Dog Saves Dogsitters from Deadly House Fire

“Five to ten minutes later, it was a ball of flames,” William explained. “We just got out of there on time.” Read more

Nathalia: Beautiful Abused Saluki Rescued from Qatar Gets Help

Saved from a life on the streets of Qatar and brought to the US by ASHA: Alabama Sighthound Adoptions, Nathalia the rescued Saluki is getting help for old fractures and was found to be riddled with buckshot. Read more

Heroic Detective Pays for Hit-and-Run Service Dog's Medical Care

“I didn’t want the family to make the hard decision about whether or not to keep the dog, so I offered to cover the remainder of the bill,” Salmon said. Read more

Rescue Group Captures Elusive Runaway Stray

Rescuers learned the injured street dog they had saved had a microchip and the chip had been registered in a shelter 87 miles away from where the dog was found. Read more

Abandoned Blind Dog Gets a Wonderfully Unexpected Rescue

“I thank God they didn’t come back for him, as he is a major part of my life.” Read more

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