Humane Society Workers Dig Out Trapped Dog by Hand

Allie’s appreciation is clearly seen on the video as she happily trots around to everyone to “thank” them for rescuing her. Read more

Firefighters in Texas Rescue Dog from Blaze

Firefighters and EMT’s were told that two women and two children had escaped the fire, and were without injury. They still did exactly what firefighters do, and entered the flaming home to do a search anyway. Read more

Rescued American Bulldog Rescues Others

“We hate seeing Knuckles in pain and unable to run and play like he loves! He is a great dog that has done so much for others. We just want to give a little back to him!” Read more

FOUR Pounds of Fur Shaved from Dog Who Couldn’t Walk

“We were ecstatic to see what an amazing job they have done with his physical therapy and he was even able to get up to a little trot today!” Read more

Dog Saves Drowning Bird

Jax, a Labrador from Connecticut saved the life of a baby bird that hadn’t master the art of flying. The bird fell from its nest and almost drowned in a lake. Read more

Dog Rescued After Months Stranded on an Island

It is unknown how he managed to survive so long on his own, but animal lovers in the area have been trying to capture the dog since he was first seen on an island in Fourteen Mile Slough back in April. Read more

Dog Hanging on Fence for Two Days Gets Rescued

Over the weekend, Dallas firefighters came to the rescue of the dog, named Indy Justice, who was reportedly trapped in the fence for at least two days. Read more

Start Over Rover Saves More Than a Dozen Dogs from Puppy Mill

“When we got those calls it’s because they are done with them. So it’s pretty urgent when they say ‘if you want them come get them,’” she said. “We go because a lot of times you get one opportunity to go and do this.” Read more

German Shepherd Rescued After Spending 13 Years Tied to a Tree

Included in the adoption package of this affectionate boy is an as-needed medication supply, free lifetime massage and an end-of-life plan. Read more

Woman and Firefighter Rescue Infant Pup Caked in Mud

“When he came here, he couldn’t even hold up his head,” said Ezop’s wife, Marisa. I named him Gabriel because it means ‘God is my strength’ and he could use an angel like that at his side.” Read more

Dying Street Dog Gets the Rescue of a Lifetime

Three weeks later, and Toffee was a completely changed dog! He could run and scamper about with other rescued dogs, and cool off in a dirt pit he’d dug out for himself. Read more

Hopeless Feral Dog Hoping for Happily Ever After

John has come a long way with Wylie, but they need some help for Wylie to get the life he deserves. Read more

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