We're Not Giving Up on Hope

“Hope needs a miracle. Without the surgery she will die,” said AARF. Read more

Rescue of Senior Dog Who Was Afraid of the Grass

“With tons of patience and lots of love, she became our precious little Gingy Girl.” Read more

Unconscious Bulldog Puppy Rescued from Florida Street

Princess is a shining example of what it means to have a kind soul and a fighting spirit. Despite her abuse, she is still full of love. Read more

Rescue of a Lifetime for Dog Hit by Car & Abandoned

We rushed her to the emergency vet who said she had been hit by a car and she had a broken jaw and head trauma. He said the prognosis was poor and her care would be costly. Read more

UPDATE: Severely Matted Dog, Ellen, Finds a Home

“It was love at first sight and she made it very apparent that this was the family that she wanted to call her own.” Read more

The Healing Power of Pit Bull Kisses

“She ran right at you and immediately kissed you all over, only stopping long enough to smile, then start kissing you again,” Mike explained. Read more

Dog Gets Rescued from Highway Drainage Pipe

“A dog in need is a dog in need. Whether it’s our dog, a stray dog, that’s what we do: we save pitbulls,” Jason Flatt from Friends to the Forlon Pit Bull. Read more

Police Officers Paying Medical Bills of Dog They Saved

Donations can be sent to the Montgomery County Police Department’s Fourth District station at 2300 Randolph Rd, Wheaton, Maryland, 20902. Read more

They Went to Rescue Six Puppies, But Then…

In 15 minutes, the lives of 15 dogs were saved. Read more

Woman Pulls Neighbor’s Dog from Rubble of Home Explosion

“If it was me and my family, I’d pray for someone to help us out. I’d want somebody to come in there and look for us,” Monica Ayers said. Read more

Dog Gets Second Chance at Life After Surviving Chemical Attack

Coen was listed as a stray with no information regarding his life prior to being rescued. Thanks to his rescuers his future life will not be one of abuse. Read more

Puppies Rescued from Attic of Abandoned Detroit Home

If you’ve ever been in an attic on a hot summer day, you know how unbearable it can be. Imagine what it must have felt like for four tiny puppies left in an abandoned home in Detroit. Read more

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