The Artful Dodger Finally Lands Himself a Home

8.27.15 - The Artful Dodger2

“We called him Dodger after the Artful Dodger when we discovered he had a cheeky knack for stealing loaves of bread.”
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Police Officer Single-Handedly Saves Two Drowning Dogs

8.22.15 - Officer Saves Two Drowning Dogs1

“Using some MacGyver-like skills, he tied two nylon leashes together, hooked them to a nearby metal grate, and lowered himself into the water.”
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Woman Adopts Stray Dog Who Saved Her from Attackers

8.22.15 - Stray Dog Saves Woman from Attack3

“When we left to go to the airport, Pepper was running after the car. I couldn’t stop thinking about her so I took the soonest flight back out that I could.”
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Hungarian Man Saves Street Dog When No One Else Will

8.22.15 - Thunder Dog in Hungary4

“I told her ‘we’re alone in this, let’s go, be strong.’ There was no time to wait, for one life I was too late, but for the other maybe I not.”
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Dog Shot & Expected to Die Is Now Walking

8.21.15 - Shot on First Day of Freedom4

“We are astounded at her strength and love through all of this. She still loves humans even after the many lousy hands she has been dealt from them.”
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Hiker Risks His Life to Save Puppy Abandoned in Canyon

8.20.15 - Hiker Saves Puppy in Canyon16

He is living life to its fullest by romping through the snow, leaping over boulders, and splashing through desert pools.
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Woman Saves Dog Shot, Dragged & Hit by Car

8.19.15 - Woman Saves Dog Shot, Dragged & Abandoned5

“I thought, ‘If she goes into the woods, she will bleed out overnight,’” Julie Jones Horton said. “I had to help her.”
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Florida Man Is Single-Handedly Saving the Everglades Strays

8.14.15 - Eddy's K-9 Rescue1

“After Hurricane Andrew, Eddy started feeding and rescuing dogs, cats, monkeys, birds, horses, pigs and just about any living things that were affected.”
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Rescued Pit Bull Becomes the Rescuer

8.13.15 - Rescued Dog Becomes the Rescuer2

“The life she has brought back to our 9-year-old Lab is undoubtedly amazing since she’s been with us.”
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Texas Dog Rescued by Iowa Family on Vacation

8.14.15 - Lucy, Rescued on Vacation2

“Ultimately the shelter said she would have to be euthanized because she wasn’t friendly enough to be adopted out. Unless, that is, our family wanted her.”
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Dog is Rescued After Ten Years of Neglect

8.10.15 - Rusty

A “vicious” and “aggressive” dog finds a new human and forever home after a decade of neglect.
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A Cross-Country Road Trip Cured My Dog of Her Neuroses

8.8.15 - Road Trip1

“Lady Piazza has never been happier than she was during that trip through 13 states and three time zones. She didn’t once get scared or anxious.”
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The Rescue & Recovery of This Dog Will Blow Your Mind

8.7.15 - Kelsey's Miraculous Rescue16

Before long, Kelsey had completely recovered. She put on weight, her wounds healed, and her coat grew back in to reveal a beautiful girl.
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They Say That Fate Will Find a Way

8.6.15 - They Say That Fate Will Find a Way4

“It was sweet serendipity… the kind of chance meeting that changes one’s life… a pup’s life that is.”
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Dog Buried Alive Saved Because of Another Dog

8.6.15 - Dog Buried Alive Is Rescued5

“It’s horrible. There are no words. If you no longer want your pet, there are people who can put them in centers… But this is pure sadism.”
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Teens Save Starving Pit Bull Thrown in Sewer

8.6.15 - Kids Save Starving Sewer Dog1

“My mind cannot comprehend why someone would want to do something like this – especially to him! He’s amazing…. Thank God Tyler came along.”
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Merit’s Story Will Forever Touch Your Heart

7.31.15 - Miracle Merit1

“Merit LOVED other dogs and would light up when he saw dogs… This was a big surprise to us as he was so antisocial in every other situation with people.” .
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I Put My Dog Down Today

7.31.15 - I Put My Dog Down Today2

“I put my dog down yesterday. He was not sick. He was not old. I rescued him over 8 years ago. And I put him down to rescue him again.”
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Police Officer Rescues Dog During Domestic Disturbance Call

7.29.15 - police rescue

“I saw this dog that was just laying down on the ground, and I am prone to going to the dog. I wanted to see whose dog it was, and no one claimed the dog.”
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Stray Dog Helps Rescue 46 Others Animals

7.27.15 - rescueFEAT

During a rescue mission, a stray dog helps rescuers save the lives of 46 other dogs.
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