Dog Fits Game of Peek-a-Boo in During Training Demo

6.29.15 - training

Who says you can’t have a little fun while at work?
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See Holly Catch Balls in a Bucket

5.28.15 - Dog Catches Balls in Bucket

I wonder how many times she caught the ball in her mouth before she resisted the temptation and let the bucket do the catching!
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Politest Dog in the World Whispers on Command!

5.16.15 - Brody, the Whispering Dog1

“It’s the teacher in me. I wanted to be able to tell my students that if a dog could learn to whisper, then they could whisper, too,” Holly Stephens said.
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Teen’s Dog Helps Her Overcome a Lifetime of Bullying

5.14.15 - Teen’s Dog Helps Her Overcome a Lifetime of Bullying1

“Training him brings a smile to my face,” Brittney said. “He wants to do these things, and wants to be with me.”
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Disabled Bonded German Shepherd Ladies Rescued & Need a Home

4.12.15 - Disabled German Shepherds Need a Home2

“I have been begging and pleading with everyone I know to pull these seniors, and am told they have NO commitment.”
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Hundreds of Deputies Trained to NOT Shoot Dogs

Baltimore Police Officer Dan Waskiewicz ended up adopting the “vicious” pit bull he encountered roaming the streets.

“Officers are shown how read the character and personality of the dog. If the officer has time, he can make a better decision.”
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This Dog Will Kick Your Butt at Ping-Pong!

4.3.15 - Skilled Dog Plays Ping Pong

Border Collies are so smart you can teach them almost anything!
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Potty Training with Keiko the Shiba Inu

2.5.15 - 8pm vid

Keiko potty trained so hard today. Now she’s too “pooped” to participate.
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Four-Year-Old Commands a Pack of “Wild” Dogs

1.16.15 - Four-Year-Old Commands Pack of Wild Dogs

All it takes is patience and perseverance, and any dog can be this well trained… even a whole mob of them!
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Dog Helps Mom Change Baby’s Diaper

5.22.14 - Dog Helps Change Baby's Diaper2

Sure, doing it herself might be faster, but this way is far more entertaining.
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Agoraphobic Dog Takes First Walk Outside

Agoraphobic Dog Fixed

“Before we knew it we were in the local park and he was loving it. Jack is how he should be – full of life and wanting to go out for lots of walks.”
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You’ll Go Far, My Pet

4.14.14 - Smart Dogs1

Within hours of adopting our fuzzy, adorable Pi, I sensed that being a pet parent today means cultivating intelligence, manners and communication skills the way the parent of, say, a small human might.
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Humane Ways to Teach Your Dog to Walk Nicely on Leash

Relaxed Leash

When a dog pulls excessively on leash, it is unpleasant for both the dog and the person walking him. Many people resort to yanking on their dogs, using pinch or choke collars, or stopping every few feet hoping for something to change.
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Minnesota Dogs Attack Zebra Mussel Threat in State’s Lakes


Three dogs join the fight against zebra mussels in Minnesota waterways.
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Victoria Stilwell is one of the world’s most recognized and respected dog trainers. She is best known for her role as the star of Animal Planet’s hit TV series It’s Me or the Dog
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The Mirror Method: an Interview with Nora Vamosi-Nagy


The Mirror Method, the celebrated Hungarian approach to dog training that has amazed Europe, is coming to the USA.
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Super Dog!


Tret the amazing parkour dog from the Ukrains shows off his skills in this recent compilation of clips.
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An Interview With Ian Dunbar


John Bell Young interviews world renowned dog trainer, behaviorist, lecturer, and author Dr. Ian Dunbar.
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Should I Get Another Dog to Help My Fearful Dog?


It’s not uncommon for people who are living with a dog who is afraid of people or new environments to wonder if getting another dog would be helpful. It’s a generous thought but there are many potential pitfalls to take into consideration before making that leap.

Tread Lightly


There seems to be a rash of redemption videos making the rounds online. Dogs who once were fearful are transformed into confident, huggable dogs by the deft handling and/or love of their savior.