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10 Questions to Ask Before Anesthesia

by Shawn Finch, DVM

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Life saving, life extending and life enhancing things are done under anesthesia that could never be done without it.  Most pets do well under anesthesia, even with complex or dangerous issues.  Most is not good enough. We are ALWAYS striving to make anesthesia even safer for every pet every time.

As a pet owner and a veterinarian, I understand how unsettling it can be when your own pet undergoes an anesthetic procedure.  These questions are meant to empower you, as a vital part of  your pet’s care team, and set your mind at ease that your pet is getting the very best care possible.

Sleepy Joy

Ten Questions for Your Veterinary Team


What does this procedure involve?


Does my pet need further examinations or bloodwork or other pre-anesthetic testing before anesthesia?


Is my pet a good anesthetic candidate, health-wise?


Will you explain the risks and benefits of this procedure?


Who will be with my pet during anesthesia?


What will be used to monitor and support my pet under anesthesia?


Will you call me when my pet is waking up to let me know everything went well?


Does my pet need pain medication?


Will there be an overnight stay?  If so, who will be with my pet?  Do I need to take him or her to an overnight care facility?


What will I need to have ready at home?  Will my pet be sleepy?  Do I need to restrict activity or protect him or her from stairs and such?  Do I need to change the diet?  Will there be bandages or incisions that need special care?


One Promise to Your Veterinary Team

I will be reachable at this number!


One Comment for Your Veterinary Team

Thank you for taking such good care of my pet and addressing all of my concerns!”

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