10 Reasons Why Your Dog Is the Best Valentine’s Day Date

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2.13.15 - Reasons Why Your Dog Will Be the Best Valentine1


Valentine’s Day. Some of us love it, some of us hate it, and some of us don’t really care. After all, if you love someone, you don’t need a special day guilting you into a lavish, materialistic celebration. Dogs don’t give a hoot about holidays at all, and are happy to have you every day of the year. So here are 10 reasons why you’ll find no better date than your furbaby:


• You don’t have to get dressed up. No makeup, no uncomfortable bra, no spending extra money on a new outfit. Hell, you don’t even have to shower.

• You won’t be disappointed in how your date looks. Even seeing them in swamp muck makes you smile.

• You can stay home. In addition to not having to get dressed up, you don’t have to worry about reservations, parking, waiting for a table, or being out in the frigid weather.

• You don’t have to buy flowers, chocolate, or jewelry, and you don’t need to cook a fancy dinner. Your dog will be thrilled with leftover pot roast.

• You can have all the wine and chocolate, and you don’t have to feel guilty about not sharing.

• You can pick the music. And the movie. Even if it’s the same thing you watched last year.

• No worries about proposing or having your hopes dashed at not being proposed to – you have the perfect soulmate.

• There is no chance of an argument or poorly-chosen comment ruining the evening. However, there’s still a chance of a poorly-timed fart.

• Don’t have a date? Visit your local shelter. Even if you can’t adopt, maybe you can foster a few friends for a night.

• You’ve got the best cuddle buddy you could hope for, and they will still think you’re the greatest the next morning.