Jax Needs Your Help to Fight Canine Blastomycosis

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Jax was just starting to train as a psychiatric service dog when his owner, Tiffany Kay Meyer, noticed there was discharge in his left eye and some facial swelling.  It took several visits to the vet as the initial diagnoses were incorrect until it was discovered he had Canine Blastomycosis, a fungal infection.



Tiffany her husband have been burning through their emergency fund for Jax, but funds are quickly dwindling.  On her GoFundMe page, Tiffany writes, “In the past 4 weeks alone we have spent $3,000 in medical treatment for Jax. Monthly medications to treat this disease are between $150 -300 a month. My husband and I are going through our emergency savings just to save Jax from this horrible disease.”

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Jax has already gone blind in his left eye due to the infection, but will most likely need to have the eye removed. As additional issues result from this, they are seeking help.

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To learn more about what Canine Blastomycosis is and how it can be treated, visit DMV360 for detail.

To donate, please go to Jax GoFundMe page.