13-Year-Old Dog at Shelter for 1000 Days FINALLY Gets a Home

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12.2.14 - 13-Year-Old Dog at Shelter for 1000 Days FINALLY Gets a Home1

This comes from Susie’s Senior Dogs:


LOOK who it is!!! It’s 13-year old-Fannie and her recently-found forever mom, Lauren!!

Fannie is the gal who was living at the Austin Pets Alive! animal shelter in Texas for more than 1,000 days. We put her story on SSD. Twice. The first post was a dud. Nada. Zero adoption applications. Fannie needed to be adopted as the only pet, but that’s hardly an issue. There are tons of single-dog adopters out there. So we shared again, and the second post garnered Fannie over 7,100 well-deserved shares…which (finally!) landed her in Lauren’s lap — her miracle mom!

Fannie and Lauren recently had a photo shoot with pet photographer Gloria (of Adire Photography) who volunteers her photography skills for homeless dogs at animal shelters.

12.2.14 - 13-Year-Old Dog at Shelter for 1000 Days FINALLY Gets a Home2

Gloria wrote, “I found out that Fannie is super spoiled now and the girl sleeps like a rock and she snores (sorry Fannie, but it happens to the best of us). Lauren told me that trying to get Fannie out of bed is a chore and just like kids…they don’t wanna get out of bed…even for a photo shoot! LOL. Fannie loves treats, but only at home. She likes car rides, walks, and most of all – HUGS and KISSES!!! She liked me but didn’t like getting her picture taken, but she didn’t mind a Santa hat. [Santa hat photo in the comments.]

Lauren saved Fannie — gave her another chance to live out her life spoiled rotten with comfy beds, good treats, and lots of hugs and kisses. Thank you Lauren for loving an old girl the way you do – it takes a special person to love and adopt a senior dog… and you are that person!”

Yes, yes you are a very special person, Lauren. We love you and Fannie!

Full photo shoot post here: http://bit.ly/15MG2jF

Fannie’s adoption post: http://on.fb.me/1B64R6Y

12.2.14 - 13-Year-Old Dog at Shelter for 1000 Days FINALLY Gets a Home3

0 thoughts on “13-Year-Old Dog at Shelter for 1000 Days FINALLY Gets a Home”

    • Confined for 1000 days! How is it legal to keep an animal caged that long and it not be a crime? Yet, pet owners or breeders get arrested for doing the same with shorter cage confinements.

      • judy, did you read the article? The dog wasn’t “confined”, he was living in an animal shelter, waiting to be adopted. Owners that cage their animals and especially back yard breeders, SHOULD be arrested for doing what you are talking about. This shelter didn’t do that.

      • Judy, I don’t understand your post. She was at a shelter for 1000 days because no one wanted her. She was being cared for and let out to exercise. Otherwise she would have been roaming the streets or Euthanized. I think you missed the point of the story.

      • Really? You disgust me. You are probably a freaking breeder of a puppy mill. You missed the entire point of the story.

      • So I guess you would want her murdered than kept in a kennel to have someone find her and love her the way she should have been instead of being given up.

      • wow Judy you should have shown up to rescue her so she wouldn’t have been stuck there for 1000 days. would you have preferred that she been killed?

      • She was absolutely not “confined” for 1,000 days. Austin Pets Alive was amazing- she was worked with on her separation anxiety, hung out in their office and loved on by so many staff, volunteers and kids who came to visit the shelter. They did amazing work with her and tried everything in their power to find her a loving home, including a spot on the local news. It wasn’t until she was posted on Susie’s Senior Dogs that I discovered her- she’s somewhat of a local Austin “celebrity” now and we’ve been recognized a couple times while on our walks. She was in no way mistreated or abandoned during her stay at APA. Please read carefully next time, Fannie (now Annie) is an amazing dog and it breaks my heart that no one was able to provide the right home for her until I came along. -Lauren, Annie’s “Mom”

  1. Lauren and Fannie are two lucky girls to have found one another. Bless you, Lauren. Karma will find you sweet girl.


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