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13-Year-Old Donates All Her Christmas Money to a Shelter

by Melanie

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12.31.14 - 13-Year-Old Donates Her Christmas Money to Shelter2


From Guardians of Rescue:

A 13-year-old young lady would usually take all of her Christmas money to the mall for a shopping spree. But today Guardians of Rescue received a very special email. Angelina is 13 years old and she decided to take her Christmas money that she received and donated it to Guardians of Rescue. There are not many young children that would do such a selfless act. We would like to take this time to thank Angelina for her heartfelt donation. It is so nice to see our children making a difference. Your name fits you perfectly Angelina, because you are a true angel!  We spoke to Angelina’s mother and she told us that their whole family loves animals and loves what we do. We got thanked over and over again by Angelina’s mother, but in reality if it was not for Angelina and our other supporters our mission would be incomplete. So thank you so much to Angelina and to everyone else who supports our mission. We hope you have a great New Year Angelina! And thank you again! TOGETHER WE SAVE THEM!

“They need more than I do, so they can help all those poor dogs that need food, or even a blanket,” Angelina told us.  “I donated $50.  I have five dogs that we rescued and adopted.  My family loves animals – we don’t want to see them suffer!


12.31.14 - 13-Year-Old Donates Her Christmas Money to Shelter1