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18 Dogs From Texas Will Find Homes In Washington; More Are On The Way

by Amy Drew

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Instead of spending the Thanksgiving holiday with loved ones, the co-founders of Texas-based nonprofit Hand Me Down Hounds drove 18 dogs from a San Antonio shelter to PAWS in the city of Lynnwood, WA.

They logged more than 2,000 miles on what would normally be a 35-hour trip. Because of all the walks and potty breaks, theirs took a whopping 50.

The puppers, including Mr. Bubbles, Norman, Luna and 15 others, were all ready to be adopted after the holiday weekend.

“They’re fun. They seem like very happy puppies, so I’m really glad we were able to take them in,” PAWS shelter manager Lisa Hockins told KING.

Hockins says adoption rates in Texas have slowed as people continue to rebuild after Hurricane Harvey. The good news is that folks in thePacific Northwest are up to the challenge!

“We have had some people come in looking for dogs from Texas. They might have originally been from Texas or they might have family there,” Hockins said.

“I just want to adopt him more…” Devan Lord, of Mukilteo said, after meeting Jo-Jo, a dog from a previous group of Texan rescues. “…if they have to bring them clear up here to find a home then I think that’s cool.”

Know what’s cooler? Adoption rates in the region are so high, according to Hockins, 19 more dogs from Texas are on the road and expected to arrive Thursday.

Live in the Lynnwood area? Check out the PAWS website to peruse the adorable roster of adoptable pets.