Reunions: Lost Dog Missing for Five Years Returned to Family

Five years after he disappeared without a trace, a San Diego dog has found his way home.

Scott Alix lost his dog five years ago and always hoped to find Mikey Brown, his terrier mix, one day. That day came last month when he received a call from the San Diego Humane Society telling him that his dog had been located.

Alix said he’s not sure how Mikey Brown lost his way, but does remember his pooch taking off to get hotdogs from a nearby deli.

“One day someone intercepted him, and he never came back,” said Alix.

The terrier mix wasn’t alone for long. According to Alix, he was cared for by a woman for the past five years. She recently died, and thanks to the microchip implanted in his dog, Alex and Mikey Brown were finally reunited.

Alix and his two sons have welcomed Mikey Brown back into their Mission Hills home with open arms. “He was my first son. I had him before I had my two sons,” Alix said.

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23 thoughts on “Reunions: Lost Dog Missing for Five Years Returned to Family

  1. I am ever so happy Mikey Brown gots to go back to his first family. And I’m glad he got real good taken care of in the meantime. Those microchips are really something, aren’t they? It makes me feel all kinds of safe having one!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  2. Please secure Mikey Brown in the future. A dog will always be too young to go for hot dogs on his own at the corner deli.

  3. There is peeples wot lets their dogs go to the corner deli fur hawt dogs by theyselves? And then they wonner why he not come home for 5 years? Unbeleevabull!

  4. I’m so glad that Mikey Brown was well cared for the last five years and that he is now back to his loving family. Gotta say tho why didn’t the lady check for a microchip when she found the lost dog? Glad Mikey Brown is ok.

  5. A happy ending, indeed. I wonder how shocked his family must have been when they found out he was still around. Five years is a long time!

  6. I had a kitty disappear on me once. I had nightmares for months wondering what happened to him. He would be long gone now so I know I won’t get the same happy ending as Scott Alix.

    I’m glad Mikey Brown had someone who cared for him all those years. I’m also very happy that the shelter thought to check the dog for a microchip.

    Love happy endings like this!

  7. When I read stories like this it always makes me wonder what I’d do if someone came forward and said that our Buster (who we found as a stay in Philadelphia) was their dogs. He didn’t have a microchip when we found him. He was also not neutered, was afraid of stairs and peed when Rod bent over him to put on a harness or to pet him. We did all the right things to let anyone who would have been looking for him know that we’d found him – putting in “found dog” reports with the local shelter, putting up posters, putting him in the lost & found section of Craigslist and even notifying a local German Shepherd rescue that we had him. Still, in the back of my mind I think about someone seeing his picture on our blog and contacting us to claim him. I hope it never happens.

  8. Awesome Dude! (lol) I think the microchip should be re-designed and have two purposes. One of course its original purpose and two have a mini cam to record a dogs going ins and coming outs at times like this! LOL! And allow it to even play back sensored if need be! LOL

    Loved the story! s

  9. I love these stories!

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  10. Love the happy ending but as a rescuer, I do not place dogs in homes where there is even a slight chance of an escape from a yard or careless children or owners. ….. Hope Scott keeps Mikey and all future dogs either leashed or in a completely secure yard for play and bathroom time and (of course) inside the rest of the time. ……….. And to all dog owners who aren’t yet aware, if you lose your dog, put up flyers IMMEDIATELY and an ad in the local paper AND check the local paper to see if anyone has posted your dog as FOUND!!!!

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