Double Trouble: Lucky Pooch Saved Two Times in One Day

Two rescues in one hour. Someone needs to start playing the lottery.

It goes without saying that the owners of this dog could use a little help in the common sense department. That said, Punch gets an A+ for spunk. While this could have ended horribly, something about the mischievous dog leaves me laughing when I see him tearing across his lawn for a swim. He’s all Lab, and those of us who share our lives with them know that water is like Lab crack. For his sake, let’s hope his owners have figured that out.

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14 thoughts on “Double Trouble: Lucky Pooch Saved Two Times in One Day

  1. yeah I stay clear of large bodies of water! I will leave this to all those glorious Labs out there. Just means more couch for me!

  2. loved this story, loved this dog, I have had 4 golden’s in my life, & now Luke is my shadow, he’s not even 2 yet, but he’s got some infections as I learned yesterday after waiting 4 hours at the best vet in our state, in my opinion, This dog is a real dog leader and a vision into what a true dog is about . .. . . unconditional love, and God has a mission for this beautiful Lab, Luke an dI love you and we don’t even know you, Halo! good luck, and God bless, your friend Lisa and Luke (the golden retriever) (he’s not a hero yet, but I can’t tell him that, he’s just a babe, not yet 2 yrs. old, but was lame from 3 to 9 months of his life, he has $3,000 front legs from elbow scoping . . .I’m a fibromyalgia patient, so we are both disabled but survivors. Your dog is a hero, and I loved the story, your friends!

  3. I agree, safety first. Just because he didn’t get caught before doesn’t mean he hasn’t done it before. How did they loose him 30 minutes later??? Hopefully the owners will take care of problem, I wouldn’t want them to find out that 3 times is the charm.

  4. Quite frankly, the owners seem a bit irresponsible for letting their dog run at large when there are dangers nearby. Time to get some fencing or more secure locks!

  5. He was pretty lucky and I’m glad. He seems like a very nice doggy. I don’t know much about water but I do know that lakes and beaches are better than rivers for water doggies. Rivers do unexpected things as he almost found out.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  6. Okay we finally get it. There was no video there yesterday but obviously others were seeing it. Today, we finally got to see it too. Those folks are lucky their dog was rescued. once, let alone twice.

  7. Doggone that’s one handsome dawg! Hey! I just realized he looks just like me!
    I promise I’d never run off if I had a river in my back yard.
    *looks over shoulder to see if paws are still crossed”

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