Nitro’s Law

This is tough to watch, but please do: it could very well signal the start of a movement to see that these dogs did not perish in vain.

I ask that you take this in, visit the links provided, and do your best to spread the word. Each of us can influence this injustice in our own way, and a collective push could make the difference. I’ve provided an excerpt from a Facebook note below the video, but there is much more information available here and here.

This is tough to watch, but please do: it could very well signal the start of a movement to see that these dogs did not perish in vain.


This bill dies on Dec.31st after sitting for almost one year with no progress, because of the OHIO senate. HELP us to demand better for these hero dogs and all companion animals of Ohio & contact Chairman Tim Grendell Phone: (614) 644-7718 Email: [email protected] and PLEASE drop a line to Senator Seitz [email protected] who will vote NO on NITRO’S LAW because he doesn’t support FELONY LAWS for animal abusers because of ‘prison overcrowding’, “I am inclined not to support HB 70 because of prison overcrowding and the attendant fact that we will only make that problem worse by creating more felony offenses”–William J. Seitz.

On October 22, 2008 an elite dog training & boarding facility ‘High Caliber K-9’ in Youngstown, Ohio was raided. Steve Croley owner & trainer of High Caliber was arrested, charged, convicted on just 4 misdemeanor infractions for starving 19 dogs, 8 of which died. NITRO’S LAW is a legacy and testament in honor of a family’s Rottweiler that was starved to death at this man’s hands. Ohio House Bill 70  NITRO’S LAW passed the house but has been shelved in the Senate for nearly a year with time now running out. 8 dogs gave their life for a better Ohio…

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  1. I do hope from my heart that they did not suffer in vain. Though something like this should have never happened.

    We boarded Jasmine only once when we were visiting my parents in Europe. I checked out a number of places which seemed to have outside runs and other goodies. But after talking with the people we decided that the only place we truly trusted was Jasmine’s veterinary hospital. And that’s where we boarded her.

    1. I know people have reasons to go away on holidays, or to visit family & friends, when they have to leave their dogs behind, but if you would never leave a small child, or indeed, any child in the care of strangers, why would you leave your pets?

      This story was heartbreaking, and the dogs were wonderful, all of them. It is about time we were allowed to have all the benefits and rights that families have regarding their children. Until that happens, we either do not go away without our dogs, we miss out on a lot of good stuff, but our dogs (our 4 legged kids) stay safe and loved.

      1. Liz knew the owner where she boarded Nitro. He had worked with Nitro before and Liz and her family had spent time with them at their home so it is not like a complete stranger had them…it is not her fault that she trusted this man…

  2. I really hope that public outcry can change things and get this passed. What a sad story, and sadder still if nothing can be done about what happened.

  3. I;ll be calling and writing this morning. thanks, Neil. Not quite what I wanted to wake up to this morning. but, then, I’m sure Nitro and the other dogs and thir families deal with worse!

  4. Another ridiculous animal abuser. There is not enough justice for that man. This makes me sick to my stomach. He along with the man who starved the greyhounds at Ebro track should burn…

    1. i cant understand how some one could do this ! he needs to be starved in a dark garage or kennel himself !just awful!i could not finish watching this it upset me so bad! such utter disregard for life ! what a disgusting puke may he rot in hell !! oh he might think he gets away with it but he cant hide from god !

  5. Ohio is one of only five states that do not have a felony animal cruelty law! Sadly, Nitro’s Law was watered down from it’s original version in the House, finally passed in Committee, now only to be stalled in the Senate. Supporters of this proposed legislation have been working 24/7 to get this bill passed only to have legislators who are paid with taxpaper dollars allow the bill to die AGAIN for the second year! And they’re not alone. Many of us who are working to pass humane reform for Ohio’s animals have continued to see bills lanquish for months even YEARS with our legislators. Sadly, no animal welfare bill pending in the House or Senate is expected to pass in 2010. It is one of the reasons why ballot initiatives (as we have witnessed with Ohioans for Humane Farms and the Coalition to Ban Ohio Dog Auctions) are becoming the most effective vehicle for making use of citizen participation in shaping public policy. Please help us in Ohio! We need a united voice from across the country to send a strong message to our state legislators and Governor-elect Kasich that we need stronger laws to protect animals in Ohio!

    1. Well, a lot of people are a lot more aware of animal abuse now thanks to The Gentle Barn in CA, Ellen deGeneres, and Alyssa Milano. Ohio does not have a very good name nationwide as a result of what happened in Cadiz, Oh with the so-called dog pound there and their three incompetent commissioners. The members of the Senate should be ashamed of themselves. Vote them OUT!!! I wrote to Gov. Kasich, but never got an answer. I also wrote to Senator Grenville (sp) who is the one who could get this passed but again got no answer. I feel like they do not listen to anyone except those who can grease their palms. If any of you Senators are reading this, Iam not the only one who feels like that either! WHY can’t they do something to help animal life for once…I am not too happy with the House either…yes, they passed it, but it is not the bill it should have been. I am totally disgusted with the Senators who are keeping this from passing. Merry Christmas…NOT!…to each and every one of you who does not allow this to pass! Yes, I am angry.

  6. Horrible!!
    Can’t even imagine the pain these people went through.
    There needs to be stricter laws for these people.

  7. I don’t have human children, I have dogs. They have always been there for me. I “lost” my beloved Sumo a year ago and not a day goes by that I don’t think of him and wish that I had just gone with him. Some day I will find another, but for now….I have a rescue. I couldn’t watch the video, my eyes are to swollen from the tears. Put this man in a cage and starve him to death.

  8. There are no tears left in me. How absolutely horrific. I don’t usually respond this way, but this guy is absolute scum, the lowest of the low in society. I will do my part. I hope others will too. Ugh!

  9. As i sit here crying and sick to think that someone could do this to any dog anywhere.but this guy is absolute scum .and then to get off and be told he could never have dogs again . someone needs to do the same to him.

  10. This is why I would NEVER board my dogs. I don’t care how repitable a place is. Nobody is ever going to take care of your dog like you do. If my dogs can’t go then I don’t go. I don’t get it. All those dogs seem like they came from good homes with families that took very good care of them and were loved like family. Why on God earth would they leave them in a place that long without checking on them or at least have someone else check on them. I cried watching the video but I’m really confused how someone could leave their dog long enough for something like that to happen. Someone fill me in because I’m blown away.

      1. I wondered the same thing and I’m thinking maybe that’s why it became a raid situation. Perhaps they tried and tried and when they were denied over and over, exhausted, they finally called police. It is possible they called police early on but received no help because it would be considered a civil matter. I work in law enforcement in a state that, Thank God, has strong animal cruelty laws. I cried through the whole video with my 3 aging dogs laying around me. No other explanation makes sense to me other than they did try over and over, and they probably did contact police who probably said there’s nothing we can do, because technically there isn’t, until something happened that gave reason to raid the place. Someone must have forced the issue or dropped by against his permission, and maybe not seen but knew something wasn’t right. It’s sickening and I’m sure they are devastated over it all, so I don’t want to see people bashing them. Hindsight is always 20/20 and unfortunately, we often give people too much credit and believe they will do right by our animals like we do. I feel so bad for the dogs and the owners, but as is usually the case with me, I feel so much worse for the innocents who suffered at the hands of someone they trusted. Rather than look to blame the owners, let’s blame the person responsible. Then let’s take a hard look at the politicians who are holding up good legislation for what good reason? Sounds like the people of Ohio might need to clean house next election. That’s what I’d be doing if I lived there. I will email the person they listed if I can find the information without watching the video again. So horrific and sad.

        1. You can find Senator Grenville’s address on Nitro’s Law on Facebook…without watching the video. If you can’t find it, send me an email and I will get it to you. Take care.

  11. i cannot even begin to express the horror im feeling right now! i mean, i thought i knew how cruel and selfish people could be, but this!!!!!! i have 2 dogs, and the thought of someone doing that to them….im a dog walker and sitter, and i hate boarding kennels because of stories that ive heard, but none of them were as horrifying as this one was. those poor people, the suffering that they must be going through right now. and it doesnt go away either. i lost a dog to a bad death 8 years ago and i still feel that acutely. Nitros law MUST go through. im in australia, and everyone i know that loves dogs will rooting for it to be passed aswell.

    1. Ellen,

      Even though you don’t live in Ohio or the states, maybe you and your friends could drop a line to the contact person they listed. Every email is another reminder that this isn’t going away quietly and it’s spanning the globe, not just the country. I don’t live in Ohio, but I’ll be writing. 🙂 Thanks!!!

      And I hope you find peace with the death of your dog one day. Sometimes we have to forgive ourselves. Love & light to you.

      1. thankyou for that mr. and that is a good idea. i will get my friends together and contact that person listed. maybe with people emailing from out of the country will show them that this is something serious that needs taking care of. there is no way i would ever board my two dogs and my cat. especially after watching that video. im a dog walker and petsitter, and i do the pet sitting so that people wont have to board their animals. you hear enough stories even here in queensland to make you hair curl and make you reconsider using a boarding facility. on person i know left their little silky terrier i one such place, only to come home and find that their dog had a broken leg while being bathed. and the owners were charged for it to be taken to the facilities vet! unbelieveable! its all about greed and money these days, and animals are the ones being used for it. like the poor cats and dogs in china being used in fur farms.
        thanks again for your reply and hugs to your dogs.

  12. I can’t even believe he really got off?  And his only punishment is to never own another animal? NICE LIGHT SLAP ON THE WRIST FOR HIM..WHERE It WAS A HARD PUNCH IN THE FACE TO YOU AND ALL THE OTHER FAMILIES. What is this world coming to, what is our society teaching our children? That an animal has no value? That their lives are nothing, they mean nothing?  I am an animal lover, and all 8 of ours are OUR FAMILY MEMEBERS!!!!  CASE CLOSED!! If there was a fire I would run in to save my CANINE & FELINE CHILDREN as I would my HUMAN children. What that MONSTER did is incomprehensible. 3 we adopted from our shelter and the rest were strays. The guinea pig we got from someone and bought another one from the store so our first could have a companion.. This video is so heartbreaking. I cried the whole time. I can’t even imagine what Poor Nitro and his friends went through…I can’t even believe someone didn’t take matter into their own hands and beat the crap out of this MONSTER… My heart aches to see such a disturbing video. And I just can’t understand how someone can do this to a poor helpless dog; who couldn’t even save themselves… I will do what I can to get my voice heard for these beautiful ‘VOICELESS ANGELS”  My hope and dream…to win the lottery and buy a mountain and start a facility. With the name of ..”VOICELESS ANGELS” for the care of unwanted, mistreated, abandon and abused and stray animals.

    My condolences to you and to all the other families that suffered this horrific act on your beloved family memebers…My heart goes out to you all..NITRO AND ALL THE OTHERS WILL LIVE ON!!!

  13. I love animals and our family has adopted many unwanted dogs and given them the lives they should have had all along. This video has moved me tremendously and at first I thought I might throw up, but then I just simply cried in the horror, the sadness and the needless suffering of these and so many other dogs.

    I do not believe that I will let anyone other than family ever be in charge of any of our dogs and will keep them safe with me, even if I have to be home for the rest of my life.

  14. Thank you for making people aware of these barbaric things … ignorance may be bliss, but not for the helpless animala.

    Landed here by way of the Saturday Blog Hop, thanks for co-hosting!

  15. That makes me so mad – so is that dude going to support not arresting criminals of other crimes now because of “overcrowding?” He’s sending a message that it’s ok to abuse animals.

    1. Those senators, to me, are idiots…especially the one who said he will not pass Nitro’s Law because of prison overcrowding. Shame, shame, shame on that Senator. Please, voters, get him out of there next election. Heartless people have no business making decisions that affect all of us!

  16. I just watched and am very angry and saddened. I can;t help but wonder why these animals were left there so long that they starved to death. Forgive me but this takes time for this to happen. Why haven’t the owners checked on their beloved pets on a weekly basis if they were boarded, or were there to be trained. I can;t imagine a place where you can not check up on your pet. I had boarded my dog a reputable boarding facility, one time and when i called to see how he was doing and heard the man on the phone yelling to the barking dogs in the background I had my parents pick up my dog right away. I was only gone for 5 days, but he was out of there the day after he was dropped off. So why were these doge there that long? it makes no sense. I feel for the people that lost their pets, I know how a pet can become one of our family (kids), but we are ultimately responsibility for our pets. yes this gentleman did wrong, and the punishment does not even start to fit the crimes he committed. I would never leave my dogs that long and not check on them. I will sign the petition b/c we need better dog laws, we also need better owners.

    1. Sorry, can’t hold my comment any longer. Crowley was their trainer, someone they worked with for years, someone they trusted. They had a medical emergency that had them traveling to NJ for long periods of time to care for a dying family member. They are not to blame, and I am getting a little bothered, ok a lot bothered, by people placing any blame on the families. How do you know they didn’t call? Do you think Crowley is going to say, “Oh, I’m starving them, hope you don’t mind”, when they called to check how things were going? We need to place the blame where it belongs, on the monster who did this and the few people who saw what he was doing (or not doing in this case) and on NO ONE ELSE.

  17. One of my favorite websites, “Life With Dogs,” & favorite photos of NITRO. You shared Nitro’s story for us just at the end of last year and it gained us such tremendous support and we’re so grateful for everyone that continues to share Nitro…keeping him alive through this law….

  18. That was so hard to watch. I just don’t understand humans. If you don’t like animals then don’t get them or take care of them for others. You will meet your maker someday and I hope you get what you deserve. My profile pic is what it will look like when I go to be shortly. My and my Rotti all hugged up tight. She loves for me to hug her tightly when we go to sleep.

  19. I think the idea is to watch. We are supposed to connect to the pain. We as a nation, run just as soon as the pain rolls up. Although I am Canadian, I have contacted a member of parliament asking him to vote the bill in for stricter laws. The pain that those animals must have suffered is far more than the sadness I feel watching it. Thanks for sharing this heartfelt and poweful video.

  20. that was so sad shed a lot of tears for those dogs just could not watch it anymore breaks my heart how can some people be so cruel hope this sick person pays

  21. im sitting looking at my rottie and my heart hurts thinking much pain Nitro went, Just hope one day Steve Croley will get paid back 10 fold

  22. I’m just heartbroken for these poor dogs and their families. I don’t know how anyone can look into the eyes of a dog and do something likethis.


  24. Good GOD ! As a member of Peta (you know they don’t hold anything back), I thought I had seen it all. But, sadly – I was wrong. While the end was a beautiful tribute to Nitro & the other 8 dogs, that was the saddest thing I think I’ve ever seen. As I’m sobbing here, I don’t know if I can ever get the images of Nitro out of my mind. I have to ask, just how long were those dogs left in his care? And, nobody stopped by the facility to see how they were doing? Well, Steve Croley is a cruel & SICK man! And, he’s lucky that he didn’t starve my dog as I would’ve taken the law into my own hands. I’m “Liking” Nitro Foundation right now & I pray that Nitro’s death will not be in vain. That animal cruelty will one day be a felony in the state of Ohio like it is in my state of Florida. RIP, sweet Nitro. Fly w/ the angels …

  25. I ‘m sorry,i watch most things,but i just can not watch this,i have just read about Patrick,and the fight that might go on,to try and keep him where he is,so i just can not read any more upsetting news today,sorry folks:(

  26. These dogs lost their lives so senselessly, They were pets… family members… their owners paid and trust that man….. I cried after watching this vid……. May the 8 that died R.I.P :'(

  27. This is really tough to watch.How could someone do that?…killing 8 lovable ones.That man should be starved to death as he did to the dogs.

  28. omg I live over the state line from Youngstown and never heard a word about this! Didn’t realize I had a killer and an abuser this close to me,He will pay now or later for his horrible crimes! So sad………

  29. It has taken me so long to actually watch this,, an now I wished I hadnt, my heart goes out to those poor, muched loved family pets,, this is a disgrace to human kind, this man should be locked up in a small cage an starved to death,,,,do unto others.. I guess what I want to know more than anything is the reason why this bastard did what he did? He along with all those other people, an you no who you are, that continue to be cruel to all animals, surely will rot in hell,
    This is if not one of the saddest things to of happened,, my heart goes out to al of you..

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