Heroic Dog Rescues Kittens Dumped in Traffic

When a bag of kittens was dumped and run over in traffic on a rural Iowa highway, a dog named Reagan rushed to their rescue.

Iowa’s Raccoon Valley Animal Sanctuary is home to two kittens who owe their lives to Reagan. Three months ago her owner called the sanctuary seeking help after pulling two live kittens out of a Meow Mix bag that her dog had found in the road.

“It was gruesome, quite gruesome because the kittens…there was a litter of 4 or 5 of them and you couldn’t tell if there were 2 or 3 (in the bag) they had been run over by a vehicle. It was not a pretty sight,” said Linda Blakely of the Raccoon Valley Animal Sanctuary.

The fact that Skipper and Tipper even survived is difficult to explain, but one thing is certain: had Reagan not found them, they likely would have died on the spot. The yellow lab literally dragged the bag out of the road. Then she dragged it all the way home. And cried until her owner opened it. Reagan’s owner could hear faint cries from the bag, but said she was completely unprepared for what she found.

After recovering from the shock of finding the kittens in that bag, Reagan’s owner called the sanctuary and brought them in. They were weak and required bottle feeding every few hours, but both have recovered fully and are thriving at the sanctuary. They are also available for adoption. Blakely says they probably never would have made it off that road were it not for the love of a dog.

“The instinct of the dog was to nurture and not kill. With all the blood some dogs would have responded to the scent. Reagan the dog is a hero,” says Blakely.

59 thoughts on “Heroic Dog Rescues Kittens Dumped in Traffic

  1. The people who did this deserve the same fate. There is excuse for the cruelty. They could have taken the kittens to the shelter. Reagan is a good dog and his owner is just as special. Great job to all those involved in the survival of those two sweet kitties. I would love to hear that they both get a great home together.

  2. yay Reagan you are a true hero, more of a hero than humans. I hope he got a nice big juicy steak as a reward. 🙂

    1. No they live on a very quiet gravel road.I think they were put on that road for a reason! Thank you to Reagan and the Very heroic owner!

    2. excellent question and my thoughts too…Owner sounds like a idiot too ” oh my dog came wandering home from the highway with a bag of kittens”…She sounds like a genius

      1. That is not at all what happened. I’m not even sure how you made that assumption from the story you read. Maybe you need to re-read the story.

      2. Do you live or have you ever lived in the country!!! Don’t blame this dog owner for their dog being able to run lose. That is country life!!! Reagan was a hero and this owner is a very responsible owner. She could have just killed those kittens but didn’t. That is what county people do!!

      3. you too sound like an idiot. dongs that live on farm run loose and maybe he heard the cries and his instinct drew him to the area. sounds like you would have let the kittens die :<

        1. whoops should have read “dogs”. also come out of the comforts of you home and see what country living is like.

    3. I was wondering that myself. If the dog is allowed to run loose, he might be the next one to get run over. Food for thought.

  3. I’m with you, Tracey. Subject the kitten dumpers to the same fate. Stick ’em in a gunny sack and toss them on the interstate in the dark in the rain during major truck travel time to maximize potential of impact. I am SOOO sick and tired of irresponsible scumsucking bottom feeders doing this to animals. These are not people – they are useless bioentities who have no business sucking up oxygen better saved for higher life forms.

    My pittie who rescued kittens wasn’t so lucky. She found the dumped kittens with their dead mother at the side of the road and called and called, yipping her “look mom what I found” special bark. But she got impatient and before I could stable up the horse I was leading when she raised the alarm she darted across the road to get to me to show me what she had found. A speeding beer swilling good ol’ boy in a rust heap took her out. She lived long enough for me to get her to the emergency animal hospital before apologetically taking her last breath. The a-hos (you know what I mean) at the emergency clinic held me up for a large donation “to save another dog in memory of yours who didn’t make it” and I was so distraught that I caved to the emotional blackmail. I never forgot how my wonderful pittie gave her life to save these kittens.

  4. While that was a heartwarming story (good for you, Reagan!), I’m really confused by parts of it. It sounds like the dog was by himself when he rushed into traffic? If so, A) Why was he by himself and B) If he WAS by himself, how did his owner know he had “rushed into traffic” if she wasn’t there to witness it and C) If he wasn’t by himself, why did she let her dog rush into traffic in the first place.

    Anyway, I’m glad the kittens survived because of Reagan and I hope the dumper gets what’s coming to them. But this is kind of a weird story.

    1. funny mayzie ,u make sense ,we become so outraged and we dont think it through , however who ever did this i agree should get the death penalty ,sick f i people , so sick !!!! they dont deserve to live ……. heartless

    2. I can help clear the confusion.

      The bag had tire tracks all over it and the kitten remains clearly showed it had been run over. The direction of the roadway would have made the bag thrown out of a window or placed on the road for “oncoming” traffic by someone.

      The dog often finds treasures and has killed bunnies before. The fact that it didn’t kill these kittens is testament that the dog heard, smelled something.

      The kittens were just barely 3 weeks old at the time. They probably hadn’t eaten for most of the day either.

      The other factor is that they were traumatized by the bag. A week in foster care, when the foster was filling a bin with litter, the “bag” noise sent them scattering and shivering. They have since then be reconditioned to the bag, and now love playing with all bags.

      The kittens were also probably thrown when the bag was hit. The contents of the bag were beyond gross!

      1. The piece of human trash who dumped them should be run over as far as I am concerned. No one would miss the idiot and the world would be a better place!!!

    3. I kind of thought the same thing – what was the dog doing running loose and in traffic.

    4. No where in the article does it say that the dog rushed into traffic. It says “When a bag of kittens was dumped and run over in traffic on a rural Iowa highway, a dog named Reagan rushed to their rescue.” Any vehicles traveling in the drive lanes of a road are defined as traffic, even if that is 2 trucks per hour as may well be the case of a rural road in Iowa. If Reagan pulled the bag out of the traffic lanes before it was run over again, then that is rushing to their rescue, not rushing into traffic, just as the article says.

    5. Jeez people, the glass is half FULL here not half empty!
      A dog as bright and intuitive as Reagan to have rescued those kittens would also be smart enough not to ‘play in traffic’.

  5. GOD BLESS you Reagan!!! you are truly a hero and GOD bless the kittens that survived and that didn’t…how truly sad…..people that would do this to animals, would do the same to another person…that is scary and they do deserve the same fate!

  6. The piece of human trash who is responsible for this should be found and killed and sorry but I do not think that is harsh at all. People like this need to be severely abused themselves to make them realize that no living creature should be treated like garbage. As far as I am concerned animals should have the same rights as humans and from what I see and read about many humans, animals deserve more.

  7. Hello. I am the owner of Reagan. She is a girl, not a boy. We live in the coutry and she did not dodge into oncoming traffic in a highway, or an interstate, or anywhere. She found the bag of kittens down the road from our house (I know this, because she never roams more than 1/2 mile from our house….ever). She drug it up into my front yard, and there were two kittens alive in the bag. They got baths, food, and cuddles for the night, and after that, the rRescue facility that I called (Raccoon Valley), rescued them and has been caring for them for the past three months. They are healthy, happy and beautiful kitties in need of adoption!!! Thank you.

    1. Don’t let the “questioners” get to you. You know what really happened and they’re just in a negative mood. Some people are born joykillers. You and your Good Dog did a wonderful thing. Big hugs to both of you!!

    2. Many of the people here are incredibly negative–just let it roll off, like water off a duck! They don’t realize their negativity is of absolutely no help to any person or animal. And many don’t understand that country dogs don’t have to live the same way city dogs do!

    3. Thank you Reagan you are a wonderful dog. I love labs. Glad the remaining kittens are doing well.

      The dumper is a horrible person and I HOPE they get what they deserve. What goes around comes around!

      Merry Christmas!

    4. amen girl ur girl did a good thing I think y’all r missing the point this dog helped theses kittens she could of left them or even killed the them but she saved them thanxs goodness for her uve done a great job with her to bad there’s not more story’s like this god bless u for helping those kittens cheers to u and ur baby

    5. Thanks for the clarification. Figured that had to be a female dog to be so nurturing. I love, love, love yellow labs. Best. Dog. Ever. 🙂

    6. The owner states the dog doesn’t roam, your dog is 1/2 mile from home it’s roaming, should not be left out to venture on it’s own, irresponsible, something good came out of it, but it doesn’t change the fact the dog is off it’s property and if it isn’t a traveled road then how did the kittens get struck?
      Let’s never make excuses for irrresponsibility in any form with our pets.
      The dog could have been hit too. And no, all dogs do not run loose and that is not country life, if you don’t want to watch your dogs (to anyone) put up a large fence, no dog should be on a chain or stuck in a kennel.
      This mentality is very typical especially in rural areas.
      Still say good job to anyone that helped these kittens from start to finish!!
      The person that tossed the cats out needs not to have any pets, what a loser.
      Lots of lessons to be learned here but in the end 2 kittens were saved that is wonderful.

      1. Sure, dog *could* have been hit; that didn’t happen. that’s a different story. I think her relationship with her dog is her business and Reagan sounds safe.

        Don’t be grumpy gills and look at the awesome message of this story.

    7. thank- you for your willingness to care for these babies and to make sure they got treatment and thanks to Reagan for her instinct to do what came natural, unlike the creeps that did this. i hope they rot in hell and i hope some day that they get hurt and there isn’t anyone around and they die a cold lonesome death on a dark rainy road.

    8. oh my – i am in la and i am in a desperate situation where i lost my lover of 20 years and all three very loyal and beautiful animals – all four within two months p- and i have been in shock for 14 months – two dogs – 17 and 18 and one lovely cat he was 16 – i will adopt those kittens asap if i can figure out how to do so and they shall live in peace and health and have nothing but pure happiness for the next 22 years of their lives – and i will be a happy man as i grow old – i love compassion wherever it flowers and i love Reagan and all gods creatures – they are the innocents and the light of the world and so, it is written – amen Scott 310 987 9958 i will call raccoon valley tomorrow

    9. Some of these people. They just don’t get it. What difference does it make whether the dog ran, crawled, or skated in traffic? A great deed was done. PERIOD.

  8. Thank you! Reagan is a very curious dog, and we let her roam because she is a farm dog, and hates being confined (trust me, she made that blatantly clear when we did try). We think it is mean to tie her up all day due to her curious nature, so she is allowed to roam, and chase things and play, and at night, she curls up in her bed in the garage and sleeps. She never goes far…I have NEVER had to go look for her, she is always within earshot. She is a happy and healthy dog, and we love her!

    1. Thanks for stopping by – and for clarifying. The details in your local news report were sketchy, but this was too good not to share. 😉
      Your dog is an inspiration!

  9. I hope who ever adopts them will take them both. Please don’t separate, these two will thrive so much better together.

  10. How sad that no good deed goes unpunished. There is always someone so ready to be negative and make ignorant comments. Ignore the negative comments and know you and your dog did a great thing. I hope the kittens get a great home together.

  11. @ reagan’s owner,
    thanks for clarifying the story, and telling us a bit about reagan’s life in the country. not every place has or needs a leash law, and in rural areas dogs can run free on an owners property fairly safely. two of my dogs just came and sat for a petting and ear scritch, pass it along for reagan from me, “ranger” and “tumblelina”.

  12. Thank you Reagan and your mom for bieng there for those baby kittens. You are a beautiful girl Reagan and I hope that you keep up the good work. And for those that don’t know what it is like to live on a farm or in the country…go live in the country for a couple of weeks and you might understand!!!

  13. No wonder I am sick of the human race in general. Of course, leave it to an animal to do a good deed and then some ignorant humans come on here with their stupid comments of how the dog was running loose, etc, etc. Maybe you should direct you comments to the useless piece of human trash who dumped the kittens in the first place!!!! Obviously this idiot has no intelligence or an ounce of compassion at all and thinks that animals are disposable garbage. As far as I am concerned, most humans are disposable garbage. The only good thing is there are some very caring humans on this planet that are more concerned with others than just their greedy, selfish selves.

  14. What this dog did was amazing! Why didn’t the people who dropped them take the kitten to a shelter? That was so cruel to drop kittens in the road.

    1. God bless u reagan and the kittens, but has anybody thought of the mother cat, she may belong to these morons.SPAY and NEUTER people!!!!!

  15. i live in the country and know the freedom my dogs have !!! youres is great !!! we get lots ofcats and a few dogs dumped here its disgusting !! pets are part of youre familey !! love and care for them !!!!

  16. Dear Reagan and Owner,
    May I firstly say how admirably you have responded to the negative comments here. There will always be input from people who don’t have all the information and yet pass critical judgements with no regard for the consequences of their words.
    Secondly, have you received or are in receipt of debriefing or counselling after such trauma? I’m including Reagan for she certainly has emotional needs too. Kudos to the both of you!

    1. The critical judgements are just an expression of how some people are not able to see the good in this situation, and some like you do.Thank you. It is somewhat refreshing.

  17. First, Reagan is an incredible creature–and since birds of a feather tend to flock together–her human companions are most likely quite incredible too! Bless you all…

    Secondly, I have lived in the country, city, suburbs… you name it. Unfortunately, people will abandon or dump animals regardless of location, so strays can be found everywhere. I know because I have adopted or helped hundreds of dogs, cats as well as other animals in the past 50 years! Currently, I have a couple of older cats who prefer to stay in home, but there are many more ‘outside’ cats that my family and I feed, alter and treat–when they show up–and we have no control over their roaming… some are basically feral.

    Although we socialize, adopt and place most strays, and they become friendly, healthy and loving, many still insist upon OUTSIDE access and the ability to roam, and we respect those desires. In fact, confinement, (i.e. dog always chained, cat kept in small space) can be a form of abuse, and since we rarely know the history of these animals, the last thing we wish to do is recreate abusive conditions!

    I respect the folks who can keep all their pets happy, safe and inside at all times, but, UNTIL you have an animal that is a BORN ‘roamer,’ you have no idea how difficult it is to confine that critter. Just as some people are ‘homebodies,’ while others have to be ‘on the go,’ so too are animals. If a pet wants out, it WILL find a way. So, we simply adapt to the different temperaments.

    IF Reagan was not ‘born to roam,’ or not living with people who respected Reagan’s need to roam, ALL of those kittens would be dead. Reagan and her ‘humans’ are absolute inspirations.

  18. This is a beautiful story about Reagan. All animals are amazing creatures and certainly have a sense that humans will never acquire. My husband died 2 weeks ago, and our cat “Cheeto” would not leave his side the entire 8 days he was in a coma. I wish more humans would capture the wonder that animals have.

  19. This is so sad. I dont know how people can do this. I have my own “roadside” kitty. My mom drives semi and was going down the highway and saw a litter of kittens of the side of the road. No houses around for a couple miles, and no momma, so they were quite obviously dumped. One of them was already dead, two of them were extremely scared and ran off into the tall grass and reeds in the ditch and she couldnt find them(even went back the next day to search and never did find them). She did manage to catch the 4th one and brought it to me cause she knows I will spoil him for the rest of his life. The poor thing was nothing but skin and bones and scared to death. He was only 4 weeks old( took him to the vet to get checked out and to see how old he was). He had a nasty eye infection too. Now, a month later, he is fat and happy and lovign life. He has gotten really big. He is in fact sleeping on my lap as I right this. He will always have a home with me and my other rescue animals( the only pets I have are rescues, even have a few rescue horses). I dont know how anybody can do that to an animal. If you dont want babies, get your animal fixed. If you cant afford to fix them, there are programs out there that wil help, or dont have an animal until you can afford to fix it, and pay other vet bills that come with animal ownership. Some people are truly too sick to be allowed to live. At least those two kittens were saved, and my Simba, even if the other kittens didnt make it.

    1. You have written so well and have expressed your hearts most intimate outrage, that I stand humbled at this moment and grateful for your clarity and compassion. May I add, the time has come to criminalize euthanasia in pounds and to inflict life – long prison terms to any person harming the sacred nature of all gods creatures. We are not a civilized country while atrocious behavior slapping the face of god is acceptable and tolerated. This must come to pass, if not, we – as a nation, forfeit any supposedly moral or spiritual reason to exist at all. We need to change now, or we will perish as we may very well deserve- God bless the animals and the folks who love and protect them – amen – and so it is.

  20. I hope the people who did this wake up one day to find out their kids have been ran over by a semi truck.

  21. It is totally amazing and appalling to me that here we have a wonderful story about a dog who found a bag with kittens still alive that were cared for, nursed back to health and have homes and on the other hand you have a bunch of judgmental asinine people who is giving Regean and her Mama grief b/c her dog has the freedom to roam on her property in the country.

    Your negative, pessimistic attitude frankly sucks!! When you’re finished here go rain on somebody else’s parade and start looking at the glass half full instead of half empty! (Anonymous)

    You should be ashamed of yourselves berating Reagan’s Mom, I know I am……..

  22. To all you naysayers going on about the dog, you should really be directing your bitching to the piece of human trash who dumped the kittens. Humans like that should be beaten to death as far as I am concerned.

  23. I live in the country. Most dogs know the boundaries and will not leave the yard unless for a good reason. So ignorant people leave the owner alone….her dog did something heroic and THAT is what needs to be recognized.

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