The Eyes of Soul for Us All

The greying on the chocolate brown lab chin of my dog Huck has started, the stiff muscles after long runs are showing, the length of naps has increased, but one thing will never change – the look, the eyes, the glance. The soul.

I do believe all creatures – and that includes animals, humans, trees, carrots and rocks – have soul. I was once told by an old boyfriend years and years ago of a very different spiritual system than me, that animals did not have souls. This one brief statement put me on a journey to discover concrete answers about the soul. I always thought anything natural had one,  but had never really researched or pondered facts to back it up. It actually was a blessing because it inspired exploring different philosophies allowing me to fully understand my own beliefs. And for myself, soul became more of a verb, an essence that we all have, that can shine even when we are damaged or hiding.

I came to believe that soul is bodiless but it takes up residence in eyes, hearts, voices, or the wind and rain.

I suppose a scientist would disagree with this next statement, but to look into the eyes of this creature, there is the evidence a dog has soul. For it’s in his eyes – just look.

Huck doesn’t get up each day and ponder his soul, nor does he have to work towards sharing it with the world.  It’s just there in those eyes. When I look at him, I sense I am engulfed in love and acceptance, flaws and all.

Come to think of it, I think his soul is in his big, brown nose too.

63 thoughts on “The Eyes of Soul for Us All

  1. If you look up the word ” soul ” in Italian you will find that it is spelled ” anima ” just missing the ” l ” on the end.

    And dog spelled backwards is god. Just saying.

  2. that is so true when i got my st bernard bailey i said when i saw him he has the eyes of a wise old soul he is going to be 8 next month and still has the look only now the gray fur to match

  3. Love this I have a chocolate lab also except mine has a lot more greying and the naps are much long then they used to be but he is still my baby boy and love him very much

  4. Anyone that has owned a dog and looked into the eyes of that dog..can without any doubts say that they have a soul..and it is pure!!!

  5. I watch my little lucy struggling to jump on the couch with her favorite ball (something that she could easily do just weeks ago) and I see her stretching her little body when she stands up and i realize that, just like me she is getting old. I hope I can have her for just a few more years, and her eyes are the same when she looks at me like I am the world. She is my constant companion, even though she is getting crabby LOL. I Love Lucy. (no pun intended).

  6. no soul my ass! blk.lab/golden retriever mix (he looked like a chocolate colored golden retriever) lived in2 his 17th yr..i still miss him like crazy @ [email protected] these times he visits me in my dreams & its like he is there for real..i can feel his sooo soft fur & he looks @ me w/ those intense amber eyes to let me know he really isn’t so far from me ever 8)

  7. Wow!!! This really touched MY Soul!! I love your analogy, makes perfect sense to me! I have two dogs now and three that have passed on.

  8. I miss my shih tzu SUGAR who passed away at the tender age of 16 last February !!!!!!!! A part of my heart died the day my SUGAR passed away !!!! I still shed tears for my constant companion …… But I know she will be there to greet me when my time on earth is done 🙂

  9. I sooooo agree, we too have a chocolate lab with those big amber eyes that just make you melt…I love her with every ounce of my being…

  10. at first i couldnt read this cause i know it would make me cry !!! but now that i have… appreciates my dog, my best friend , my heart ,, even more ..ty..

  11. a dog sure has a soul… when my Emmi was diagnosed with lymphoma and could hardly walk… she did it for me… she was so devoted and so pure in her love for me… I miss her every second of every day.. but too look in those eyes again i would give everything. One last glance. Lovely words yor wrote.. right to the heart of it. thank you

  12. The 5 year old Chocolate I adopted has just started some grey around her chin and yes her eyes burn into your soul.

  13. My chocolate lab,Phoebe,is so gray(12 yrs old),but she still wants to please us soo much, she also has aso bad,our baby never complains!! She have been the most loving,gental dog I have ever met!!I know shes getting close to the end of her time,Not real sure I can Imagine our home without her!! Soul???YES She have one,no doubt!!!

  14. it hurts my heart to see my golden babies or any dog we love grow old<3.. just love them so much<3.. i dont ever ever want to loos them:((.. they are our precious souls <3<3

  15. I totally believe that animals have a soul… Tootsie (6 year papillon ) looks at me with those big eyes and she just knows what I’m thinking….and I usually know what she’s thinking…..awesome!

  16. Packets of gelatin can be added to his food.See if it helps his getting up & & effective for my old guys..

  17. Our Choc Lab has a beard too! Such a sweet boy & almost brings me to tears to think of him getting old. Read a book entitled “The Art of Racing in the Rain” – makes me think even more about what our dogs think!

  18. Life with a dog is much more settled and sane for me. Also, more active too! I know I need to get up and out first thing to walk the dog and get home after work to let the dog out again. What a great way to hem the day in with a nice walk with a companion dog. Miss my girl Lucy. Miss my boy Bojangles.

  19. I have just been sobbing reading this, we have just lost our Shelly 2 days ago and she had the most beautiful soul I have ever known. She was always there for everyone, whatever their need.
    I know she is up in doggy heaven chasing and catching rabbits and then letting them go again as she had no idea what to do with them as she didn’t have a bad bone in her body.
    I constantly miss her but know that one day I’ll be able to stroke the fluff on her ears again.

    Dogs love unconditionally!

  20. “the art of racing in the rain” is a must for anyone who has ever loved, experienced and/or lost a dear dog friend!!! sums it up beautifully!! there is no love like the love you experience in a dogs eyes or feel their wisdom of your core being!!

  21. We are reaching our 14 th yr. with our old flat coat ret. We can all say that she had the best life with our family and the whole neighborhood. They DO HAVE SOUL. You can see it in their their eyes. Our dog has never ever forgot to check on all of us each night before she goes to her bed. We all have it in our hearts to love one more pet.

  22. I lost my love, my black lab mix in Jan. I was devastated. She was 10 and it was unexpected. After only a few days the comment was made to me that I shouldn’t be that upset still over a soulless creature. I didn’t know I had that much rage inside of me and neither did the remark maker. A while later I saw this article. Thank you. It helped take the edge off and I’ve sent it to that person a few times.

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