Dog Reunited With Owner Six Years Later

After six years of separation, a long lost dog and its owner have been reunited. Princess, a Bichon Frise, had been roaming backyard of her owner April Allen’s Pomona, California home in February of 2006 when she dug a hole under a fence and went missing.

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“She was outside in the backyard playing with my friend’s little dog,” Allen told ABC News. “We were inside and next thing you know they were gone.”

Both of the family’s dogs had disappeared from their back yard.

“I made flyers and all that, but I never found her. That was it,” said Allen. “What could I do? I only had her about nine months when she got away.”

Last week, Allen was floored by a surprise phone call. The pound had called to tell her Princess was still alive. They had located Allen’s contact information on the microchip implanted in her dog.

“I was like, no way, oh my gosh, that’s crazy!” Allen said. “I just couldn’t believe it. Almost six years later you never would’ve thought getting a call like that.”

A woman and her daughter had found Princess wandering in Riverside. Allen spoke with them after the shelter called, and before making a hurried trip to Riverside to pick up her lost dog.

“As soon as I got to her house, princess jumped on my lap,” said Allen with excitement. “She remembered me, it was just crazy.”

Animal Services Director Robert Miller said that more happy reunions like this would be possible if dog owners were vigilant about having pets microchipped. “We hope that one day every pet will have a chip, ensuring all of us of even more happy reunions,” Miller said.

44 thoughts on “Dog Reunited With Owner Six Years Later

  1. One of my dogs came home on a Friday night at 2:30 am in a cab. He had been lost for about a year.

  2. Samantha Price Fischer Kyle- Now these are two stories are almost unbleievable. princess after 6 years? Awesome and your pooch… a cab home, that is not only awesosme but hilarious, but made me smile huge! HAPPY DANCE!!! <3

  3. this sort of story is awesome but ya gotta wonder how/why it took six years for someone to discover she was microchipped.

  4. Terrific news I love hearing stories like this with happy endings. Proves that u shouldn’t give to hope. God bless you

  5. @Judith I don’t think microchipping is widespread enough that everyone knows about it nor would even think to check for it. It appears someone had been keeping the dog for quite sometime before letting it go (or the dog escaping on its own). It only got scanned once it was given to the pound. A company makes a GPS location device that attaches to the dogs collar. However, that’s only good as long as the collar stays on the dog. There’s really no perfect solution to finding a lost dog.

  6. How wonderful and marvelous for this little thing to have survived 6yrs lost and with no family caring for her.

  7. Oh please…Like Judith Saul mentions. Someone had that dog for all that time and never tried to find it’s owner. First thing one does when a dog is found is check for it’s chip. Should be made mandatory just like registering. It likely escaped again and that’s when it got checked.

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