Happy Ending in Montana Dog-Napping Case

A dog stolen from its 78-year-old owner Thursday at a Montana grocery store is back home this weekend.

A dog stolen from its 78-year-old owner Thursday at a Montana grocery store is back home this weekend. No arrests have been made, and the investigation continues.

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Billings, Montana police are investigating a dog theft, and are now asking for the public’s help to identify the suspect. An area woman who suffers from Alzheimers walked her dog to the Heights Albertson’s store Thursday afternoon and left her Scottish Terrier in her walker.

A man seen in the following video takes the dog with him to his car before driving away. The woman’s daughter said her mother is devastated by the loss of her companion. She hopes people may recognize the man – or perhaps one of his children.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact Crimestoppers at (406) 245-6660.

107 thoughts on “Happy Ending in Montana Dog-Napping Case

    1. I think if there is a hell that this person will not even make it there and instead will spend the afterlife in a place called purgatory!!!

  1. Shame on people who do things like that! My grandfather has dementia, and just lost his dog of 13 years last year, and he still gets confused that she isnt next to him! Hope this woman gets her dog back and the people who did this get the book thrown at them!

  2. That’s horrible that that idiot took her dog! And what’s even more … He had what looked like his kids with him!!! OMG SMDH

    1. Because, unless you are blind, the stores won’t allow the dog in. What a despicable piece of crap father? Please let him be caught. Please. I’m manifesting for this woman to get her dog back.

    1. I like your plan Matthew… good old fashion ass kickin’ to go with the jail time! Low life SOB anyway. Can you imagine how scared the dog probably is too? “Where’s My Owner?”…. Sad 🙁

  3. Looks like he was clearly watching her walk to do the door too and to not get too close until she was in the store.

  4. What an utter scumbag!! Please, if you know who this person is, report them. The poor dog and his owner must be going through hell. I pray they are reunited very soon :((

  5. Sorry to hear the lady lost her dog. This video dose not prove a thing. The 3 people walking away with a dog. That looked like the one with the lady. For all anyone knows those people were picking up their dog from a groomer,or a vet`s office.

    1. Really Larry? Looked like the dog was grabbed pretty quick & they were right back at the car, Oh & BTW THE LADY’S DOG WAS TAKEN !!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. @ Larry. I really hope you’re kidding and don’t really believe what you wrote. You really think the ladies dog just happened to disappear at the same time this guy picked his dog up from the Safeway pet groomer?

  6. When they find this devil, I hope that they plaster his mug all over the news so that everyone could see him! What a pig!

  7. With the technology & CCTV tech nowadays I would have thought they would be able to pick up the number plate off the car

  8. and they say video games are bad for children. that is down right disgusting, I am not saying it would be any better if he stole the dog alone but honestly what I thing to teach your children..

  9. Valarie L Lovins…. The poor lady has dementia. Doesn’t matter that she left the dog outside a grocery store that doesn’t allow dogs, it’s the fact that someone stole the dog in daylight. The dog wasn’t his, why take it?

  10. Iris Arellano-Vandersloot .. I was just going to same the same. You do not steal from others..fact!! I wonder how many other dogs that scum has taken?

  11. You have to think of it from a concerned citizen’s point of view, what if you have it all wrong and he was worried the dog wasn’t being treated right? For all we know the guy thought the dog was being neglected and he thought he was doing the right thing, I agree; this video doesn’t prove anything.

    1. That’s what I’m thinking. If I saw a dog left in a walker, I’d think it had a careless owner and I’d want to take it and rescue it as well. I’m hoping that is the case. I would never leave my pets unattended unless they were in my house!

      1. Thank you Dakota, I was worried no one else had the ability to see it as it really could be. We can’t just assume we know what happened here. Don’t they say innocent until proven guilty? I find most people would rather shoot first and ask questions later.

        1. Exactly. This guy could be trying to help the dog & is only getting negative attention. Why isn’t anybody cussing out the owner?? WHO leaves a dog unattended outside of a store?! That is rediculous. Someone could have poisoned it, hurt it, or gotten bitten by it (and then the dog would have been euthanized) all because of a careless owner. I would love to walk my dog to the store, but I know I can’t bring it in… therefore I don’t bring it. If I saw a dog in a bad situation, I would take it as well. If he is stealing the dog, of course I think he is a waste of life human being… but that might not be the case. I would hate to be judged before people knew the whole story and the reasoning behind it.

          1. I agree with you 100%. We’re supposed to be all about honor and innocent until proven guilty and since this video doesn’t prove anything then the guy is innocent. For all we know he knew the lady or she could have given the dog away, she has Alzheimers, she might not remember doing such a thing. There are so many possibilities to this situation and yet everyone would rather sit here and slander a stranger. Shame on the people jumping to conclusions. You’re teaching your children bad manners and setting a bad example.

  12. Montanans are hardy, helpful people so I am hoping that they were just being good hearted and trying to help the dog. I’d like to give them the benefit of doubt. We can’t see how the dog was tethered, maybe it was stuck?? They don’t act like people who had just stolen something…. But if he is a mean spirited thief, then yes, he belongs with the other mean spirited souls.

    1. Then so is picking up a stray from the side of the road. It may belong to someone so in your view it’s considered theft.

  13. He needs to go to jail. Teaching his children to steal I rather not have a father(or whomever he is to these kids) then to have one like this.

  14. Why cant the police zoom in the license plate number. What a piece if crap for doing this to that poor lady!!

  15. Wow, I have to say I was shocked when I see this guy with kids??!! I hope they find this dog for this poor lady, hopefully she’ll never leave her dog unattended again. I know I don’t, they stay in the car or if I walk they don’t come with me. There are some crazies out there.

  16. Unreal!!! Nice example to those kids on how to behave like a scumbag!!! I hope he goes to jail for a very LONG time!!! That poor woman!!!

  17. Larry Choo Choo Rome, if you watch the video, you can see the man and his two children by their car, wait until she passes, follow her to the store doors, then steal the dog. No good intentions there.

  18. OH PLEASE!! How can anyone defend this creep???? And the video proves that he came there WITHOUT a dog and left WITH a dog…And HER DOG WENT MISSING?!? A coincidence?? I THINK NOT!!! He’s a THIEF, pure and simple!!!

  19. Interesting that the white SUV that was parked next to the white truck and only a few cars down from the one that left with the kids and the stolen dog, came and left the same time as the thief.

  20. Come to think of it, if he is caught not only will he get time for theft, but for involving minors in a felony.

  21. Watch the entire video again folks. He is out of the car when the woman passes, he futzs around his car for a while until she is far enough away to not be noticed, but when he and his kids start walking to the store, the woman and her dog are in direct line of sight. There is No Way he did not know that dog belonged to someone. (Even if he did not, wouldn’t your first response be to walk in the store and ask the management if anyone in the store had a dog outside, in case it escaped from a car?) It would not surprise me if he had seen the woman before and knew it was her habit to tether the dog outside the store.

  22. OMG!!! Get a dog from the shelter instead of stealing someone elses!!! LOSER!!! I hope the cops are able to get the license plate number from the video!

  23. If you want a dog for your family, then go to your local shelter and adopt one. Don’t steal a dog. What are you teaching your kids? WTF!!

  24. Nice. Teaching his children to steal. How sad. I hope the word spreads and he gives the dog back.

  25. Can’t they ID the car? Surely they can enhance the video and get the license plate? In any event the man is an arsehole. I pity his kids, having a father who sets that kind of example. Hoping and praying they track him down and get the dog back to his owner.

  26. Just breaks my heart when people do this. It’s wrong and they know it. That it was done with two children present is even more appalling. What kind of message does this send to them?

  27. To steal someones dog is bad enough, but to steal from someone with dementia is unspeakable!!!! I hope they r caught & get to think about what will happen to them if/when they get this awful illness!!!

  28. Everyone needs to post this on their FB wall so that it goes viral and somebody recognizes this SOB and/or his children.

  29. so sad, people suck. they really do. some days i cant wait to get home. from asshole rude drivers. nobody has compassion anymore. Karma. what goes around comes around. I truely believe it.

  30. Some people are just disgusting! I hope they find the dogs and give the lady her friend back and they find the man and throw everything at him, he is a despicable waste of space!

  31. What a pig, and with his kids, this is what he teaches them??? Hope Sociial Services step in, this is not a man fit to raise kids. Hope they catch him, pls keep us updated. That poor woman and the poor puppy whose been stolen

  32. See kids, everything is yours. You want something, just go ahead and steal it. Some day you’ll be a fine upstanding asset to the community just like your dad.

    Damn good parenting I’d say.

  33. So glad the dog was returned to the owner. I can’t believe someone would steal a dog from an elderly woman and in front of his kids. 🙁

  34. Happy Dandy is back home. Let this be a reminder to look after our elderly neighbors. This woman has dementia, and people seemed more worried about the dog.

  35. That’s odd, I agree with Elena, I mean if the lady has Alzheimer’s this could of been just a misunderstanding right?

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