Lonely Old Dog Has His Final Wish Fulfilled

Every dog deserves to feel love and companionship. Ol Boy had his final wishes fulfilled by a wonderful rescue team.

We are posting this story in tribute to Ol Boy. His story shows us there are some truly great humans out there! We highly recommend grabbing a box of kleenex before hitting play. Thank you to Beth Zimmerman from Pets for Patriots for sharing this touching story with us.

Ol boy was born on the streets. Like many street dogs, he had a number of health problems – ticks, wasting, infections and possible cancer.

When a rescue team took Ol Boy in for treatment, they found him laying in his own filth and unable to move. His weakness, however, wasn’t an accident.

Even after treatment, Ol Boy was in a lot of discomfort and had little time left. He did, however, want to die naturally and feel the love and warmth of a home for the first time. So the rescue team granted his wish and let Ol Boy experience something he never had before – love.

Members of the team stuck by his side, giving Ol Boy the care and companionship he had longed for. He had to be given water, as he was too weak to get himself up to drink. The team stood vigil for him, along with some of the other dogs in the home.

In Loving Memory of Ol Boy.

By 2am, Ol Boy sat up and had a drink of water for the final time. He finally passed away peacefully at 4am.

Before he died, Ol Boy had shown a beach to his communicator. Upon his passing, the team Ol Boy worked to fulfill his final wish. Ol Boy was cremated and spread his ashes along the beach – where he could finally run free.

A big thank you to the rescue team who allowed Ol Boy the chance to experience the love and understanding that all dogs deserve, even strays.


Today we received a note from Natalie with information on the organization that gave Ol’ Boy the comfort at the end of his life that he had never known as a street dog. SOSD (Save Our Street Dogs) is in Singapore. It was these folks who held vigil with Ol’ Boy in his final days. You may visit their webpage here: http://www.saveourstreetdogs.com

Thank you Natalie K. for emailing us.

34 thoughts on “Lonely Old Dog Has His Final Wish Fulfilled

  1. I hope they did give him something for pain so he didn’t suffer any more. And I hope he was on a soft bed. The street dogs suffer so much.
    How cruel humans are for ignoring this dog for so long before someone took notice. When will humans stop being so self centered?
    And I wonder how they ‘knew’ what his wish was?

      1. It sure looked as if he was suffering to me–I felt horrible watching him lay there on a hard floor,in obvious discomfort, probably wondering if anyone was going to help him.I loved my dog so much that I wouldn’t let her suffer in the end like this,and she passed very quickly,peacefully and without pain,as I held her precious sweet head and gazed into her eyes telling her it was going to be ok.It was hard–but she was old and ill,and scared and suffering. I would want to believe that if I was a dog,someone would think of me this way,and help me to pass comfortably.And –where on earth were the rescuers when this poor creature was for many years fending for himself on the streets? I have yet to hear of an “animal communicater” who has ever been correct in their alleged communication.Just sooo sad.

  2. How heartbreaking. Dogs deserve such simple things in life; a home, compainionship of a human being, care of their basic needs, but most of all, love. Run free, Ol Boy. There’s no pain or sickness at the Rainbow Bridge.

  3. Omg cried my eyes out. All I could say in my head watching this video was ‘I would have loved to take care of you’ that poor dog. Thank god there are some good people in the world that took in this poor soul and took such amazing care of him in his last few days. This made me so incredibly sad.

  4. Like the others, I not only cried, I was balling my eyes out for that sweet doggie. I’m both sad for the hard life and lack of compassion and love Ol Boy experienced, and joyful for the caring hearts of these stand up rescuers. Their example of kindness and selflessness makes me want to be a better human.
    Thanks for taking care of Ol Boy…..giving him and identity and memory!!!

  5. The saddest and most poignant video. My heart breaks that it was only in his final hours tha Ol Boy finally knew what it meant to be loved the way all dogs should be but I have so much respect for those kind souls who showed him that love at the end.

  6. Writing this with tears in my eyes, I want to thank everyone who helped care and love Ol’ Boy. May he cross over the Rainbow Bridge and run free. Run Ol’ Boy, run happy and free!

  7. What angels these folks are to take in Ol Boy and listen to what he has to say. Ol Boy’s wisdom and message is loud and clear. Thank you for respecting him!

  8. Great story. No dog should be without a caring home.
    A pit bull wandered into our neighborhood a few weeks ago. He wound up at our house. The cats were not happy, my two goldens were territorial – but he was just cool with everything. Unfortunately, he had to stay on the back porch, as he could climb the short fence. (he only did this when he heard us walking the other dogs)
    This was the happiest dog, and we were determined to keep him from a shelter. The dog grew more frustrated with his situation, daily. He could see the dogs inside, when we watched TV. I’d bring him in, but after 10 minutes, my dogs would get tense.
    Someone called yesterday, to take the dog. Not to keep, but to foster until a home could be found. It wasn’t the happy ending I was hoping for, but it was a relief. We will miss him, but it was not a home for him – as he was an inside dog. And likely under a year old. I expect him to eventually find a home, as he’s such a wonderful dog. Trained, gentle, happy!
    As I took him to his destination, I sang a song about his new home. Yeah, my wife thinks I’m nuts, too!
    Thank you, and ALL, for your caring work! This story is a good antidote to the Convention news!

  9. Poor baby! Thanks to those who helped him. So sad he didn’t have a loving family his entire life.

  10. God Bless everyone who had a hand in comforting this old dog. My Italian father used to tell me (in Italian) when I was growing up, “The luckiest man in the world is the man who has a dog who loves him.” Truer words have never been said.

  11. I`m confused, It sounds like he was not loved or cared about until the end. How long did they have him before he died? Was he a stray until the end? I love he found love at the end, but it`s too sad, my day is shot. I guess I`m too sensitive for these things…

  12. Absolutely heart-wrenching. Thank you for rescuing him and showing him love – it is never to late for love. God bless you all, especially adorable, loveable Ol Boy

  13. I’m confused as well. If they knew he was born and lived on the streets searching for food and water, as wel if they knew he was howling for three days in pain, then why did it take so long for someone to do something? I personaly do not understand

  14. A dog’s love is unconditional…he will even show love to his abuser. There is a special place in hell for those who abuse children or animals.

  15. this make me cry,while watching this video it makes me sad, but thank you Ol boy for giving the dog treament,care,and love and a home to stayed, i hope you guys continue helping our poor dog in the streets who needs our care, love and foods.. thank you once again Ol boy for a beautiful heart for a dog

  16. My heart bleed while I watched this. The tears didn’t stop. I couldn’t take my eyes from his. It’s so sad that any kind of love he got was in his final few days. It breaks my heart that people can be so disrespectful of animals. Thank God someone was there for this dog. May he rest easy and live with out any kind of pain or suffering. Rest easy sweet boy.

  17. A beautiful story and in a way a good ending. Ol’ boy had love at last and had people who cared even if it was for only a short time.

  18. I wish this type of situation could have been prevented. It’s a sad story. My heart goes to this special dog, Ol Boy. I think it’s great that Ol Boy, at his final moments were experienced with love. No dog should go through what Ol Boy went through. I don’t understand how we (humans) let something like this happen.

  19. Can you please edit the page to give credit to the organization that helped Ol’ Boy? Their name is SOSD (Save Our Street Dogs) in Singapore. I work with them and I think it’s not arguable that they deserve the credit for such a kind and warm act of kindness. They are trying to create a presence in the animal rescue community and are working really hard to do just that. You can visit their website at http://www.saveourstreetdogs.com.

  20. This video really hit home. We recently decided to let our elderly cat die in peace at home with her cat family all around her instead of euthanizing her. It was an amazing and transforming experience. I regret so much racing her sister to the emergency vet two years ago to die on a cold table, shaking in fear, surrounded by strangers in a strange place. I think Ol’ Boy’s rescuers fully understood and respected his wishes; animals deserve to die on their own terms, and death should be God’s decision, not ours. I will never again deprive an animal of the safety and comfort of a peaceful death at home surrounded by love.

  21. I cried while I saw this, God Bless them for helping Ol Boy out. Every dog deserves a home, love and companionship. NO dog should have been left like that. Humans should take more care of the animals in our surroundings. Rest In Peace Ol Boy.

  22. Rest in Peace, Ol’ Boy. God bless the rescue team. No dog deserves to be on the street, they are innocent, all they want is love.
    Run free, Ol’ Boy. Pain and suffering are none in the Mighty Kingdom.

  23. I lost my dog Luky after 15 years, she died in my arms peacefullym I hope she meets ol boy and run together, we shall meet again on the other side of the rainbow, wait gor me Luky

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