Schoep Passes Away

Only a month ago we celebrated Schoep’s twentieth birthday. Sadly on Wednesday Schoep passed away.

Schoep earlier this week enjoying the sunshine

Only a month ago we celebrated Schoep’s twentieth birthday. Sadly on Wednesday Schoep passed away.

Schoep became an internet sensation when a picture of his owner soothing his arthritis in a lake went viral. Over 187,000 people follow Schoep and John on their Facebook page, captivated by the love the two had for each other.

On Thursday John posted “I Breathe But I Can’t Catch My Breath…Schoep passed yesterday.”

Schoep and John’s story has had a significant impact on many. When the picture and their story went viral donations started pouring in from all over the world. More than enough money came in to give Schoep the best possible care for his arthritis.

John and Schoep’s veterinarian, Erik Haukass, decided to use the rest of the money to help others. They created Schoep’s Legacy Foundation. The foundation’s goal is to help low-income families care for their animals. To date the foundation has raised over $25,000.

“It could help another 30 or 40 Schoeps,” said Haukass.

Schoep will be missed by his many fans, and most importantly by John, his best friend of 20 years.

28 thoughts on “Schoep Passes Away

  1. Rest in peace sweet boy…I only wish every dog could know the love like you did. God bless you and John

    1. What a beautiful friendship between a dog and a human! My heart aches for you John and know that you will once be together again.

  2. My heart goes out to you JOHN! Schoep is now running and playing without any pain. I have 3, four legged “sons” that are my whole world and I know I will be devastated when they are called away to become angels. I had a minpin, Taz, for 10yrs and when I lost him I thought I lost everything. All the great memories I have helped me through the sadness. A house and a heart is not a home without the love of a dog! God Bless you and RIP Schoep!

  3. bless you for the love and compassion you have shown for this beautiful dog,most animals never get this kind of devotion. The way a man treats an animal shows his true self.You are a hero,you are what I grow to be,you have memories to lean on every day,my heart is sad for you,I cry with you.Bless you and Schoep.

  4. True love story and sorry for John’s loss. All the wonderful memories will always warm your heart and one day put a smile on your face.

  5. No words will ever comfort you but know that every pet’s Mom and Dad feels your pain and understand what you’re going through. Schoep now plays and runs without pain and he will wait patiently until you are reunited once again.

  6. My heart hurts with sadness. I think I really believed he could live forever with such tremendous love.

  7. Thee GREATEST Dad Ever. I hope I can be Half the Dad to my two pooches as John was to Schoep. RIP Sweet Baby Schoep.

  8. My heart breaks for you. Schoep will be waiting at Rainbow bridge for you and one day you will be reunited! Thank you for sharing your relationship with me. 20 years is a testament to true love!

  9. We should all experience that kind of love. RIP Schoep and many thanks to John for giving him a wonderful life.

  10. This story touched my heart so deeply because I know what it is to love a pet. My heart and prayers are especially with you John more than anyone because you are the one that will miss your angel, your best friend. I know words can’t comfort you but take comfort in all of the great words prayers and thoughts that people are having for you that have felt the same love that you do. This beautiful dog brought so much life to you and to so many other pets that will one day be thankful for what the both of you created for them…..the chance to live longer…

  11. My tears flow every time I see a precious pet lost. I lost my darling Sophie (Schnoodle) a few years ago and the pain was unbearable. My beautiful (Shi Tsu) Pricilla is 12 years old, but don’t get me wrong, I am blessed with my time with her, but like all of us it will be her time as well someday. The only comfort is to know the Rainbow Bridge has to be as beautiful (and hopefully more) as our little sweethearts. Hope, faith and precious love is what is important in life. I wouldn’t take a million dollars to trade the time I’ve had with my pets.

  12. John, Because of you and Schoep and Hannah, the world has become a better place.
    Thank you for caring so much about your beloved friend, and all of us new friends who found you two by way of Hannah’s glorious photograph.

  13. I remember that photo which went viral….like it was yesterday. But your love and devotion to this magnificent dog….and equally his love and devotion to such a loving dog owner epitomizes why we all benefit when we take the time to love and care for all God’s creatures…both great and small…God loves them all.

    R.I.P. Schoep.

  14. So sorry to hear about Schoep. I know how anbearable the pain can be. But oneday when your pain has subsided, just maybe you can find it in your heart to give your love to shelter dog. I know that is what Schoep would want you to do. R.I.P dear Schoep.

  15. My heart aches for your loss, John. I know that you have wonderful memories of your time together, and they will be with you until you are reunited. RIP, Shoep, you were loved by many.

  16. John, bless your broken heart. He was a special canine. I had one of these amazing animals myself and memories are never far from our hearts but our hearts are never the same. The lessons they teach us…..amazing. I feel your pain and your emptiness. God Bless

  17. RIP Schoep…John, you gave him an amazing life filled w/ love and devotion…all animals should be so lucky. My condolences on your loss!

  18. I am so very sorry for your loss John. Take your time with the grief. Don’t be pressured and give yourself the time you need. It’s so hard to move on but you will get there in time. The world was a better place because of you and Schoep. Your kindness and compassion is what defines you as a spectacular human being. We are all fortunate in knowing you and Schoep. Blessings and love to you both.

  19. Time has a way of easing our sorrows while bringing us hope for brighter tomorrows…so please know the pain that you feel now will subside; and what will remain are fond memories that last. You are one in a million, you & Scheop inspired so many. This world is a better place with the existence of you and your beloved Scheop.

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