Injustice in Manatee County: Help Save Buck & Bill

Please sign the petition so Manatee County Animal Services and State Attorney Lisa Chittaro will do their jobs and save Bill & Buck.

Buck (left) and Bill (right), along with a lamb whose life Bill saved.
Buck (left) and Bill (right), along with a lamb whose life Bill saved.


The petition needs signatures to help Karen Erskine bring home her boys, Bill and Buck, who have been sentenced to death by Manatee County in Florida because of an isolated incident. They have been kept in a concrete-floor kennel, without being allowed outside to relieve themselves and are now suffering medical problems as a result of negligence. PLEASE HELP! There is also a fundraiser to help Karen with her legal fees.

On December 24, 2012, Bill and Buck broke through a screen window of their home and began wandering the neighborhood. There had been a break-in on the street the day before, and the herding dogs were on high alert. What happens next is unsubstantiated, but 13-year-old Justin Curtis says he was riding his bike when Bill and Buck attacked and bit the back of his leg. A neighbor was able to get the dogs away from him, and was nipped. One of the dogs was taken in by animal control, and the other ran back home and climbed in through the broken window.

From the Petition for Writ of Certiorari – Karen’s appeal to the second district court of appeals: “Manatee County Law Enforcement and Animal Control authorities granted upon themselves the authority to enter Petitioner’s [Karen’s] home while she was at work, search for one of the canines throughout the home, and seize the canine property without a warrant, consent, cognizable exigent circumstance, notice or hearing.”

Both dogs have been in quarantine since December 2012. They are being kept in a single-dog kennel with a concrete floor. They have no dog beds or blankets, and have developed pressure sores on their elbows which have not been treated. Bill has developed tumors on his leg, which have not been biopsied. A veterinarian apparently gave them a once-over and determined they were benign, but without a biopsy there is no way to know for sure. Bill also has an infected scrotum which has gone untreated. The kennel itself is unhygienic. The dogs are not brought outside to relieve themselves, and as a result, the floor is strewn with their feces.  Being confined for long periods of time without much exercise, as evidenced by the pressure sores, can also lead to deep vein thrombosis (DVT), which can be fatal if left untreated.

The sheriff and state attorney Lisa Chittaro, who prosecutes in animal abuse cases, blatantly refuse to help in any way. Chittaro allegedly has “no authority” to do anything about Bill & Buck, and will not find someone who can.

An article was published in August by the Bradenton Herald on how the state attorneys are creating teams to fight crimes against animals and the elderly. Chittaro said animals “are part of that vulnerable group in society. We already had a division for child abuse so it was only natural for us to do one for the elderly and the animals.” However, this standard apparently does not apply to animal control officers, who are allowing animals to suffer in their own waste and become sick from neglect. Even imprisoned murderers and rapists are given cots, toilets and medical care. Why are animals in the government’s “care” being treated worse?

Her email address is: [email protected].

Other dogs in Florida, and specifically in Manatee county, have caused far more damage to people and not been sentenced to death. Justin only required seven stitches, and was outside playing shortly after the incident. The Curtises initially requested in an affidavit that Bill and Buck not be euthanized, but after speaking to a personal injury attorney withdrew the affidavit. So now Buck and Bill are on death row, and rotting away in their prison cell.


From father Jesse Curtis' Facebook page, with the caption, "Now this is what a Dad likes to see. Kids from the hood having an adventure. Who needs iPods and x boxes and Disney channel?"
From father Jesse Curtis’ Facebook page, 10 days after the event, with the caption, “Now this is what a Dad likes to see. Kids from the hood having an adventure. Who needs iPods and x boxes and Disney channel?”


Additional information from the petition:

Buck (7 years old) and Bill (10 years old) have lived their lives as loving, intelligent, dedicated, and protective family members.  Bill virtually saved the life of his owner from the assault of a sexual predator who accosted her in a shopping mall parking lot.  Witnesses applauded Bill’s courage, assertiveness, and ability to control the situation without undue force.  Bill also took on a pack of five wild dogs when they attacked the owner’s working horses and began to turn upon her in a remote pasture.  Without his assistance, in which he sustained grievous injuries, none would have made it to safety.  He even rescued the lamb you see in the above photo.  Buck was born on the owner’s pillow.  He was laid there by his mother, a nationally top-ranked working and ranch trial champion bred and trained by the owner herself.  At the young age of 9 months Buck prevented a large flock of the owner’s sheep from escaping down an open road when a visiting neighbor forgot to secure a gate, and he did so on his own accord…seeing the incident before the owner herself was aware of the situation.  He returned the flock with savvy and poise, never once unsettling even the most frightened of animals.  His sweet nature, talent, and natural ability surpass even that of his mother.

For the better part of a decade both dogs have been consistent, loyal, and devoted partners.  They have served in canine therapy settings, as income producing working dogs, were known as “The Joy Boys” at a Buddhist center where the owner was employed, have trotted for miles alongside the owner on horseback, and have performed brilliantly as demo dogs for the owner’s own canine training classes.  Numerous affidavits presented at the original hearing which was to determine their fate gave evidence as to the temperament of the dogs, to the proficiency of the owner as a canine professional, and as to her character as a solid citizen.  Time-wise the documents spanned from one to twenty five years, and they were written by residents of Kansas, Missouri, Texas, and Florida.

Buck and Bill have been sentenced to die for an extremely unfortunate incident that leaves everyone who knows them and has come to know them unsettled, perplexed, and angry at the suffering they have endured while incarcerated in a single kennel for nearly 6 months (now at Manatee County Animal Services.  While it is true that a young man was bitten, there is more to the story than mere dog aggression.  To many who have reviewed the case, it is obvious that the dogs were in a protective mode and were provoked in some manner to a degree of high anxiety that caused them to leave a residence in which they were secured and extremely comfortable.  In the one and a half years they had visited the neighborhood and stayed in this home, there was never before an incident with these dogs.  That the boy involved was injured was an accident, even the father said as much on a national news broadcast, and he also stated that this was a “forgive and forget” situation.  The owner herself testified that something caused the dogs to be on high alert the day previous to the incident and at approximately the same time of day that the incident occurred, but this was passed over at the hearing.  The dogs perceived a threat of some type, photos of the residence inside and the damaged window give evidence of this, but again this was barely considered at the hearing.  The sheriff’s department deputy at the scene on the night of the incident said the back door of the house was not secured, which was wrong according to the owner of the dogs.  Later in that week a neighboring house was broken into and a deputy placed on patrol in the neighborhood, but no new investigation was allowed as to what might have happened on the afternoon of the incident.  During the course of the appeal proceedings in which the fate of the dogs was decided, the attorney representing the family of the boy injured signed a sworn affidavit.  It was filed with the court, and it attested that the wishes of the family were that the dogs “NOT BE euthanized” and should be released to their owner.  No legal document filed with the court rescinds this position.  The owner’s personal residence and facility passed rigorous inspected by Sumter County Animal Services, and this agency stated that all requirements of the Florida statutes pertaining to maintaining and securing the dogs were not only met but exceeded.  Sumter County’s requirements are more extensive than those of Manatee County, and these were met as well.

Karen visiting her very depressed and homesick boys.
Karen visiting her very depressed and homesick boys.


Manatee County has continued to ignore common sense in this case.  Even after nearly half a year the county maintains that these two exceptional dogs must die.  They are suffering, not even allowed to urinate or defecate outside of a kennel built to house one dog for a limited duration.  Despite the fact that a Manatee County approved boarding and training facility has offered to house the dogs humanely during the proceedings, the County maintains that this gesture requires yet another court order.  The owner has to drive over 225 miles every week just to get the dogs outdoors to exercise, relieve themselves naturally, and get some fresh air.  The intent behind the Florida statute is that the dogs be released to their owner unless that individual cannot or will not pay the fines and/or properly maintain the dogs in the future.  Moreover, the statute clearly allows dogs classified as dangerous (even those that have inflicted damage) to live…they can even compete in legally sanctioned agility, herding, obedience, conformation, and field trials.  Thus the owner is neither deprived of property nor pursuit of personal freedoms, and the dogs are allowed to have a life under proper management. 

Manatee County appears not to care about spending a fortune to kill two dogs when banishment to another county is a perfectly acceptable and lawful option, one previously utilized in similar cases throughout Florida and across the country.  So why does this insanity continue?  It is simple…it all comes down to fear and finances.  Manatee County fears some future, non-existent lawsuit, even though no other dogs deemed “dangerous” and released to their owners have ever created a problem in the history of Manatee County.  These dogs all reside within Manatee County.

Please sign this petition and help save Buck and Bill, two very wonderful and much-loved dogs who deserve to live.  By doing so, you tell Manatee County that you do not approve of the costly and inhumane course of action taken against these dogs, you do not believe that these dogs should be euthanized, and you do believe that they should be returned to their owner.  Remember too that this case may very well set a precedent for the future.  Saving the life of Buck and Bill may very well prevent any other dogs from being kept in deplorable conditions without any hope of quick relief other than death while their cases are drug through the legal system.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter and for your support.  May God bless you!


The affidavit requesting the dogs not be euthanized, along with its withdrawal:

11.9.13 - Save Buck & Bill1 11.9.13 - Save Buck & Bill2



The LEXUS Project has become involved in this case, as they did for Phineas, Chloe and a number of other dogs who have been unfairly sentenced to death.

Lexus Project Team Statement: Currently, there are four bite dogs that have been released back to their owners in Manatee County. All of them attacked people. Why Manatee has chosen Buck and Bill to focus on, we do not know. What we do know is that the Lexus Project will work very hard to save Buck and Bill. Unfortunately, Ms. Erskine has had a long hard fight. In the mean time, I encourage you to read the fact section of the “Recommended Order.” Especially page 5, the first sentence of the last paragraph and page 2, section 1(b) where the hearing officer claims that Karen “accepted all of the County’s facts and states that they are “uncontroverted.” No single fact or argument made on behalf of these dogs was accepted by the Hearing Officer – instead he claims that she admitted her own dogs were dangerous. If that were true, why would she have asked for a hearing in the first place? The hearing officer, who is an attorney and is unfamiliar with the law, basically misunderstood the purpose of that hearing, effectively denying Karen the benefit of her Due Process rights.


To contact the Manatee County Government, click here.

To help, please sign the petition and if you’d like, donate to the fundraiser.

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For more information and updates, please visit the Facebook page Save Buck & Bill From Being Killed.



Below are photos of Buck and Bill in their unsanitary kennel. Their neglect is leading to medical problems, such as pressure ulcers (bed sores) on their elbows, and an inflamed scrotum and untreated tumors on Bill.



11.9.13 - Save Buck & Bill7


11.9.13 - Save Buck & Bill8


11.9.13 - Save Buck & Bill9


11.9.13 - Save Buck & Bill11


11.9.13 - Save Buck & Bill10


11.9.13 - Save Buck & Bill12




97 thoughts on “Injustice in Manatee County: Help Save Buck & Bill

    1. Send the County the petition. Surely 9,000 plus people can’t all be wrong. The owner should sign a legal document attesting to release of liability to the county and/or state in regards to this case. Maybe then they’d let the boys go home.

  1. These Two dogs are the victims! Set them free to spend the rest of their lives with their loved ones!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. After reading all of the facts in this case, I feel that it is time for t aBill and Buck to be returned to their owner. A grave and malicious injustice is being done to these dogs. You are causing them physical and mental anguish in keeping them imprisoned. I I
    I implore you to release these. dogs because IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO. DO

  3. Please release these dogs back to their owner and their home so that they can get the medical treatment they need. After reading the entire story even the victim in this case does NOT want the dogs destroyed.

  4. Someone needs to be held responsible for inflicting this cruelty on these poor dogs! They should be sent home….

  5. I am continually saddened and angered by the way so many animals (mostly dogs) are judged by single incidents, put into horrible conditions at what are supposed to be “shelters,” and sentenced to death. They get no trial and are unable to defend themselves. But when they defend their owners or themselves after being antagonized or threatened, they are immediately sentenced to death. These 2 dogs clearly reacted the way they should in a situation that was not of their making, and now they are in horrible shape in a terrible location, awaiting death, when even the victim has said the dogs should not be destroyed. They should be released to their owner for immediate medical attention and to return to their loving home.

    1. you are so right but how are those barbaric peoples how are above the laws karma will take care of them let those 2 dogs suffer for a year shame on you

  6. These dogs are clearly loved and not abandoned by their pet parent. They don’t belong away from their home and proper medical treatment. The conditions where they are now are deplorable and the people in charge of this facility can not be devoted to animals and have no business being there. ALL involved with keeping these fur baby’s in such conditions and not in their proper homes seriously lack common sense and forgot the oath that they took for their medical/lawyer/shelter caretaker/animal control officer is such a disgrace! Just the thought that basic care and common sense is lost on these people is a shame!!!! I pity any children they may have as they are so inempt! I hope you have many sleepless nights for they rest of your wretched lives. Are you even human?? Fix this fixable situation so that healing for all can begin! DO THE RIGHT THING NOW!

  7. Dogs are just protecting there home. As any humane would if they had an intruder come into there home.
    They have paid the price set them free. Let them go home they have no idea what they have done wrong. There lives have be destroyed becauses of kid who with in days was out hicking with his famiy, why weren`t charges press against him?

  8. This is outrageous. These dogs need to be released ASAP. In their eyes they were just playing . They have no idea why they are where they are. The court system should be ashamed and obviously have never had a dog.

  9. Remind me never to move to Manatee County or Florida for that matter. The judge and all of those at the shelter should be made to live like the 2 dogs. They have all the information that is needed to let them go home with the owner but are just being rotten and cruel. I don’t believe that everything that is called bullying these days is truly bullying but in this case seems like the owner is being bullied. She should get the press involved. That ought to spark some action!!!

  10. For God’s sake, let these poor dogs go home. They have certainly done their time. You should be sued for keeping them in such inhumane conditions. Look into your hearts ( if you have one) and release these poor defenceless animals. – Wonga Beach, Australia.

  11. This is ridiculous! Set these animals free so their owner can take care of them! Obviously, the animal service can’t or won’t do it!

  12. I hope the Sheriff gets sued, loses his home and possessions, and is forced to go homeless. I pray this happens.

  13. This should go without saying so sad….. This is wrong the animal’s are being treated in horrible disgusting conditions ……. They should be home and happy and loved.

  14. Let these dogs go home with their owner and be treated for the problems they have developed since the county took them. They are Border Collies and they’re born to protect. There’s not a better breed in my opinion. The county should be sued for kidnapping one dog from it’s home…..and charges filed for neglect. The whole situation is ridiculous……

  15. Everyone should teach their child to never run from a dog even if they are scared. Any dog can outrun a child and dogs think they are playing. If the dog seems vicious, just back away and keep your eyes on the dog…….

  16. Let them go home. The filth and the pain those dogs are being forced to endure is cruelty at its’ worst. SHAME 🙁

  17. Return these dogs to their owner. The people caring for these dogs should be arrested for neglect. Hopefully, the officials involved in these decisions will be removed from office.

  18. I think that these dogs should not be put to sleep, they deserve a good life and not to be treated like trash. So would you treat a human like this, no. so they deserve better treatment to.

  19. These so called authorities are at the very least incompetent… many dogs are neglected and these guys have a loving owner and need to be together…..pull your heads out of your butt and do the right thing people…CMON

  20. Charge the city of Manatee with animal abuse, that is what they have done to these poor dogs. Let them go home, they are not vicious. The city/county is using taxpayers money to break the law and abuse these helpless animals. It is truly disgusting.

  21. Reading stories like make me sick to be a Floridian. I don’t live in Manatee County but have family who does. After reading what they are doing to these two babies I would never live there. They need to let these babies go back home where they belong.

  22. It saddens my heart to read about this story. People get arrested every day for animal neglect and animal torture and here the official are to blame! Help get those pups home

  23. Please these furbabies are the victims. They reacted as they should have. Shame on humans for being antagonistic.

  24. Please correct this unjust situation and send them home for proper care and let them live out the rest of their lives with their owner.

  25. These 2 babies need to be taken home, murderers in prison don’t get treated like this so why should innocent animals.. Who Evers doin it needs to give them selfs a uppcut to there face..!!

  26. Check out the save phinnius website there are links to many different organizations that may help

  27. This is appauling. There are dangerous CRIMINALS released from jail every day, back into society, potentially to commit another crime and these dogs are still confined, sentenced to death?? Unbelievable! Had this been two grown men who beat another person, with malice, they’d be back home in their own beds by now! As a society we accept dogs as part of our every day life, in general. In doing so society (law enforcers alike) must also accept the fact that, just as humans, they are imperfect. What these dogs did was not because they are aggressive, dangerous animals… They truly believed they were doing right by their masters. That MUST be taken into consideration! Let these animals go home. Our society has MUCH bigger fish to fry!!

  28. WE MUST help to secure the justice for our pets. This has already gone to far. I feel their pain. They can not speak so we MUST. Please stand together and help. Let organizations know what is going on…. local and national! Prayers. Release the dogs. Please

  29. These dogs should be returned to their owner. This is ridiculous. They are herding dogs and were probably herding that little boy. I doubt that these two guys were trying to hurt anyone but when you grab a dog, it’s natural instinct is to bite.

  30. I sent a lovely email to the Manatee County Government through the link shared on this page. I truly don’t expect a response, and frankly am not interested in any of their excuses. This is completely and utterly disgusting and I can’t believe these poor boys are suffering so much.

  31. How sad for the dogs What can we do to get them free ?
    Insane sentence. Sad the family won’t drop charges

    Inhuman !


  33. Manatee Animal Services? What services? Imprisoning dogs who were protecting their property? If a human being was protecting his family and hurt the perpetrator not a damn thing would happen. Because these are dogs they are being treated unfairly. Do the right thing and release these dogs! How do you sleep at night?

  34. Please someone release these two poor dogs immediately. Surely they have suffered enough at the hands of humans who obviously do not care a jot about animals. RELEASE THEM NOW.

  35. I am appalled at the circumstances in which these dogs are being kept. No Christian person would allow this kind of neglect and suffering. These dogs should be returned to their owner. If there are logical conditions for this release, that would be appropriate. Even the victim’s family know that this is wrong, wrong, wrong!!

  36. they are slowly killing these dogs through daily torture!!! it has to stop now. give the dogs back to the owner.

  37. Please release these two beautiful dogs TO their family. The way they are being treated is inhumane, this is just awful!!!

  38. Please please let these dogs go home to be with their family!!! This is just not right. They just want to be home and loved…. There is no since in this… Horrible!!

  39. The people responsible for this are disgusting! This is blatant neglect and abuse by Manatee County! These poor dogs need to go home as soon as possible where they can be clean and be able to go to a vet. Manatee County, step up and do decent the thing!!!!!

  40. sent the following to the Manatee County government via the link in the article:

    Messieurs et Mesdames:

    Please review the following images:×590.jpg×590.jpg

    If a dog owner was found to be keeping his dogs in condition like the first image, and refusing to seek medical treatment for the condition in the second image, would he, or would he not, have his dogs seized and be up on charges of neglect and animal cruelty?

    So why are two dogs that were illegally seized and being held by Manatee County’s Animal Control being subjected to these conditions? Why is Animal Control allowed to torture and neglect animals in their care?

    Answer me that, please.

    Also, why is it that these dogs are not being returned to their owner when dogs who have committed far worse – and far better documented with more credible witnesses! – attacks were returned after a ten-day quarantine? Could it be that the victim’s family is connected in some way with someone in Animal Control or in the Manatee County justice system – because I can smell collusion and nepotism even from up here in Ontario.

    Florida is already looking horrible on the world stage – don’t put the cherry on top. Release the dogs back to their owners and make sure that the City pays for the medical treatment those dogs will need for damage and illness incurred while in the … “care”…. of city officials.

    Sheesh – if this is how you treat your dogs, I would hate to be a child or a senior stuck in Manatee County and I am definitely never going to be a tourist.


  41. I hope someone with adequate financial support can help with this because it is probably going to take a Lawyer and a Lawsuit to stop this and be a lesson for others committing crimes against animals, They wouldn’t let this happen if they were people who had a lot of money.

    1. Please do the humane thing and return the dogs to their rightful owners. You are not fit to care for them humanely and are inflicting pain and suffering upon these poor animals. Holding them captive is abusive and cruel. Let them live with those that love them.

  42. Shame on you!!!!!!!!! You need to stop this inhumane treatment of these two dogs. Where is the ASPCA? All humans involved in keeping these two dogs in captivity, living in their own urine and feces should be put in cages with no toilets, blankets and beds or chairs and see how they like it. Oh yeah, and they should stay there for ten years. Shame on you – Manatee County, Florida. If I had money, I would hire the meanest, sharpest lawyers to fight you tooth and nail on this one. You are the reason I will never, ever life in Florida. Manatee County = most horrible County in the entire United States. Anyone that has money from a trust fund or your own investments…. please hire an attorney and prosecute these people to the fullest extent of the law. I am ashamed to be living in the same country as these evil and just plain horrible people. I will pray every day that God gives you what you deserve for your inhumane treatment of these poor animals. God’s payback for what you have done to these animals will be more severe than anything a human could dream up. Look out, it is coming!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Shame on you. Release the dogs. Surely enough is enough. Manatee County control freaks, you have no heart or compassion. Karma is karma. Let go of the ego and let go of the dogs.

  44. The dogs need to be put down

    Both dogs viciously attacked a child unprovoked and the owner is making up excuses for the attack. It wasn’t one bite, it was a sustained attacked that left major injuries to a child.

    Hopefully the dogs will be put down since the owner refuses to take any responsibility for allowing the aggressive dogs to roam and attack a child

  45. Ce sont les conditions de détention qui ne vont pas
    Pourquoi laisser ces pauvres bêtes depuis tant de mois dans leurs excréments et sans soin, avec une santé qui se détériore comme le montre les
    photos.Lamentable de voir ça en 2013.

  46. Why are these dogs being kept in such horrific conditions? Can’t you be humane and release these dogs to their owner so that they can get the care that they need? This is torture for these animals and it’s hard to understand how people can be so hard and not have compassion. Shame on you. You need to do the right thing and let these dogs go home.

  47. Please release these gorgeous dogs from this hellish existence & return them to their loving family. This is horrible! Isn’t there an attorney out there somewhere who will help? Please someone help these defenseless dogs!! Please help their sad owner! My heart goes out to both.

  48. Let these dogs go!!! Return them to their sad owner!!!! Shame on anyone involved in their mistreatment!! this is just heartbreaking. I hope and pray there will soon be an update that they can return home where they are loved. Do the right thing please.

  49. States attorney needs to be locked up for stealing taxpayers money. She’s a fraud! This is abuse and someone should be responsible- immediately. What planet ate these cave people from? !!

  50. If there is anybody with ANY authority (works in the media, lawyer, works with state gov.,clergy, etc) reading this PLEASE! Forget about politics and help to intervene to get these dogs back home to heal and learn to trust humans again. This whole situation seems to be one huge mess of egos! Let’s all agree to disagree and move foreward. The legalities will be worked out but in the mean time let the fur babies go home! I don’t live in Fla and snail mail is too slow but can anyone in form the Govenor of this event? Let’s all do the right thing and soon!

  51. stop tht torture of those 2 dogs this is not nazy germany, but it seems like it karma do something like you did with the man how poison is wife dog,

  52. non only if you rape a girl ,the let you go free, but for a animals how do nothink they killed them or keep them without care this is crazy in this country,,let those 2 dogs free .dont act like barbariansand letting them suffer, karma,,,,

  53. In heavens name these dogs are working dogs by nature and a boy riding a bicycle is movement to be worked. I was nipped may times riding my bicycle as a child growing up. These two dogs are not savage attack dogs unlike Bull Terriers who have caused a number of deaths by mauling in unprovoked attacks here in Australia. Where is the animal welfare, there is none being shown in this case. Return the dogs to their owner and put an end to the poor and harsh treatment they are receiving at the hands of the authorities.

  54. Publish not only the name of the States Attorney and her cowardly stance but those of everyone that has been involved in this inhumane and shameful treatment of Buck and Bill so that the PEOPLE of this County may be better served by both elected and appointed officials by removing said officials from ever making a determination as to the well being of citizens governed by these obviously heartless and self-serving, morally challenged so called servants.

  55. hope they whent release after being treat like a inhumane way like concentrations camp this in usa the free country in the world the richest country in the world usa in the 21 century were animals are being torture shame america that one of the reasonthis country is fallng appart god had it with us hope the dogs were release

  56. So very, very sad !!! It is disgusting to have these animals treated this way. Please release them to their owner where they can get medical care and live out the rest of their lives!

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