London and Oslo’s Rescue and Recovery

London and Oslo were skinny and dehydrated when they were rescued from an abandoned Detroit house after someone noticed they were trapped inside.

Puppies rescued from an abandoned house

The Michigan Humane Society Cruelty and Rescue hotline received a call about puppies left in an abandoned house in Detroit.

When the MHS team arrived and looked through the window, they noticed two young, skinny puppies. It was clear that their health was in poor condition and they were in danger.

Once the team gained access to the house, the puppies excitedly greeted them. Yet, they were cold, hungry, and in desperate need of care.

The puppies, named London and Oslo, were brought to the MHS Detroit Center for Animal Care where they were immediately seen by a veterinarian. They were given vaccinations and put on a special diet to gain some much needed weight.

The friendly puppies recovered well and were put up for adoption this week. Oslo has already found his forever home. You can see London’s adoption listing while he is still available HERE.

Watch the rescued pair’s story:


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