Help Needed to Find Man Who Tossed Puppy over Fence

“II thought, ‘It can’t be a coincidence,’” Dolly’s adoptive dad explained. “I feel like I don’t pick my dogs – they pick me.”


9.24.14 - Help Needed to Find Man Who Tossed Puppy over Fence4


Just before Labor Day, a man walked with a pit bull over to a commercial building in Ramona, California, looked around, then threw the puppy over the fence and left.  He has yet to be identified, but in better news, little Dolly has since been adopted, and her new dad’s story is just too precious!

Multiple surveillance cameras outside of Investigative Science and Engineering, Inc. captured footage of a tall, tubby black man walking onto the property with a young pit bull in tow.  He cold-heartedly picked her up and sent her sailing over the high gate.  She landed hard on the rocks on her back, and looked stunned, probably having had the air knocked right out of her.





Fortunately, she was only slightly injured, but she spent an entire day in the scorching 95-degree heat with no water (or food).  She was discovered late in the afternoon the day after her abandonment, and only by chance.  Company vice president Karen Tavares returned to her office to finish paperwork and found the trapped pup.

She was taken to a Carlsbad shelter and examined by a vet.  Though she had a slight limp, the little dog named Dolly had no other injuries.  The surveillance video was released and was covered by a number of local news sources.  Dolly went up for adoption on Tuesday, and just the right person happened to see the newscast.


9.24.14 - Help Needed to Find Man Who Tossed Puppy over Fence2


Bruce Phillips lost his 11-year-old black and white pit bull boxer mix two months ago to an incapacitating tumor.  He didn’t think he was ready to open his heart again so soon, but love keeps no schedule.

“It was like looking at Bella,” Phillips said.  “Like looking at her when she was a puppy.  I thought, ‘It can’t be a coincidence.’”

Now the six-month-old puppy has bounced back from her ordeal and is getting accustomed to life in her new home.  She is full of youthful energy and will need some training.  Phillips said that she likes to bark at other dogs, so buying her collar and leash was a noisy affair.


9.24.14 - Help Needed to Find Man Who Tossed Puppy over Fence1


Even though her story was heartbreaking, what happened was not what made him want to adopt Dolly.

“When I got Bella, she was a found dog.  She was walking on a Poway road,” Phillips explained.  “I feel like I don’t pick my dogs – they pick me.  I believe in that stuff.”

The man who dumped Dolly has yet to be identified.  If you recognize him, please call the San Diego County Department of Animal Services at 760-966-3224.



“The fact that someone would take such a sweet dog and abandon it by throwing it over a fence is unconscionable,” said spokesman Dan DeSousa. “The Department of Animal Services would like to speak to the man in this video to ask him why he did such an act.”

DeSousa would also like to take the opportunity to remind people that most animals at shelters have similar stories of neglect, abuse, and abandonment – we just don’t know them.

“There are a lot of animals that have been there longer than Dolly that still need good homes.”


83 thoughts on “Help Needed to Find Man Who Tossed Puppy over Fence

  1. So glad she’s got the love and happiness she so richly deserves. Her daddy looks so happy to have her in his life! 🙂 Whoever dumped her, you’re an asshole.

  2. Another story where an angel prevails over evil. God Bless this man for opening his heart to another furry friend.

  3. That son of a bitch! Sickening. Wish I was there to beat the shit out of this worthless not even human. I hope they find him. Thank God you rescued this little darling.

  4. Can’t imagine if she has to stay with the evil man who abandoned her. She is much better now in her new home. Too painful to watch how this evil man dumped her over the fence like a piece of garbage. God bless the woman who found her and the good man who adopted her.

  5. Oh, a sliver lining. She has been ADOPTED! Wonderful. Sharing the video of the POS who threw her over the fence. Enough people see him…someone will know him.

  6. VERY cruel! I didn’t want to watch it but I just had to see how cruel some people could get! I hope this guy gets jailed. Good to know Dolly was fine. Thank you, Bruce for adopting her. God bless your heart!

  7. Happy Ending to a horrible story, now if someone could just throw that jerk of a cliff that would be his Karma:(

  8. OMG, cold hearted bastard. I hope they find him and throw him off a cliff !!!!!!! Poor innocent girl, so glad she is safe now.

  9. That poor baby…she was wagging her tail the whole time now knowing what was going to happen and then gave him a look like where are going? So glad she is adopted and happy! That asshole needs to be found!

  10. I live out in the country and people routinely dump animals out here . Poor dogs are so scared …
    Our dog was dumped at our gate … But she has been one of our biggest blessing … 100 pounds of blessing

  11. My first thought you asshole. But this piece of shit did her a favor. He could have turned her into a bait dog. To see this sweet girl look back at him after he threw her over that fence, breaks my heart. Even after that, she just wanted to know where her dad was going. Dogs are so awesome, so forgiving.

  12. This breaks my heart! My baby girl Blu was dumped similarly and thankfully only her nose and ears hold the scars of the evil doing. Her heart remained unharmed! She is my princess!

  13. I hope the get the asshole who did this to this sweet pup. They trust us to take care of them and love them. And this happens. God Bless this man for saving her.

  14. As bad as this may sound the man that threw her over the fence did her a kindness. Had he not there’s no telling what would have happened to her, abused starved or made into a fighting dog. Now she’s safe and loved.

    1. You are so right Margaret. The POS did her a very big favor, although I am sure that was not his intentions.

  15. LOVE this story (the outcome, not the POS part), especially “He didn’t think he was ready to open his heart again so soon, but love keeps no schedule.” So true – even if it seems irrational and/or inconvenient, you have to listen to your heart and just say yes. 🙂

  16. Very good man to rescue this precious puppy. Who will be grateful to you for as long as she lives. Beautiful dog!

  17. Dolly is better off that this man ditched her. The man who adopted Dolly believes the same way I do that nothing is a coincidence they were meant to be together. May you share a beautiful life together. It was callous to throw the pup over the fence she could have been severely injured. One thought that hit me was the man that abandoned her did so in a place where she was confined and would be found so even though it was cruel as hell he may have been doing what he thought was better than turning her out on the street to fend for herself. Don’t know just glad she’s safe now.

  18. Throw the mother fucker on a shark infested water!! He deserves it.. Just make sure to cut some parts of his body so he can bleed to attract as many shark as possible

  19. This puppy didnt deserve to be thrown away like trash. So pleased she has a happy loving home. I hope that man gets caught and prosecuted. That poor pup could have broken its legs or worse.

  20. Calling the person a pig is not an insult to him but it is certainly an insult to all pigs, who are very smart. The person who tossed this pup is a low life scum bag and this pup is lucky to be rid of him/her.

  21. once they find the sob…throw his ass over a fence…except make sure it is a fence right next to a really long steep drop … preferred

  22. I abhor animal cruelty and the laws and punishment for those who abuse animals should be made harsher and enforced to the max. What I can’t do is wish the same harm or worse on another living being even if they are the perpetrators. How does wishing more violence solve the problem? Some of the comments on what people wish would happen to abuser are scary. Violent thoughts lead to violent actions. We must be part of the solution not purveyors of more violence.

  23. great outcome but watched the vid on the pup getting thrown over the fence the bastard. Hope they find him.

  24. Thank God the dog is alright. The man that did this is a son of a bitch and I wish some people who know you would throw you off a bridge with your hands tied. You bastard rot in hell forever.

    1. Why isn’t this guys picture all over the news? There should be a close of his face – alot of close ups…..

  25. The first thing I thought was, that dog is happily willingly trustingly following that disgusting pos excuse for a human. What kind of upbringing did he have to become that, you can bet he was “dumped” time and time again. Too bad he didn’t decide to do better in the world.

  26. I live in Ramona posting it to Facebook right now. Fingers crossed we catch this guy. Karma is going to get this guy watch out!!!!!!!

  27. Marianna Mizell, you are an ignorant, OLD bat! This blog is for animal lovers and people who want to see these types of horrendous acts STOPPED! The last thing that is needed is an old, racist, uneducated hag sprewing racist, ignorant remarks such as what you did. Go find a Klan blog or something! OR better yet, go get educated. this is 2014 NOT 1963 you lowlife!!

  28. So happy she got a wonderful daddy. Still, though, I am glad this POS didn’t hurt her more, or torture her. In his defense , he did put her in a place he thought she’d be found. 🙁 cowardly piece of shit.

  29. What a thing to do, feel sorry for the Dog that Dolly had to go thru that to find a new Daddy and that person needs a lobotomy!

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