Dog Rescued After Two Days Trapped in Mud

Henry Needham was home when a mudslide hit his home trapping him waist deep in the mud. The man was rescued but his dog was nowhere to be found.

No one thought Tinkerbell, a dachshund from Ventura County, Calif., was alive, but the pet’s owner got the surprise of his life, when his beloved dog was found alive and well two days after a mudslide destroyed the home.

On Halloween night, many homes along the Camarillo Springs were destroyed when a mudslide, caused by heavy rains, descended on the 6400 block of San Como Lane.

Henry Needham was home at the time of the natural disaster, and the mudslide trapped him waist deep in his own home.

Tinkerbell right after being rescued.
Tinkerbell right after being rescued.

Camarillo Springs firefighters came to his rescue but they couldn’t locate Tinkerbell and assumed the small pet perished in the mud.

Two days later, Needham’s grandson heard the dog barking from inside the home. When the boy looked through a window, he spotted the pet still trapped in the mud.

Firefighters came back to the home and safely retrieved Tinkerbell. She was handed off to the young boy who then reunited the dog with Needham.

“It was such a fantastic time, you cannot believe it,” Needham told KTLA.

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