Abandoned Dog Waiting for Owners’ Return Almost Starves to Death

Vucko was abandoned without a bowl of water or a plate of food, and he almost starved to death waiting for his owners’ return.

Dogs are loyal human companions. An example of true friendship and human devotion comes from Serbia, where a male dog abandoned by his owners in a home filled with trash, almost died of starvation, waiting for his owners’ return.

Zselyko E. a volunteer at a local Serbian animal shelter contacted us to tell us the story of Vucko.

Vucko living alone at the abandoned home. Photo Credit: Zselyko E.
Vucko living alone at the abandoned home. Photo Credit: Zselyko E.


“In a quiet house in our city we heard a thin yelping sound. It was a dog whose life was near its end,” said Zselyko. “We approached a decrepit gate and there he was, an extremely skinny big dog with sad eyes. When he saw us, he slowly approached us. [The dog] clearly didn’t have any strength because he was hungry, thirsty, cold, and who knows what else.”

Even though Vucko could have easy escaped the home – the fence was short and if the dog wanted to jump over it, he could have – he stayed and waited for his humans to come back for him. They never did.

The animal rescuer contacted neighbors and learned Vucko’s owners had recently moved away abandoning him. The dog owners left and didn’t bother to leave a bowl of water, let a lone a plate of food for Vucko.

Photo Credit: Zselyko E.
Photo Credit: Zselyko E.


“They left him in a yard full of trash. They literally sentenced him to death,” said Zselyko.

Rescuers knew that Vucko needed help. They fed him and made arrangements to transport him to a safe house. Rescuers knew that if they left the dog at the abandoned home, the pet would starve or be killed by animal control.

Vucko being fed by rescuers. Photo Credit: Zselyko E.
Vucko being fed by rescuers. Photo Credit: Zselyko E.


Zselyko and his friends don’t run a registered animal organization. They volunteer at local animal shelters and use their own salaries to rescue and protect dogs from euthanasia.

Leaving Vucko behind was not an option for these animal lovers, instead they want to find him a loving owner who will love him unconditional and never abandon him again, but before they can do this, they need to nurse the emaciated dog back to health.

Vucko at the veterinarian after being rescued. Photo Credit: Zselyko E.
Vucko at the veterinarian after getting rescued. Photo Credit: Zselyko E.


Vucko is believed to be two- to three-years old and is extremely under weight. He needs emergency medical care to treat parasites. He will need vaccinations and to her neutered, but at this moment, Zselyko and his friends can’t afford to cover all of the dog’s medical costs. They are asking the community to help them save Vucko.

Donations are needed to save this loyal dog. Don’t let the fear of abandonment be the last thing he remembers in life.

136 thoughts on “Abandoned Dog Waiting for Owners’ Return Almost Starves to Death

  1. what the hell is wrong with people .. all over the world daily we keep seeing stories of terrible animal neglect or cruelty. and we laughingly call ourselves manKIND !!!!!!!

  2. Unfortunately in Serbia this is s common occurance. They are starting to accept and change the situation for animals but I am afraid it will take another century 🙁

  3. How in the hell people can do this it’s very cruel I hope they don’t get their hands on another animal they don’t deserve to

  4. Gosh these sitters tear my heart out. Far too many stories of they beasts who leave their pets, beat tier pets, starve their Pets. When does it stop?? This kills me. Adopt don’t shop pls. God bless the people who saved this dog

  5. Bastards! Hope this baby gets a good forever home with people who will love him and NEVER desert him. They didn’t deserve this sweet baby.

  6. Agree with all comments here. We all hope these poor dogs aleast get food and water. My God it is do sad to hear and see these stories.

  7. How can people think that a domesticated animal would know how to fend for itself? The owners should be thrown into a forest and have to fend for themselves!

  8. They should be left to starve what is wrong with people who think it’s acceptable to abuse and abandon these babies there is so much animal cruelty out there it breaks my heart and makes me sick also all these dog fighting rings cowards they are all us decent human beings needs to join together and
    Keep being a voice for the voiceless all animals should be treated with love and respect and should have a loveing safe home

  9. What bothers me is the neighbours or people walking around ….. they should have done something … Thanks to the ones that finally did!! They don’t have voices or choices … always help them. Hope he finds a loving forever home.

  10. That’s how my Rusty was found; abandoned in the back yard of a foreclosed home. He was skin and bones, with a rock eating habit. He is now happy & healthy. Let’s hope Vucko ends up with the same result.

  11. In my next life, I want to be a boa and target these miserably cruel bastards who do this to their pets, and slowly squeeze them to death.

  12. Disgusting humans , he obv loved them as he didn’t escape when he could , poor lad they don’t deserve you sweetheart , heartbreaking x

  13. This is so sad, really. I know some people who live near by and they trow him some food when they are passing trough but they can’t go in and set him free. :/

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