Firefighter Fired After Abusing Community Dog

A Fire House learned one of their volunteer firefighters abused a dog and members immediately came out to support the dog and condemn the abuser’s actions.

Paco, a community dog from Lima, Peru, spends his days protecting a few blocks of his neighborhood. He is loved and fed by local residents and no one ever expected this loyal pet to get abused, let alone, that his abuser would be a volunteer firefighter.

Paco. Photo Credit: Justicia para Paco/Facebook
Paco. Photo Credit: Justicia para Paco/Facebook


The abuser has been identified as volunteer firefighter José Percy Chiroque Chacón. The man was caught on surveillance camera driving his white van for two blocks, while Paco was tied to the car’s rear bumper. The graphic video shows how the canine was dragged down the street and was saved only when local residents saw the abuse and blockaded the car, forcing Chiroque Chacón to stop.

The community dog was rushed to a veterinary hospital where he was saved. Veterinarians say the dog was in shock, his pads were completely scrapped off, and he lost several nails from to the friction his legs withstood with the pavement.

Neighbors protesting the dog's abuse. Photo Credit: Justicia para Paco/Facebook
Neighbors protesting the dog’s abuse. Photo Credit: Justicia para Paco/Facebook


The abuser says he dragged the dog as punishment because the pet bit one of his sons. Chiroque Chacón told local news that his intention was to take the dog to a veterinarian to make sure he did not have rabies, but when he tried to put the dog inside his car, Paco tried to bite him and the man then decided to tied him to the back of the car and drag him down the street.

Other residents say Chiroque Chacón only wanted to harm Paco. Not only did the criminal drag the dog, he also punched Paco numerous times. What’s more, the man has been accused of throwing a cat from a third floor apartment.

José Percy Chiroque Chacón defending his actions. Photo Credit: Justicia para Paco/Facebook
José Percy Chiroque Chacón defending his actions. Photo Credit: Justicia para Paco/Facebook


Area residents say the dog has never bitten anyone else in the past, and the pet is loved in the community, unlike the abuser.

When the local Fire House heard of what their volunteer firefighter had done, they immediately came out to support the dog and clarify that Chiroque Chacón did not qualify as a fireman.

Fire Commander Mario Casaretto, released Chiroque Chacón’s records and said the man had joined the volunteer unit in 2001 and passed the exam in 2003. Since then he has only served on three shifts and therefore his limited experience on the job does not qualify him as a firefighter. His actions for sure do not represent the oath firemen take and they contradict the values the service men stand for. Chiroque Chacón is no longer welcomed at the firehouse.

Paco with area residents. Photo Credit: Justicia para Paco/Facebook
Paco with area residents. Photo Credit: Justicia para Paco/Facebook


Area residents have held protests and hope authorities get involved and punish the animal abuser.

Paco was released from the veterinary hospital and is currently living with one of the neighbors. The community says Paco will always be protected and this atrocious act will never again happen to him or any other area pet.

148 thoughts on “Firefighter Fired After Abusing Community Dog

  1. i’m so happy this man got caught! i’m happy the community stood up for and care for the dog ! i’m happy he now lives with a neighbour ! this is such community spirited happy story, I’M JUST HAPPY ! get well soon Paco xxxxx

  2. Son of a bitch, most people would say drag him. With the car just like he did the dog. But not me, I would just beat the shit out of him. Get well Paco

  3. It saddens me that people take the time to think up stuff like this and take the time to go thru with it. Poor little baby dog.

  4. God bless the community for protecting and saving Paco, and for the Fire Department for firing that awful abuser! I hope this man goes to jail for his actions!!

  5. I like this page becose of all this people liking can’t be a bad person if you like someone with who you can manipulate..i’m glad this man got what he deserve to, hope he’ll get a leson from this :))

  6. Sick.. poor baby. So glad he had the neighborhood to help and support. Hope this shit gets jail time. Id tie him to the car and drag him

  7. That is so insanely violent I cannot even believe someone would do that. To take the time to tie a dog to a van and then drag him?!?! Really!?!? What a psycho.

  8. I’m so glad the community came together to save this dog and shame this trash of a human being!! Get better soon Paco!!

  9. Really cool. I don’t think I’ve seen any community in the US rally for a canine companion like that

  10. What a horrible man, so sad that he has children.
    I hope the people of the neighborhood keep an eye on this criminal/jerk

  11. There’s a special kind of hell for people who abuse animals.
    I hope Karma kicks his a** big time-

  12. What a scumbag! And this person is allowed to be the protector of helpless people and animals in case of emergency. I would take my chances alone then with this psychopath! He should be punched few times and tied behind the car and dragged around. I hope he is going to get a beating or few. Asshole!

  13. I just don’t get how anyone can hurt an animal like that there so innocent…..even if he bit the kid the kid probably did something to warrant a bite as a response.

  14. What a disgusting piece of garbage! Thank God there were wonderful people who saved this precious dog!

  15. Sounds like this fake fireman has a history of abuse. Hope someone’s watching him (and the children he’s spawned).

  16. Real peice of shit hurting or abusing a inisant animal thats horrible your supposed to be helping people and have goodness in your heart helping inisant animals!!not making are fire dept heros look bad thank god you have been caught thats so poor doggie im thankful he has been saved!!

  17. I wanna tie him to my car and drive miles and miles with him on it then throw his worthless *** of a bridge. What is wrong with people??????

  18. What a mongrel hope he driven our if town or dragged behind vehicle as well .. Such a sweet thing never heard of a community dog !!!

  19. The dog tried to bite him when he tried to put it in the car but he was able to tie the dog to his bumper without getting bitten? Duh! Who would believe his shit of a story. The dog probably bit you because you abuse him and deserve it if he even did bite you. Moron lowlife!!!! Aaaaaarggghhhhh

  20. The only good thing about this awful and cruel act is that the good people of the neighborhood saved the dog, that they protect and take care off him and try to bring this scumbag to justice! God bless his rescuers and protectors.

  21. glad he is fired and je needs to be fined on not owning and not even touching an animal. he will do it again if you do not stop him.

  22. Good! An evil SOB like that has no business pretending to be a firefighter. Firefighters are a heroic group that would never perpetrate such an evil deed. Good riddance!

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