Loyal Dog Chases After Ambulance

A small breed dog chased after an ambulance carrying his injured owner. The pet’s actions show how much animals can love their owners.



In Brazil, a loyal dog raced after an ambulance until the emergency vehicle stopped and let the dog in. The dog’s owner suffered an epilepsy attack and lost consciousness, and when paramedics took the man to the hospital, the loyal pet did not want to be left behind.

At first, emergency responders did not know the dog belonged to the man they were helping, but after spotting the pet running after the vehicle for several blocks, they thought the loyal dog must belong to the patient.



Because the dog would not stop chasing after the ambulance, rescuers decided to slow down, open the door and let the canine in. The dog was more than happy climb in and ride to the hospital.

Once at the hospital, the canine stood guard next to his owner’s stretcher until the man was seen, helped, and released.



This event occurred this past May, but the video has recently gained national attention in Brazil.

This little dog is true testament of how much dogs love their owners.

Watch the video below.


202 thoughts on “Loyal Dog Chases After Ambulance

  1. How sweet. I saw a little dog running after a van on my block. I was watching to make sure the doggy was ok. Turns out his/her family was in the van and wanted to go with them. They let the doggy in.

  2. I’m glad they stopped, I’d be losing it if my dog tried this and no one stopped. Poor little guy, hope his human is okay.

  3. It has been proven that dogs love their humans as much as their human sometimes love their dogs. Dogs have emotions very much but children or us as people. We got to remember that they are part of our world but we or their whole world.

  4. As a dog lover myself when I hear or see these kinds amazing stories make my mind numb and sometimes brings tears in my eyes. Please love your pets , and take care of them like a member of your family. God bless

  5. so they have time to record the dog running and out of breath for the owner but doesn’t have time to stop the damn vehicle to let the dog in.

  6. When I hear or read these kinds of stories about dogs loyalties and affections toward their owners , as a dog lover , makes my brain numb and sometimes brings tears in my eye. Let’s love our pets, treat them as a member of family and take care of them in a possible ways they love us , they are our best friends , they are great, pleasessssssss do so. God bless

  7. Aaww!! So Sweet of these Ambulance people to let the dog in to be with his master!! How cute!! Wish everyone could have done the same thing for the feeling of animals and owner!! Notice owner tends to feel better when they are comforts with their pets with them, and feel better sooner.

  8. What a cute little guy…the owner is lucky to have a caring furry pal…watch the video on the website.

  9. I wish people were as loyal to their pets! I hope the injured owner recovers and the dog is taken care of.

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