She Sits in Her Cage, Waiting…

She gets up and stands at the bars wagging her tail, but as people pass her by, she goes and sits back on her bed and waits.

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From Angels For Animals:


She sits in her cage waiting…

She stands up when she hears the door to the dog wing open. She looks towards the door. She’s looking for someone. When people stand in front of her cage she gets up and stands at the bars wagging her tail…looking up in their faces. Some look back at her and say kind things like, “Hi, sweet girl.”  “You want a home, don’t you?”

Others just keep walking. She goes and sits back on her bed and waits some more… This happens over and over, all day long. Day after day, and week after week. River has been with us since March.

River needs an adopter with dog training/behavior experience. She has been suffering from anxiety for the past few months and is currently on Prozac.

River is choosy about her dog friends, but definitely does not like cats. She also needs a home with no small children. Every toy she sees, she wants – she can be very excitable and mouthy when she plays.

River has never lived in a home.She was brought to the shelter by humane agents because she was living with homeless people out in the woods. She had been dumped on their property and they had no way to take care of her. Her full history is unknown.

When we took her in she tested positive for heart worm. She has been treated and will continue to be under our care until she finally tests negative.
River is approximately three years old and is a pit bull mix.

She is a complex girl who needs a hero. If you are interested please GIVE US A CALL 330-549-1111 ASK FOR LISA in the dog wing. ***** We cannot possibly read through all of the comments to find the questions that need to be answered. Please call with questions or email Lisa at [email protected]
Canfield, Ohio


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  1. My dog that I lost at only 10 months old was named River. I hope this River finds a furever home soon.

    1. You sound like you would make a good forever home for this new Rivers. Please give it alot of thought.

  2. Very heartbreaking for all these dogs, cats, etc. that get passed by and stuck in a cage all this time.

  3. The same thing happened when my husband adopted his Lab. He had been in the shelter for months the girls who volunteered would take him home so he would not be put him down. Dave found him and he had a look on his face that said “You don’t want me noone does” Dave took him home and he was an awesome dog. I hope River gets that lucky.

    1. Is the reason a updates on this dig as of to day December 25th? Any updates of this dog as of today’s December 25th?

    1. Whatever. Every dog is different. Just because the dog has anxiety and isn’t the best with other dogs doesn’t mean it’s a bad dog. You are being extremely judgemental. She simply needs to go to a single person home with no small children.

  4. My Boxer was a rescue dog who has given me joy I cannot express. All dogs deserve a forever home. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE adopt a rescue dog.

  5. I had a rescued dog got him at 18months had him for 13yrs . Logan was his name. Was the best dog.. he ate what I ate . no dog food in a bag he never like the chit any way so if I had steak I had to buy him one too.. he was an akita.. called vet to put him down a year ago .. still miss him

  6. Got my shepherd/basset mix from a shelter in 2004… She was 2 then and I lost her last January 2nd after several days of illness.

    She was a wonderful companion and i miss her terribly… I would get another one but I am soon to be 74 and may or may not have another 10 years to devote to a pet ( dog or cat).

    1. My next adopted pet will be a senior for the same reason. I figure we will both slow down together and I can still hopefully save a life.

    2. get a senior that only has a couple years… you are a senior, get a senior dog. they NEED homes for their golden years….

    3. Please consider adopting a senior pet! They get passed over so often in the shelters and they need the comfort so much more on their old bones!!! I adopted a Shepard at 12 and it is coming on two years – healthy as a horse even though he is slow to get up and down.

    4. you could adopt an older pet. There is such a need for dogs after 8 yrs old. A lot of shelters will even discount when a senior adopts a senior. Think about it!

    5. There are older dogs available for adoption who have lost their owner and would love to spend their final months or years with a loving person.

    6. Hello. I think youshould get this dog, give hime all the love and attention he missed out on,other than the shelter.I am 80 when I was 74 I had gotten an 12 wk old pup from the shelter, who was going to be put down. I still have him. he’s my freind,protector,and my child. He became hardly hearing latly, learned him hand signs.responded very well. You need this dog. Go get him.

  7. pit bulls mixed or not, are the best! these dogs are especially affectionate and need love all the time. poor dog is going crazy without that love and affection, and who wouldn’t! i would love to take her but i’m from a different country. i’ve got six dogs including pit bulls and they’re my babies. don’t worry some one will take her soon. she is a beautiful dog!!

  8. I just rescued a dog (shih Tzu) in August from a Tennessee rescue. They told me she was 7 years old. When she arrived on the transport truck she was severely underweight, loaded with fleas and flea dirt, had an ear infection and kennel cough. With lot’s of love she has gained weight, ears cleaned up and kennel cough cleared up. This is my 5th shih Tzu and we just love her to pieces. She is the best little girl and my 5 year old rescue loves her. Now the sad news. She was just diagnosed with kidney failure. So now the remaining time we have with her is very precious. Everyone should rescue a dog or cat. I get so upset when I see puppies, kittens etc. in pet stores. Rescue, rescue, rescue!

  9. Seven years ago, this month to be exact, I rescued a young dog. He was running, late at night, across a very busy road in Winter Park, Florida. I would have hit him; instead I held up traffic, opened my door and saved him. He was on a rusty chain and skin and bone. At first, I was just going to fatten him up and look for a new owner for him. Eventually, he stole my heart! Who ever the previous owners were, may you rot in hell fro leaving such a wonderful dog. They had him trained well: he sits, waited for the other dog to eat, doesn’t eat up things, hits the door when he needs to go out, etc. Today, he is a healthy 70 pound Pit-bull mix. By The Way – this little bugger sleeps with me. People please be aware: Pit-Bulls are excellent dogs!

    1. Thank God for you saving that dog. We rescued a dog named Charlie three years ago, and the joy and love that he has brought into our lives is priceless.

    2. You my friend are a great person with a huge heart who did the right thing, may you be blessed. We need more people like you!

  10. Please spay and neuter your new pets! We don’t need anymore Rivers sitting in shelters. Adopt, adopt, adopt! Only dogs I have had came from shelters. I am so glad they spayed or neutered each one before I picked them up. Pit Bulls can be problem dogs and hard to rescue. I would rather put down an unadoptable dog than see it sit in a cage for months on end. Death is not the worst thing that can happen to an animal.

  11. I have several rescued dogs. They are the ones that people have taken, then returned when, ignoring the cautions about their behavior, they discover that they are “excitable,” “don’t get along well with young children,” “do not like cats,” needs to be an only dog,” “is on a medication,” etc. Please be rational when you adopt. We are all moved by the sad scenarios we see and hear about. But the dogs deserve a “forever” home. Some are serious situations that require a person who is very experienced with issues particular to dogs in general, and others particular to certain breeds. Always ask yourself, “could I keep a dog that may show aggression, or be very territorial?” “Do I have a place in my home where he can be separated if need be, but not ignored?” “Can I handle medicating the dog daily if necessary?” “Can I handle possible added expenses?” Will I panic if something goes wrong?” Most dogs can adjust to the situation they are placed in, but some cannot. If you can’t adjust the situation to them, then pleas adopt… but adopt a less complicated dog.

  12. This dog and many more like him need a true pack leader to be happy and healthy. I would be willing to bet if he found a pack leader that was willing to work with him he would become a great dog. The issue I have with all people who get any breed of dog is they don’t take the time to become the alpha and its simply not fair to the dog. I feel its especially important that if your going to own a dog, that is a aggressive breed and you don’t become the alpha. You are simply playing with a loaded gun and its only a matter of time before something bad happens.

  13. This made me cry. I have 2 dogs at home – 1 a rescue that is dog aggressive, so I can’t take River, but I sure wish I could. 🙁

    1. this made wanna cry to and im sadden that I cant take river in either bc a two younger sisters and a few cats and 2 other dogs but they can get along w/ the cats

  14. Never owned a pure-bred. Just Mutts. Preferred them anyway. All lived like my Special Children. Most passed 14yrs. All where loved and cherished. Now have a smaller dog, she’s sweet and my grandchild. If needing another, it will be a older dog. I’m not ready for a puppy. so give a stray a chance

  15. These stories make me cry. I would take her in A HEARTBEAT!!!!! however, I have 3 cats 2 seniors, (15 yrs. each) with major health issues, and a 22+1/2 pounder that HATES Cats, (mine included) AND dogs!!!!
    Hopefully, by doing this on the internet, SOMEONE will give her a home for this Christmas season!!!!!

  16. If u can answer questions by phone why can’t someone answer emails to find these beautiful animals (River) homes? Maybe a volunteer can handle the emails…….Prayers to River and all the animals u care for and hope they all find forever homes. And yes we have a lab from a shelter and 3 shih tzus.

  17. My heart aches for River. Praying for her to get a fur-ever home. We adopted an abused dog from a rescue group that saved her from being put down. She was so scared, not house broken, very timid, when we got her. She has come such a long way with love and companionship. We want to adopt a companion dog for her, but have 3 small grandchildren so River would not work out. Praying someone will give her a loving home that she deserves.

  18. I Just called about River she has had a lot of emails from people wanting her. I am from North Carolina and would have adopted her, but I have two Boxers and was told River Has to have a home where there are no animals at all. Keep praying.

    1. Thank you for calling to inquire about River. I was happy to read that the shelter has received calls from potential adopters. Please let the rest of us dog lovers know if you hear that she’s been adopted.

      Thank you again for calling the shelter.

  19. The guy who recently lost his dog , the one who would bring his dog to the river because it had arthritis or something like that, he was on news programs and big on Facebook, his dog ended up dying this year, he should adopt it.

  20. I’d take River in a minute, but I’m homeless too and have no way to care for her. At least the previous owners did the right thing by taking her to a shelter. Does she have something comfortable to sleep on besides cement? Is she let out during the day, at least once, for exercise and spending time with playmates? What happens if a dog/guest can’t eat the food for whatever reason? Are provisions made?

  21. I saw a dog last night that was elderly, homeless, starting to show the effects of starvation, and she had a bad leg. I tried to approach her to check her leg out, but she hobbled off into the brush. I’m hoping a bur is caught between her pads that will come out soon, instead of it being broken. Aggressive dogs will sense her disability and prey on her, especially dogs that are starving.

    1. Did you call Animal control? they are very helpful now and will feed and shelter her/him…. vet will look at the leg. thanks

  22. This is not a great environment for this dog. They obviously don’t use Social Media. Please forward her info everywhere so we can get her into a better place.

  23. I WANT HER. I just cant get anyone on the phone. 🙂 She looks just like my old rescue bud Barney. Even has the same white chest. Barney just passed away in Oct, 1 month shy of 15. He was the same way in the shelter. He would get excited and bark & get mouthy when you put your hand in with him but he never bit down. Everyone was afraid of the big bad pit bull mix. He was the best, gentalist most loving mutt I ever had. He was my constant companion for almost 14 years. He was slated to be put to sleep the day after I rescued him and I just cant imagine how much the world would have been diminished & my world would have been diminished without him & other rescues like him.

    1. Ken, I hope you can adopt her! I have been reading this so upset and your comment was the best. Please let us know if you get through and are able to adopt her!

    2. Ken, please keep calling. I would love to donate towards the adoption. I adopted a dog from the same place in July. Reedus and River were kind of neighbors, she really is a great girl!

    3. Try going to their facebook page and click on Rivers picture then post a comment! Keep calling all different times of the day!!!! River will be a wonderful dog!!!

    4. YOU SOUND LIKE AN ANGEL….I hope you get her!! and are a happy family! Yes, please let us know if you have adopted her…God Bless

    5. I hope you get ahold of them today. You sound perfect for River. The world could use more Ken’s, thanks so much for making me feel better today.

    6. I WON. I get to give her a home. She should be here Weds night Thurs morning. A volunteer is driving her out. Thank you everyone who was pulling for me. Lisa asked if I am on Facebook, which I am not but she asked if I would send pictures & I promise I will. I cant wait. I got Barney 2 months after I bought this house & since he has been gone, its been terribly empty, just a shelter. It will be good to have it be a home again.

      more later

  24. Ken, hopefully you get someone on the phone tomorrow. What a wonderful Christmas Miracle this would be for River if you could adopt her. Bless you for opening your heart again! You are a very special wonderful person.

  25. There could be dozens of Christmas gifts, if everyone here went to their local shelter and found just the right four legged kid to take home. Everyone is so sad – do something – for another animal.

  26. I turned 61 recently and I rescued my best pal a male maltese . I have had him two years and he will be 4 next feb. what an amazing experience its been, the animal is way better than a man to have around. he came to a home of 7 rescue cats that are my sons, and a female rescued mini pin. our abode is 900 sq ft so I really had to set limits as being able to take care of them all. so far so good because its a shared responsibility which makes it work for us and the fur legged friends. I own our home so there is permanence here. were all snuggling in for the winter …

  27. There should be requirements set by law in order to own a dog, cat, or any animal. I’m tired seeing animals abused, homeless, neglected, etc… If I had it my way, I’d have these people tortured and put in the ground. These people aren’t human anyways.

  28. My wife and I have 3 rescue dogs from shelters. They are the joy of our lives. We have a small house and if we had more room, we would no doubt adopt more dogs. We are hoping to do just that when we retire and move to a bigger home and property. The expression “the house is run solely for the comfort of the dogs” is so true.

  29. charities and holiday giving, what charities (and animal researchers) will never tell you, on my youtube/ms4mula1 (sorry about going off topic!).

  30. I have a second Shih-Tzu. Both were given to me. The first one was 15 and was not wanted by the previous owner and was rescued. I had just put down my little “Little Bit” a Rat Terrier. She was 3 months old when I got here while driving long haul and was my constant companion. She got lymphoma at 4 years old. Still hurts a lot. The 15 year old Shih-Tzu got to where I had to take her out to potty and carry her back in the house. She was suffering so I had to put her down after having her for only 5 months. I was then given the second Shih-Tzu 3 years ago and she is now 8 years old. I was given her by a friend whose son and daughter-in-law had her and after she had puppies the gave her to me. She is a real sweetie. I am 75 soon to be 76 and hope we have a long life together. I have 6 cats that she tolerates. She is spoiled and it isn’t all my fault, she let me spoil her. Lol.

  31. I pray she gets a wonderful home for Christmas and gets all the love and affection she deserves. Sweet little girl.

  32. Maybe the homeless people can foster her until she gets a home, at least she would be loved and wouldn’t have to live behind bars.

  33. City and state in the heading please!! That is what most people read first. The link doesn’t load either.

  34. She should have stayed where she was. They loved her and she could have been provided with a warm shelter .

  35. Granted she didn’t have a “Home” but …. She had FREEDOM & People who @ least loved her & were taking care of her ! NOW look @ her !! Missing her people & CAGED !! This is terribly Sad !!!! 🙁

  36. complex girl who needs a hero. If you are interested please GIVE US A CALL 330-549-1111 ASK FOR LISA in the dog wing. *****

  37. Not every shelter is bad. The animals get vetted, a meal 1-3 times a day + treats, a bed and a blanket, a heated facility and some shelters have volunteers who walk the dogs once a week. I work at a no-kill shelter and those dogs are spoiled rotten until they find their forever homes <3
    I wish the best for this baby and maybe she will find her human from this Facebook exposure.

  38. Precious animals suffer and die because humans are so irresponsible. We wouldn’t even need shelters if people spayed and neutered and realized that taking a pet is a very serious and long term commitment.

    1. Hi Janet, River was found by the homeless people. They had no intentions to keep her, they turned her in so she could get medical care. They were not her family.

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