Dog Abandoned at Scottish Railway Station with Suitcase

This case highlights the potential consequences of selling an animal online as it often leads to the impulse buying of pets that people know very little about.

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Kai is a Shar-Pei mix that after being sold on a website called, wound up dropped off and left alone at a railway station in Scotland.  He was left with a suitcase containing his “things”.  There was a food bowl with some food, a pillow and a chew toy.  He’s been taken in by the Scottish SPCA, and thanks to his microchip, they at least found out his name.

Stewart Taylor, and inspector with the Scottish SPCA posted to their Facebook page the following:

“The dog is micro chipped and we were able to find out his name is Kai.

We contacted the owner registered to the microchip, who stated they had sold Kai on Gumtree in 2013. Unfortunately they could not tell us the address of the person who bought him.

This case highlights the potential consequences of selling an animal online as it often leads to the impulse buying of pets that people know very little about.

Regardless of the fact Kai was left with his belongings, this was still a cruel incident and we are keen to identify the person responsible. If anyone can help we would ask them to get in touch as soon as possible.

Kai is around two to three years old and is a lovely dog with a nice nature. We will look after him until we can find him a permanent and loving home.”

Anyone that can help is asked to contact the Scottish SPCA directly, or through their Facebook page.  To see Kai’s original story, click here.

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232 thoughts on “Dog Abandoned at Scottish Railway Station with Suitcase

  1. Do they not have cameras at the station they can look see who brought the dog in? I hope they catch the creep that did it. Thank you to those that have rescued that poor baby!

  2. I could almost understand this more if they had just dumped him – it happens all the time. But for someone to take the time to pack an actual suitcase with his belongings before dumping him? That’s sick.

  3. Don’t get people at all. If you can’t take care of your pet. There are places to drop him off!!!! Dicks

  4. I’m glad he is safe..sure pack him up but how was he to get food and his things…some people are heartless to the core

  5. He was dropped off with his prized possessions and food packed in a suitcase in a high pedestrian traffic public place.

    Kai appears on other postings to be in good condition and health with a lovely temperament.

    We don’t know the story what his last owner was driven to do this act. We don’t know the anguish and heartbreaking moment seeing the dog left as s/he walked away. There must have been a reason. One we will never know.

    Kai by all reports will be adopted by a loving owner.

    At least he wasn’t driven out into the bush and left for dead or put down.

  6. People disgust me, but hopefully he finds a home with a “real” family that will treat him like he should be.

  7. What the fuck is wrong with people?!?!?! The poor baby!!!! But….it seems like he’s better off without his former owners in his life…he’ll find a great home!!!

  8. Seriously don’t understand some peoples mindset when it comes to dogs. Poor soul, anything could have happened to him not to mention how confused and scared he must have been having been abandoned like that. Makes me so flaming angry

  9. What is wrong with the human race these days and abandoning pets anywhere. Have we lost ALL sense of responsibility? Only a coward abandons their dog and ties them up with a suitcase full of his belongings and leaves him at a train station. Scotland at least has it right and once found, these people will be banned from EVER owning a pet.

  10. How sad they just disposed the dog like garbage…..if I see you I will hug you and give you much love…..such a vute huggable dog.

  11. Looks like the dog was well taking care of. The owner may have cancer or some sort of difficulty in life. It’s east to pass on a quick judgement without knowing the whole story. I’m just glad the pooch is found in a busy and sheltered environment. May he find a forever mom or dad soon who will love him for life!

  12. Poor baby hopefully he will now get a forever home and the person that bought him off gumtree and then dumped him will be found and charged with abandonment and neglect.

  13. He’s ok, he’s having his eyelashes sorted at the dogs home, but he’s had loads of offers for a new forever home. Such a cutie, who could do that to a furbaby!! Their loss, and his gain soon of a new family.

  14. Poor pup. How can anyone abandon a dog? At least it was in a public place and not on some deserted road I guess. Hope he finds a living forever home!

  15. If you read the post on Victoria Stillwell’s page about this the situation is not as horrific as it first seems. One commenter, Heather Mcferren, posted: Kai was dumped by his 17 year old owner after she took him from her drunken uncle a year ago, she had been trying to rehome him and got no help, she obv didnt know about certain rescues ect at only being 16 at the time, however I dont agree that she should have left him as anything could have happened to him but at least he is safe now and a member of our Shar Pei rescue is going to visit him tomorrow and make sure he is ok xx

  16. Also, it apparently costs 100 pounds to surrender to the SSPCA, which is about $150. A teenager might not have had the money, and obviously she has a family that isn’t well-versed on proper animal care.

  17. How can someone just drop him off with his stuff that’s disgusting. They can’t have been his owners surely they wouldn’t be so cruel. Gorgeous boy hope u find a home and humans that will love u loads x x

  18. At least the dog was given a chance to hopefully find a good home. Here in North Texas, owners have been known to chain their dogs to a tree and then let them starve to death.

  19. This breaks my heart! How can anyone do that to him?!? Poor baby! May God find you a permanent loving, good home!

  20. At least this baby was where. Someone could find him and not in a trash can! Poor baby i do not understand. How someone can raise a baby like this and then dump them i hope this person has no children!

  21. Let’s give the owner a shadow of a doubt; maybe, just maybe they could no longer care for the dog for health reasons. They took him to the station where they knew someone would step up.

  22. As a rescue volunteer, we see abandoned dogs, daily. Be that at the shelter, tossed from a car on a downtown street, driven to a secluded rural area & discarded. I have very (very!) little empathy for Dumpers.
    These dogs come in, in a variety of neglect, abuse, terror, need, and unfathomable condition.
    However, I feel deeply for this person. I cannot imagine the circumstances of direness, that lead to leaving your Furkid in a rail station. Terminal illness, the depths of despair & inability to care for him, mental illness, decline. Whatever it was, in all my years of rescue, I have never received a dog with belongings. The last, came in a dirty laundry basket~ unweaned babies, ripped from their mother. The little man pictured~ was dumped by his “Family” in a rural park, left to fight hunger, coyotes, and pack strays. We found his people in a believed reunion. They were unmoved, and he shook in fear and hid his head in the arms of his Rescuer. He was abused & neglected, and dumped far from home. They relinquished him to rescue during “Reunion” without care or second thought. He is now loved deeply, forever & part of a family.
    I can’t help but feel deeply saddened that if in the same position, this Shar Pei’s Mom, would weep deeply for her dog, and the reunion would be very different.
    God Bless. Your Kai is Loved by many, and will be part of a family.
    I pray you are loved too.

  23. There are other places you can take your pet if you no longer want them!! Stupid ass people!! Yea, these people should be dumped in the middle of the dessert! !!

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