Leaping Dog Gets Stuck on Roof

Firefighters rescued a dog off a roof of a house after the pet leaped onto the roof from a tree, and then had no way to come down.

Photo Credit: Cosumnes Fire Department.
Photo Credit: Cosumnes Fire Department.

The Elk Grove, Calif., Fire Department was a little surprised when they were called to rescue an animal from the roof of a house. They expected the pet in need to be a cat, but they learned the pet was a 100-pound dog.

According to The Sacrament Bee, the dog had climbed into a treehouse but then leaped off of it onto the roof of the 1-story home. The courageous four-legged jumper then became a scaredy-cat and wasn’t able to jump back to the treehouse.

The pet owners couldn’t rescue their dog and enlisted the help of firefighters. Rescuers use a ladder and safety rope to get the heavy-weight jumper off the roof and back to safe ground.

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