Prison Inmates Help Transform Abused Puppy Mill Dog

Sometimes the least expected people are the ones that can help rehabilitate and transform abused dogs. Watch the video transformation of a puppy mill dog.

A puppy mill dog that was completely broken and scared gets the chance of a lifetime after bonding with an unexpected person, a prison inmate. Thanks to the Prison trained K-9 Companion Program, Esther the puppy mill dog, learns what it feels to be loved and gets ready to walk to her forever home.

51 thoughts on “Prison Inmates Help Transform Abused Puppy Mill Dog

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  2. It’s so sad to see the separation of them, but he knows he has done a good deed for both the pup and the next owner. Bless all of them.

  3. Thanks to all of the volunteers who work so hard to make this happen! It is a win win situation for all involved. I believe a pet can be the best therapy there is.

  4. These really are such worthwhile programs for both the animals and the convicts. The animals find that not all humans are complete and utter assholes, in fact some are even worthy of trust while the inmates find something similar, maybe for the first time in their lives. Something they can confide in that won’t break that trust, won’t criticize or laugh at them if they fail or make a mistake. The inmates have someone that absolutely depends on them 100% for everything and if the inmate doesn’t provide it, they must leave the program and their shot at working within the program. That’s something these guys hold near and dear to their hearts and they aren’t about to screw that up if they can avoid it. I would dearly love to see programs such as these, spring up at Correctional Institutions across the US. Just think what a dent it would make in the Shelters, Pounds and Rescues, the changes it would be to so many dogs lives and of equal importance, the impact it would have on the recidivism rate in our Prison System, and all for such a minimum investment.

  5. Those people that can look into the eyes of a beautiful animal and treat them with such cruelty should be put to death. To me animal abuse is next to child abuse.

  6. Tears – both sad and happy ones. What a wonderful program. So simple yet so very very important – for both dog and their person.

  7. Crying on a Friday night watching this!! Makes me so sad to see people throwing their dogs away. They’re family. Irreplaceable. Great program.

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