Stray Dog Saves Police Officers From Gang Attack

Oso is a stray dog who lives outside a police station and gets to ride along real cops on emergency calls. Recently he saved his friends’ lives.

In La Paz, El Salvador, a stray dog named Oso who lives around the Santa Maria Ostuma police station, saved all on-duty officers from a gang attack, when the dog fought off gang members forcing them to flee.



The group of criminals planned to attack the station using a grenade, but when Oso saw the gang members approaching he attacked the criminals and defended his home and friends.

Oso is considered a community dog and he has no K-9 police training. The loyal and wanna-be K-9 officer accompanies officers on many police calls and when he is “off-duty,” he takes his post outside the station until the next emergency call. He is very loved by all officers and at the station he is fed, bathed and looked after. He is even up to date with his shots.

Oso wearing his honorary police vest.
Oso wearing his honorary police vest.


The criminals were able to launch the grenade, but because of Oso’s actions, the gang members missed their target. However, the grenade did critically injured Oso. When officers realized they were under attack and spotted their injured mascot/fellow four-legged officer, they rushed the pet to their veterinarian.

Their quick action saved Oso’s life, but the true hero here is the stray who protected the police station and saved many of the officers’ lives.

Police representatives said Oso is not an ideal candidate for their K-9 unit because he is already nine years old and training will prove difficult, but we hope that once he is 100% healthy he gets officially adopted by one of his coworkers and his days as a community/stray dog are put to an end.

67 thoughts on “Stray Dog Saves Police Officers From Gang Attack

    1. But if similar happened here, he would be put down as a vicious dog. If a dog defends his people or home, they arrest him and put him down. Unfair to dog or family he defended.

  1. They took/take care of him and he pays them back. That’s what most dogs would do. Good boy officer Oso. Get him a filet mignon.

    1. Anonymous, That was a legitimate question, I know exactly what Brett was talking about. It wasn’t mentioned in the article but anyone who has ever had a racist dog knows all too well about it, and even though it wasn’t mentioned in the article, think about gangs in general and tell me that there are an abundance of white only gangs and that there is reason to believe that this particular gang was one of the very few, (if any), that is white only. It sounds like you might be the “Al Sharpton” type of racist who can find an implication anywhere to try to drag someone into a race battle. Get over it.

      I’m not racist but a dog I had several years ago certainly was. We would be in the car going down the street and she wouldn’t make a sound as we passed people, except if there was a dark skinned person within her sight. Even if it was winter and they were bundled up with coat, hat and scarf and you couldn’t see their skin color until you were within a few feet that dog would start barking and snarling at least 25 yards before we got to the person. She just seemed to know and got very vocal about it. She would bark when anyone came to the door but she would get extreme about it when any of my Black or Puerto-Rican friends came around. She never snapped, bit or otherwise attacked anyone but she did make an extra fuss when it came to certain people. She was never abused by anyone and as far as I know she never even saw a person of color before we got her. (My brother-in-law had her from the time she was a pup until we adopted her at about 1 year of age, and he lived in a community with virtually no ethnic diversity aside from Swedish, German, Irish, Polish etc. so she didn’t develop that behavior through abuse by anyone with characteristics of any particular ethnic background, but she sure could recognize certain ethnic traits from a good distance, and she let me know quite vocally about it.

      1. I think dogs just know a bad person when they are near one. Not saying that people of color are bad just bad people in general. I was always told if your dog likes a person then you can trust that person 110%.

      2. or maybe the dog just senses danger and responds, just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exists.

      3. It could be your dog was barking because he was unfamiliar with people of color.
        Then again, someone stated their dog recognized someone who was about to do bad, that could be all it is too. Dogs have an inner sense of someone they can trust and it is not racist, it is intuition. Maybe he saw someone commit a crime and never forgot it.

      4. We had a dog that was also “racist”, although she was originally dumped on the side of the road so we can’t say for sure that wasn’t the reason. The only other explaination we could ever come up with is quite honestly, color. If dogs really do only see in black and white, maybe dark skinned people look different enough to upset some dogs (scared? the human over there looks different and I don’t like that? who knows).

  2. Dang, even a stray dog knows who the good guys are. Why do people have such a hard time figuring that out?

  3. What a wonderful dog and an awesome story! I would adopt him in a second! I hope he goes to a great home after he recovers. Wow.

    1. Actually when the word gang is mentioned in this article, it has nothing to do with race but gangs such as the bloods and the crypts, in El Salvador, gang members are at war with the Municipal police and have launched a massive killing spree of police, investigators,prosecutors and even judges. Has nothing to do with race.

  4. charities and the historical failure of animal research, what charities will never tell you, on my do they still believe the world is flat? (shakes head!). ps, sorry about going off topic.

  5. That dog sensed danger and did what he could to prevent harm to the officers .They must feed him and let him remain near the station or inside the station … Great news Good
    Dog -1 Bad Guys -0

  6. Oso, is an LGD breed – Maremma, Akbash, or Kuvasz…. I hope the Department “adopts” him and gives him a home in the station…. Where he can watch his people and get lots of love from all….

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