Letter to the Woman Who Abandoned Her 17-Year-Old Pet

“The tech wrote “depressed” on her card. I’d be depressed too if I went from “sleeping in the sun” to a metal cage with a thin layer of newspaper.”

5.1.15 - Letter to the Woman Who Abandoned Her 17-Year-Old Pet1
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From Canine Haven, a safe haven for rescue dogs from all over the world:

You decided that you wanted to move to an apartment that didn’t allow pets (and by the way, landlords are forbidden to do this in Toronto). I don’t know what lured you. Maybe it was a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Maybe it was a great view. Maybe you liked the woodwork. At any rate, it was more important to you than she was. So you took her down to the shelter, still wearing her cute little pink leopard collar with a bow, and you cheerfully wrote on the card that she was very healthy for her age and friendly and just likes to sleep in the sun! I guess you knew her pretty well – you put her birthday down on the card, too, making me believe you’ve probably had her for her entire life.

Then you left, secure in your rationalization that somehow, in the midst of kitten season, your seventeen-year-old cat would find a home. The shelter took a picture of her scared face and big eyes and put it on the web.

For two weeks, I looked at that picture. I hoped someone else would see her fear and feel compelled to help her, but the public wasn’t seeing her. She was back in isolation, getting vitamin B shots and subcutaneous fluids. The tech wrote “depressed” on her card. I’m not surprised. I’d be depressed too if I went from “sleeping in the sun” to a metal cage with a thin layer of newspaper.

Finally today, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I felt too guilty thinking about her sitting in that cage at her age. So I went down and I got her, and now she’s curled up on a fleece baby blanket in a cat tree in my bathroom. When I go in there, she rubs her head on my hand.

Today, I cleaned up your mess. I felt worse for your cat than you did. And all over the city, other rescuers did the same. They rescued your abandoned cats and dogs and bunnies and exotics. And we all wondered the same thing as we did it: How could you create this situation? How is it that you feel no remorse? How is it that you were you able to walk away from an animal you shared your home with for a year, ten years, fifteen years, knowing that they might die because of your actions?

I’ll never meet you to ask you those questions. I just hope I meet the person who will be good enough to give your baby that sunny spot to sleep for the rest of her life (however long that is). She deserves it, and it’s a crying shame you didn’t have the decency to give it to her.


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  1. How do you abandon a 17 year old pet and walk away with a clear conscience?! The poor thing was probably totally confused in strange surroundings with no familiar people to take care of it. So sad.

  2. You are all so quick to judge! Nobody here knows this woman’s store so before anyone can say anything get the facts and don’t spread hate. Same on this site for posting such a story!

    1. Oh my….You are a bit questionable…Aren’t you?!?
      So, be quiet!!! We’re not going with your comment. Remember, we LOVE our animals!!

      1. I posted yesterday that I question the benefits of shaming articles that berate people who bring their pets to a shelter. The alternate done by others is to abandon their animals to a life on the streets, or the worse, to hurt and kill. I believe the latter two are the most cruel, and at least in a shelter, there is a chance of a second life filled with love.

        I also said that personally, nothing would separate me from my now two older dogs (12 and 13 years old). I believe in a lifetime commitment. With that said, I do understand that there are situations that tragically rip apart a family…mental health, physical health, elderly dementia, an abusive situation… So, sure, there are plenty of casual owners who tire of their pet and turn it in, but also, there are heartbreaking situations that force the issue.

        But to artificially tug at your heart-strings, along with a shaming article, the photo of the cat is a STOCK PHOTO of a lounging cat! It is not a sad, abandoned cat.

  3. This is Miss B…my 15yr old (now deaf) cat. I adopted her when she was 2 & we have moved many times. In no way would I move to a location that did not allow my cat. But there is no telling what happened that caused someone to give up their 17yr old cat. It may not have been her choice.

  4. Pets are suppose to be life companions . That means from the minute you get them to the minute they pass your suppose to love them. At least that’s how I feel about my three loves

  5. I’ll never understand it and neither will the precious animal that are left behind. I think there is a special place in heaven for people who rescue and love animals like this, and there is a special place in hell for those that don’t.

  6. Totally agree I understand when you have no choice but how do you part with your best friend when at every age they are just that. My dog and I are just at that nice point where we communicate without much fuss every moment with him is precious

  7. Let me make a statement. I had my Mothers cat’s to take care of when she pass away. Her cats meant the world to her/ At some poiint my so called brother and sister made me sell my Mothers house and i had to move to senior housing. I told them that I could not take the cats and they needed to take them. Neither one would do so They only wanted to sell the house and get the money. They sued me and force me to move so I had no choice to put the cats in the shelter. Well, I pretty much know what happened to them as they were older. If my Mom knew they would have done that she would have left the home to the cat’s or me to stay until they were gone or taken care of. So it’s not always the fault of the person. It broke my heart to have to do that to them but I had no choice. I will never forgive them for doing that to my Moms cats. But when you have selfish siblings what are you going to do? I hope they have to go through the same thing some day.. They can both go to hell….

  8. I can only hope that karma bites her butt so bad and when she gets old her children drop her off at the crummiest nursing home in the world, and never visit her again. You are a very sorry excuse for a human being, you piece of shit.

  9. It would have been more humane to put the cat down, or better, find her a home, or stay where you were, or anything else but this. She probably thought you died, or was in shock from the cruel abandonment. The only thing I hope, other than she finds her safe & loving 2nd home, is that one day karma smacks you hard upside the head, and that loving kitty who was always there for you, isn’t and you are left alone to sit miserably. I detest mean people.

    1. Well Lynne, She better run….That’s right, run you bitch,…run fast, because karma is coming after you!

  10. Get off your high horse bitch, you don’t know this ladies situation. How can you have a pet with no home? How can you have a pet with no money? How can you have a pet when you’re barely taking care of yourself? Circumstances in life change, isn’t this exactly what animal shelters are for? You give your animal a chance to have a better life with someone who can provide it. That chance is not guaranteed but its better than just dumping it in the street.

  11. I don’t think I would ever be able to take my pets to the shelter. I love them too much. They are part of me, they are my babies

  12. I have a 17 year old cat that I got from the shelter when she was a tiny baby. I would not leave her for the world. She has her issues but she is MY child And I will be with her until she takes her final breath. That is what I signed up for.

  13. just can’t understand the mentality of those people. hope this kitty finds new and better home, i would never want to leave my fur babies!

  14. It’s a life commitment you don’t just one day decide to take your pet to the shelter and leave it there some people are so cruel and blame their life “changes” and blame the pet for being in the way and to get rid of it
    I’d choose to live under a bridge before ditching my pet geez poor kitty kat hope you get the loving home you deserve

  15. I have 7 indoor pets…..all of them came to me as adults. I haven’t had a puppy or kitten in close to 20 years.

    I took in my mom’s 10 year old cat when she died and cared for Holly until her death at 18. I recently put down our 22 year old cat who we kinda took from the barn where she lived …. she was 10 at the time.

    Last year we adopted a senior cat from a kill shelter. She was a “stray.” We estimate she’s 15 or more. It’s taken 8 months for her to like me. She’s fine with dogs but hates the other cats.

    I recently adopted a pit mix who had been abandoned in a parking lot. she’s about a year old. Of my 3 Jack Russells, one was a year old when I got him. I’m the FIFTH home for the 11 1/2 year puppy mill survivor……she’s thrilled to sleep on the bed My 10 year old was living in a pen in a yard…at 6 she’d never been to a vet. I can’t condemn her prior owner because he was in worse shape than she was.

    My 25 year old horse hasn’t been sound in years, but she runs the place. I despise people who dump their old horses. Way too many of them end up in slaughter houses.

    I doubt I’ll ever bring home another puppy or kitten, unless one just shows up.

    Every one of my pets is precious and irreplaceable. (not to mention spoiled rotten)

  16. Absolutely SHAMEFUL and inexcusable… We will ALL be judged and held accountable for our actions on our LAST day… God eventually evens the score, as ONLY HE can do… It’s just a matter of time…

  17. So very sad! Maybe someone should have taken the lady or man to the shelter instead…. disgraceful :'( Kathy EL Michelle Fazlic Rachael Ciancotti Cat Trosky

  18. That’s how I got my precise kitty, she was 15 when I got her out of the pound. If I hadn’t gotten her out that day they would have put her down. But I gave her a few more years. Sadly she has already passed away but made it to the age of 24. I love and miss my aphrodite.

  19. We have rescued so many sad pets, some became so depressed it was hard to get them to eat and trust again… But in the end I think we have reaped the rewards …. They are blessed and we love thm…

  20. if you cant take care of any pet any longer than its life with you ……. then you never should have a pet in the first place…………. the people taking care of abandon pets ought to get an award for their unabiding love for what they do ……. that lady should be taken to jail and the keys thrown away….

  21. What’s amazing is the amount of people who are condemning this woman’s decision without knowing what happened…When I was a kid, we adopted a mix breed dog [roughly 8 months old]. She was rowdy and eventually got to be aggressive–within the first few months. Then she tried to bite my cousin in the face. My dad took her to the back to the shelter and explained to them that they did not need to give her to someone with kids. As it turns out, the dog was adopted by my dad’s coworker who had a young daughter. The dog tried to go for the little girl’s face and eventually was put down. That’s the whole story. But if I were to say that we bought a dog and a few months later we took her back to the shelter, I would be accused of being an irresponsible pet owner. These articles only give pieces of the story and everyone jumps on them when there may be a bigger picture. It’s tragic, but don’t jump to such harsh conclusions.

    1. This is a CAT, not a dog. I highly doubt that a cat is going to rip off a child’s face. This HEARTLESS woman that gave up her beloved CAT after all these years is despicable in my book. Obviously she knew this cat, she knew its birthday and what it likes, it was HER cat.
      It makes me sick to know that there are people like her and yourself out there that try to justify reasons to to think its okay to abandon an animal like a throw away toy.
      I would become homeless before I would move to place that didn’t allow animals. That’s the difference between an animal lover and a soulless animal owner.

  22. Made me cry in public 🙁
    I just don’t understand how someone could do something like abandon pet they’ve had for such a long time 🙁

  23. Couldn’t have said that any better! Takes one cold hearted person to abandon an animal that was family for YEARS! SHAME ON HER!

  24. we recently had to put down our 20 year old cat. Well my sons cat. I was never real connected to her because I was the one who had to make special meals and deal with her old age and lost of hearing but never in a million years would I have let her live out her days in a cold scary shelter. This makes me sick.I hope their dreams at night are haunted

  25. Why oh why do people do this. The poor cat should still be with her . Heartless woman. This poor soul will wonder what is going on! They have feelings just like us. Cannot get my head around why she did this.

  26. Brilliantly written! There is no way I’d give any of my babies up – especially the old ones!! My cat is 16 and I couldn’t imagine doing this to him!

  27. I hope her family has more compassion for her in her old age than she does for her own family member. That is when our pets need us the most.

  28. If you look hard enough you can find rentals that will allow pets – so I always wonder how much effort people put into these “relocations” when they decide to move. I do Trap, Neuter, Release (TNR) and in the process have cared for many cats. Currently I am down to five who all live with me inside my apartment. I made a commitment to care for them till they die or I do whichever happens first, and although it hasn’t been easy, and I struggle most months to keep a roof over our heads and food in their bowls I will NOT do what the person in this story did. They are living beings and deserve better than that. If you aren’t going to commit to caring for them for the entire length of their life, then don’t begin at all. Reminder: Spay and Neuter the animals in your care – it is in their best interest.

  29. My kitties were with me till the end of their days. I would never abandon them because they got sick and their care became inconvenient. Just like children, pets are a lifetime commitment. If can’t make that commitment or aren’t willing to make the commitment then you shouldn’t have pets.

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