Pizza Delivery Guy Rescues Abused Puppy

A pizza delivery guy rescued a puppy after seeing him left injured and untreated in the home of one of his pizza deliveries.

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A pizza delivery guy from Orlando, Florida was on a delivery not unlike any other he’s normally responsible for.  However, upon arrival to the delivery spot, he noticed a puppy being the victim of abuse and neglect.  He contacted Orange County Animal Services, and the dog was pulled from the home and the pizza guy is a true hero.

According to a press release, the pizza delivery guy was making a delivery to a home this past Sunday.  When he got there, he witnessed an injured puppy.  The person at the door claimed the puppy had sustained the injuries in a fight with a different dog while outside.

Animal services was called in, and removed the dog from the home.  It was found that even if the injuries were due to dog on dog violence, the humans hadn’t sought any treatment at all.  The injury could have resulted in an infection, putting the dog’s life at risk.

“Despite her injuries, Pupperoni (the dog’s new name) is still a friendly, outgoing pup seeking companionship and attention,” said Dil Luther.  Luther is the division manager of Orange County Animal Services.  “We cannot stress enough the importance of reporting animal abuse and neglect as these victims cannot speak for themselves.”

Pupperoni will be staying at the shelter he was brought to, and put up for adoption when he is healed up.

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181 thoughts on “Pizza Delivery Guy Rescues Abused Puppy

    1. too bad there’s not a easy solution for these abused dogs if I was in charge of changing laws. I would make tougher punishing laws like jail time, also ban the sale of puppys in pet stores, we all know they come from puppy mills. and last I know this would take a lot of money and manpower, track down dog fighting places and shut down all puppy mills.

  1. We’re calling him a hero but in reality it’s what anyone in that situation should do but sadly most people do nothing. Great job for getting involved!

  2. Now he needs to be adopted so they dont kill him!. Thank you for saving him but now he needs rescue or adoption to really be fully saved!

  3. Pizza delivery people don’t generally make alot of money………isn’t there someone to get this guy a reward for being so wonderful and acting on his conscience???

  4. Why do people even have animals! They have feelings & just want to be fed & loved. The same with babies & children. Don’t have them!

  5. I’m a inspector for a pesticide company, and visit about 4/6 homes every day, have always report animal abuse or neglect AND follow up with the city when they provide you with a case/reference number. Someone has to stand for those poor souls with no voice.

  6. Poor sweetie … This here with animals need to stop and ppl like the abuser needs to be put away I can tell he is sick in the head . And bc of this dumb ass dogs are hurt and no one can pay the vet bill and the dog needs to die this is bs

  7. They have money for everything else but don’t want to pay for their injured dog. These people should not be allowed to own another animal in their life.

  8. ^_^ <3 the puppy's new name! Pupperoni! (Y) Am relieved to know that he was rescued and was finally given the medical attention required. God bless the pizza delivery guy and all involved. 🙂

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