Rescuing Layla

This homeless poodle rescued off of the streets of LA shure knows how to display gratitude!


No one expected Layla to do what she had done during her rescue.  Removed from the streets of Los Angeles, California, Layla needed as much TLC as she could get.  Thankfully, there’s always Rescue From The Hart!



50 thoughts on “Rescuing Layla

  1. Every rescue video i watch from Hope For Paws (Eldad) always gives me tears of sadness & joy. Every time i am out driving around LA County, OC & Inland Empire, i make an effort to keep an out eye for stray/homeless dogs.

  2. God bless this little sweetheart. Bless the Rescue from the Heart. So sad to see so many abused and homeless animals. God bless them all.

  3. All they want is love and some humans cant even do that. Someone threw her out like she was trash. I hope Karma bites them in the ass. Thank you for saving her.

  4. Such a beautiful rescue. She was saying “thank you for saving me”. I’ve seen those sames eyes looking back at me before. Thank you Hope For Paws. I am a lifetime supporter in the spirit of every rescue and in my monthly donation. Love you Angels!!

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  6. thank you for your big hearts! one issue though with this rescue: surely someone would have taught rescuers to support dog’s butt when picking her up vs. holding her under her arms esp. with possible internal damage. rescuer could have caused much more harm to health of dog in not knowing safely how to pick up dog. so happy for your success as is clear by layla’s “communication through body language.

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