Caitlyn to be Featured with Firefighters for Charity Calendar

The Charleston Animal Society along with some heroic (and good looking) first responders will have Caitlyn with them in the photos for their yearly calendar.

7.6.15 - Caitlyn2

Back on June 4th, we brought you the story of Caitlyn.  Her muzzle was taped shut for days with some electrical tape, causing some painful damage.  To see coverage of her first story, click here.  Caitlyn has been chosen by the Charleston Animal Society to be featured with some local firefighters for their annual calendar

The Charleston Animal Society heads up Toby’s Fund.  They are putting Caitlyn together with some local heroes.  So far, everyone that’s had a chance to “work” with her, has fallen in love almost immediately.

The calendar is set to come out soon, and they won’t be around for very long.  Pre-ordering is a very good idea, if you actually want to get one of these fun calendars that’s also for a great cause.  Those of you wishing to pre-order a calendar from this years photoshoot, can click here and be taken to the pre-order site.

7.6.15 - Caitlyn1



116 thoughts on “Caitlyn to be Featured with Firefighters for Charity Calendar

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  3. I’ll choose to focus on the real heroes here – these firefighters that are making this beautiful pup happy after her ordeal. Good to see!

  4. If this darling’s nature is so friendly and calm, how could that asshole sick son of a bitch do this to her and why? No animals EVER should go through anything like this!!!!!! I would love to get my hands on that dick who did this and have him get the same treatment he did to Caitlyn…….

  5. Just think about it the cruel s.o.b. that did this to a dog is walking among us…no telling what he’ll do next! So glad the poor dog was rescued

  6. And in the end, she was saved, is loved and adored by all, a ‘furlebrity’ Hehehehe, and her torturer is sitting jail despised by all, including the cops who were happy to slap handcuffs on him! The End!

  7. What a BEAUTIFUL event for this special dog to be with all these great guys and just maybe she will get her forever loving family and home!!!!!

  8. Sweet Babe and so happy everybody loves her – I agree with Gabi Vermaak – go after that bastard that did this to her – piece of shit…

  9. She should have one month all to herself. You think my suggestion could create some hilarious mayhem at the photo shoot? If that wouldn’t work then she could try for every month with a different Firefighter……LOL

  10. How awesome she deserves all the fame! She is very blessed. May the idiot that did this to her be put in a cage and taped up for life.

  11. aawww Caitlyn you have come such a long way girl & now you’re a star on a calender…. hope t hey sell out….big cuddles for you..♥ ♥

  12. aawww Caitlyn you have come such a long way girl & now you’re a star on a calender…. hope t hey sell out….big cuddles for you..♥ ♥

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