Indiana Firefighters Free Dog from Tire Rim

Firefighters used hydraulic tools to cut a stray dog out of a tire rim.

On July 17, 2015, Jessica Arnold from Indianapolis arrived at Fire Station 5, located at 450 W 21st St., with a stray dog whose head was stuck in a tire rim.  Thanks to rescuers and the use of hydraulic tools, the dog’s head was extricated from the heavy metal rim.

Photo Credit: Indianapolis Fire Department (IFD)
Photo Credit: Indianapolis Fire Department (IFD)

The dog, a female stray pit bull mix Arnold calls Jimma, is about 1 ½ years old, and roams Arnold’s neighborhood.

On that day, Arnold came home from work and found Jimma in a neighboring property with her head stuck in the rim.


As soon as the dog arrived at the station, firefighters tried to gently pull her out of the rim. They used soapy water and oils, but this strategy failed. After 10 minutes, rescuers contacted another fire station and a second team of rescuers were dispatched with hydraulic tools to cut the metal piece.


The rubber tire was removed and the rim was slowly cut. Firefighters soothed Jimma by petting her, talking to her lovingly and allowing breaks in the cutting process for the dog to relax.


After a few stressful minutes, the dog was free. The experience was very traumatic for the dog, but fortunately Jimma did not suffer any injuries.

Arnold took the dog back home and welcomed her into her home. Jimma is no longer a stray.

51 thoughts on “Indiana Firefighters Free Dog from Tire Rim

  1. thank you Arnold , you did a great job taking her to the fire station , then welcoming her into your home where she’ll stay happy & warm !

  2. So many people, like myself until recently, did not know how many calls the fire department actually goes on. Fires are just one aspect. There’s a tv show Chicago Fire which really shows all the times these brave men are called. If you get a chance and can watch all the episodes, it’s worth the watch.

  3. God Bless and big Thank You guys for saving the pup!!! Hope that he finds a good loving and caring home after that ordeal! Poor baby.

  4. The Fire Department says a woman showed up Friday evening at a station north of the city’s downtown with the neighborhood stray which she had found trapped and loaded up in her car. Firefighters tried using liquid soap and oil to ease the dog’s head out before calling for a crew from another station with extrication tools.

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