Dog Panics When His Kitty Falls in the Pool

This dog and cat duo are best buddies, and always look out for each other.

This poor little kitty fell into the pool while his dog buddy was supposed to be guarding him.



63 thoughts on “Dog Panics When His Kitty Falls in the Pool

  1. Doesn’t anyone know anything about editing these days??? This vid a complete and misleading waste of time and should be removed……

  2. Save yourself almost five minutes of watching the dog sniffing the cat all over the place, just go to the last 4 seconds to see the dog just staring at the cat getting partially dipped in the water and rescuing itself.

  3. Explain to me how a dog can make sure this tiny kitten doesn’t fall into the pool but every year we hear about a toddler drowning in a pool?

  4. Stupid LONG video for NOTHING. At the very end, cat ‘s back end touches the water. Don’t waste your time. How did this get on Life “With Dogs??

  5. I’m really getting tired of these “click-bait” headlines.This site is getting really bad at it. I wasted 4 and half minutes of my life watching a dog follow a cat everywhere when you could have started the video with 15 seconds left. And NO, the dog didn’t panic. The cat sure as Hell did, tho.

  6. Wow that was 5 mins of my life I won’t get back. Cat doesn’t fall In until about 4:40 and is in the pool for literally 1 second….

  7. Why did that woman want a cat in the first place? “Don’t climb, don’t scratch, don’t do this or that”… Um numbnut, it’s a cat

  8. Typical shepherd with their instinct to herd is all I saw here. Maybe you could of edited that video down to like 30 seconds ds.

  9. Click bait – don’t bother! Nearly 5 minute video of a dog sniffing a cat which gets a little bit wet in the last 5 seconds.

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