Injured Dog to Fly to Canada for Reconstructive Surgery

United Airline refused to fly injured dog from Nicaragua to Canada for reconstructive surgery but soon after the airline had a change of heart.

Tyson, a Beagle mix from Nicaragua was out on a field with his owner when he got injured with a machete a year ago. His owner, a humble man, was clearing a field with the large blade when he accidentally slashed his pet’s snout. However, thanks to Instagram, the wounded dog caught the attention of two Canadian animal lovers and they have stepped up to help Tyson with his injury, but before the dog can get helped, the animal rescuers have had to overcome a few unforeseen obstacles.

Canadian veterinarian Graham Thatcher learned of Tyson’s condition when he was tagged on an image of the dog. The image showed how Tyson’s large gash on his snout left his nasal passage exposed as the dog chews food.


The veterinarian and his girlfriend, Andrea White, offered to bring the dog from Nicaragua to Canada to perform plastic surgery and fix the dog’s injury, but after arranging travel plans they learned at the last minute that the airline they counted on for transport, refused to let the injured pet on board.

Local veterinarians have treated the dog and he is not in any immediate danger, but his wound is still open and he needs further medical care to fix his open snout permanently.

Thatcher counted on United Airlines to aid in the transport, but after the airline learned the dog was injured, it refused to let the dog on board. Thatcher and White didn’t make the trip to Central America as scheduled, instead they contacted other airlines trying to secure a spot for Tyson.

“Seeing a dog in pain is really hard … this dog is just surviving,” Thatcher told CBC Canada. “I’ve definitely become emotionally invested in the project.”

American Airlines declined to transport Tyson on the same basis United did, they were afraid the dog’s breathing would be compromised during the flight. The couple hoped Air Canada would agree to transport the dog but before they arranged anything with Air Canda, United Airlines came back to them with a change of heart.

The vet and his girlfriend went public with Tyson’s story and when the public learned about the dog’s injury, they pressured United Airlines to allow the dog on board. This public pressure helped the airline reconsider their decision and a spokesperson contacted the veterinarian to arrange alternative options.

The airline offered to fly the veterinarian at no cost to Nicaragua to perform the surgery, but Tyson requires multiple surgeries and the advanced equipment found in Canada.

After multiple negotiations and consulting other vet specialists, United agreed to fly Tyson to Canada, and the dog is scheduled to fly north in the coming weeks.

Once here, Tyson will be under Thatcher’s care until all surgeries are performed and he is completely healed.

118 thoughts on “Injured Dog to Fly to Canada for Reconstructive Surgery

  1. Expect a lot of this kind of atrocity in the not too distant future in more and more western nations…. hope this pooch gets the medical attention he deserves and gets to stay in Canada!

  2. This sweet baby is lucky to be alive! Beagles are one of the friendliest, easy going, happy breeds there is! Why????
    There are many sickos in the world, but there are many, many more wonderful people like all these people who helped save this dog! Thank you United Airlines! Much respect!

  3. Every time I see a poor animal hurt like this .I pray and say you got this God. Handle them who does this to poor animals. Just such evil in this world. Hurts my heart. Thank you! Unite airline ,and the vit ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. All my respect and love to those who step in to help this poor dog. It must be extremely painful, and I wish a full recovery and no pains after.

  5. Thank you united airlines for getting this innocent to this awesome vet who will give this pup a new lease on life! โค๏ธ?โค๏ธ?โค๏ธ

  6. Thank you to all involved in the car of this dog. It seems like a long and arduous process but happy the dog is finally in healing hands.

  7. Wow, this picture shocked me, any person who could this should be locked up for good. So grateful for the people who are helping.

  8. i really hope you guys are reading the actual article instead of saying go united! and that’s a shitty owner. first of all, the owner didn’t do it on purpose. it was an accident. the owner was clearing a farming field with the machete n i guess his dog is a working dog that’s off leash. he prob jumped in the way of the machete. accidents happen. second united airline REFUSED to fly the dog originally. the vets who were trying to fly the dog into canada went public and the public back lashed against united airlines. lord knows united doesnt need more bad publicity, theyre a terrible airline. it’s only bc of public opinion that they had a change of heart and arent assholes. i commend these vets and the owner for trying to give help for this beautiful dog.

  9. I have been mad at United Airlines for various reasons for years and refused to fly them. I may change my mind now…..but why did they initially refuse???

  10. God bless his sweet angel heart. Hope his recovery is fast. A big thank you to all who helped to get him the care he needed. Also, whoever knowingly injured him. . Karma will get you!!!!

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