UPDATE: Woman Reunites with Dog That Jumped in Front of Bus to Save Her

Audrey Stone and Figo are reunited. Figo jumped in front of an oncoming mini-bus that was about to hit Stone, saving her life.


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Back in June, we brought you the story of Audrey Stone and her service dog Figo.  Figo had jumped in front of an oncoming bus that was about to hit Stone, and saved her life.  Well, four months later and Figo has recovered, and now he and Stone are once again a team.

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“Oh, my good boy,” said Stone as she hugged Figo, his tail wagging like never before.  “You’re home – finally!”


Before the accident on June 8th, the two had been together for about six-and-a-half years.  They were about to cross a street they have done time and time again, just one block from their home.

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That’s when a mini-bus coming down the street, towards the pair at the crosswalk.  Figo realized that the bus was going to hit Stone, and in an effort to save her life he jumped in front of her.  He didn’t get her completely out of the way, but did enough to leave her with some bumps and bruises and not the alternative.

Figo ended up taking the majority of the blow, injuring him badly.  Even though he was badly hurt, he made every effort to stay right by Stone’s side until help came.

Luckily,when help did arrive, the EMS workers saw what Figo had gone through in an effort to save his human.  They also got him to an animal hospital as quick as they could, and managed to save the heroic dog’s life as well.

Figo has made a full recovery.  He even was put through a battery of tests to ensure that he’d be able to preform at his job of service dog fully.  He seemed to be 100%, so now he is home.  Even though he can’t use words to express his happiness, the evidence is all too plainly seen on this super dog’s face and tail.

Figo, an 8-year-old golden retriever, was crossing a street in Brewster with his legally blind owner, Audrey Stone, when a mini school bus approached the pair, CNN affiliate WCBS reported.


This news video is from the original story that took place on June 8th, 2015.

29 thoughts on “UPDATE: Woman Reunites with Dog That Jumped in Front of Bus to Save Her

  1. of course I remember …and thanks to give news – I think everyone is happy, when we got news from a painful story .. to hear happy ends …

  2. All these dogs are full of unconditional love. That is why I use so much of my time trying to get them rescued. If anyone would ever think of abusing them, there will be hell to pay. That being said, I’m so happy this hero is now ok and reunited with his loved one.

  3. what any animal will do for their owner is a Miracle I say, when I am sick with my Chronic Back troubles our 1yrs old part GSD and Pit, he will come to me and cuddle to make sure I am ok, he does alot more. Am so happy figo, is doing so well, read about itthe other day too, happy for the both of them <3

  4. I’ve seen them around town before, in a few different stores. He always looks so happy wearing his colored ribbons. Sweet dog, and nice lady too. Glad they are reunited !

  5. Oh how brave , animals certainly love unconditional, wish people were so devoted the world would be a better place, hope many happy days together for figo & owner xx????

  6. What a true hero!!! Do we know any of our friends or relatives who would jump in front a bus to save us?? The dog might do it first without hesitation. These animals are such blessings. So glad he has recovered

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