Dog Found Standing Guard over Body of Fallen Friend

This sweet dog was found standing guard over the body of his fallen friend that was hit by a vehicle and died on the side of the road.

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WARNING: This story may bring treas to your eyes, and if you are at work, you may want to wait until you get home to read this!


A dog was found in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area, standing guard over a fallen comrade.  He was sitting by the side of the road, standing watch over the body of another dog that was presumably hit by a passing car, and had passed away.

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Local resident Julie Fennell was driving on that same stretch of road when she came upon the dogs and decided to stop and help.


“He was obviously being loyal to a friend who passed away and he’s mourning,” said Fennell in news interviews.  “He was just kind of sitting guard, like a statue.  Just sitting there watching over his friend’s body.  It really looks like she was hit in the road.  You can see the blood in the road, and it looks like he drug her up onto the grass out of the road.”

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Samuel Flores, another passing motorist, stopped to check things out as well.  He snapped the photo that was used as the feature for this article.  According to him, the whole thing took place almost directly across the street from the Dallas Fort Worth National Cemetery.


No one seems to know who these dogs are, nor to what family they are part of.  It’s still unknown if the pair were siblings in a forever family and had escaped, or if the two met up as strays, and decided sticking together was a better idea than staying solo. What is known, is there was some kind of strong bond between the two that is yet to be discovered.

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“He made a friend,” Fennell said.  “Whether it was his companion in his yard at home or whether they met up as strays, but something made him stay by her side.”

The dog has been taken to Dallas Animal Services for assistance.  He had no collar, nor was he micro-chipped.  The plan is told hold him at animal services for a minimum of 72 hours.  After that, he will be sent off to SPIN Rescue.  SPIN specializes in the rescue of Great Pyrenees dogs.





425 thoughts on “Dog Found Standing Guard over Body of Fallen Friend

        1. I’m a lifetime devoted dog lover! Have had numerous big dogs all my life.and never had a loser in the lot. My fabulous wife passed away in 2003. and with exception of her, my mother and paternal grandmother – I state categorically – God’s two greatest living creations are:
          [1] Dogs! and [2] Women! God bless!!!.

      1. The dog surely deserves a good and loving home. He is obviously a very special soul who would care about anyone who gives him a loving home. I witnessed a similar situation a few years ago. Two dogs were playing at the side of a road, when one ran out into the road playfully ready to dash back but a car hit him and sped away without stopping. I moved the now dead dog to the grass on the side of the road, and the other dog tried to wake him up, barking and nudging him. It was really heartbreaking…

    1. I’ve been raising dogs all my life. I totally understand these two dogs. I’ll bet they knew each other and their human is buried in the cemetery across the way. There’s a good chance of it. I’m mentioning this to hopefully catch the folks in charge of the remaining pup before they take him/her too far away with out trying to see if the dog would/could lead them to a grave site and, possibly finding a name to match with… know what I mean? I love dogs and horses and believe it will all, hopefully, be good in the end. May God bless your search.

    2. So sad that ppl can just hit an animal and keep on going!!!! What kind of person does that! That is so in human! A few years ago this dog christmas night darted in front of us ! I screamed! We had no way to avoid him. We would of hit a tree or another car on our right. We stopped called dog warden and stayed with the dog till they came .We found out the owner came and the dog had to have surgery. He ended up ok. But that experience still upsets me. Needless to say christmas was ruined for me. So i guess iam saying be a responsible prt owner. Dont leave your dog outside alone even in a fenced area or on a chain, if you love your animal . Have a heart


        1. There’s a time and a place to correct a typo or misspelling. With this circumstance, it is not the time and/or place. With that said, it really is true that animals feel more than a lot of humans. There needs to be stricter punishments for crimes such as these. It’s a hit and run.

  1. “Passed away” The bastard who hit the poor soul didn’t even stop. It did NOT “pass away”. It was hit and killed by a waste of skin behind the wheel of a vehicle.

  2. One life lost for the other’s to be saved. Does it really have to take a photo and an article to save a dog or two from the street? Are our means have gone so low to be superficial to ignore the dog when he was homeless and take action when he has become a propaganda in a post? Help homeless people and dogs, you will be rewarded by many good things that are not in sight.

    1. Of course, anything and everything you can do to save a living life is worth a try. So why not give it a shot, you are aware, they put the dogs to sleep in Animal Shelters if they aren’t Adopted quick enough.

  3. Breaks my heart to think he witnessed it and had to take care of his friends little body while someone just drove away. RIP sweet baby and may your loyal friend find his way to a loving home.

  4. There is a saying: “Karma is a bitch!” Well? If that’s true?
    I hope she doubles down on the people that do this kind of killing.

    1. Pyranees are the best and most faithful dog you can have. I used to breed them and they are very special, and extremely intelligent

  5. if you hit an animal at least have the guts & compassion to stop & check the animal & try to help that animal. DON’T JUST GO ON YOUR WAY & act as nothing happened!!! Low life scum. Hope it comes back on you. Poor dogs. Hope the dog finds &gets his/her forever loving home. Wish I had the $ to rescue ALL the animals.

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