Stray Dog Pulls Newborn from Garbage Dump

Thanks to smart stray dog, a newborn baby boy tossed in a garbage dump is alive today.

A stray female dog from Campinas, Brazil, is being called an “angel sent from the heavens” after the homeless pet saved the life of a newborn baby boy.

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The dog who was scavenging for food in a garbage dump came across the newborn who still had the umbilical cord attached. The smart dog gently carried the baby in her mouth out of the dump, walked a few hundred feet to the closest house and handed the baby over to helpful humans hands. There, as if asking “please help him,” the dog showed the humans the baby and left him to their care.

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The home residents rushed the baby to the nearest hospital and doctors carefully cared for the tiny newborn. Medical representatives said the baby boy is in great condition and was unharmed by the dog.

Local residents are in disbelief that a mother would be willing to dump her newborn in a dump just minutes after giving birth. Authorities are now looking for her, the worst mother ever.

Thanks to this gentle stray dog, the baby boy is alive today.

246 thoughts on “Stray Dog Pulls Newborn from Garbage Dump

          1. That’s just so wrong of tossing your baby boy in the dump. Come forward an pay for what you done face the punishments

      1. You should suck it asswipe! And..even if the stories fake, who cares?! Animals have been known to do miraculous things all the time……

    1. This is my wish and prayer that this poor good natured animal be assisted by adopting her. This story bring tears to my eyes.

    2. 08/22/16 My good buddy Ziggy,a four year old rescue yorkie and a runner when given the chance. Got loose and was mauled to death by a neighborhood dog. When the neighbor was confronted, she denied it happened and said her dog caught a squirrel.I later found my dear Ziggy’s lifeless body in a garbage bag in her trash can! I miss him!!!!

      1. this Dog is a hero that should be rewarded,it is full of sense than the stupid mother of the infant.

    1. a real angel..hope this dog gets love back 100x..i wish the baby well. God bless him and the dog with a good heart..

      1. Why do they throw their babies away..guess they don’t want them..that’s what you call a throwback !

        1. I recommend the dog for noble price of the year., wishing the baby well in Jesus name Amen.

      1. I was thinking the same thing. Those are really smart dogs anyway so would be a great pet for a little boy. A true bond from birth

      1. Absolutely. For one thing, if it is a real baby, it appears to be dead because of the purple discoloration on it’s lower half that shows where the blood settled after death. sound like a maudlin made up story.

    1. Elena It could be true story as the same thing happened sometime back in Nairobi Kenya and now the girl is about 8 yrs

  1. Dogs are amazing. The sixth sense that they have is remarkable. The innate nature to know that a baby needs care….wow. I just love dogs!

      1. You God is alive and existing. He sent a dog and a stray one to rescue a newly born baby. God must be praised and be worshipped. Him alone not any other.

    1. You are right, Patti. It sounds like a fake news that has no specific details on what actually happened. Whoever is the reporter, more detailed information.

    1. How can you fit your mouth to say that without seeing the pics there will be no reason for you to open your mouth at all just think about it

    2. Apparently, someone trying to come up with a good story. Goes to show you how sick and twisted this world has become.

  2. That is beyond sad, and inhumane….what a horrible thing to do to any creature. There are other alternatives if you don’t want to keep the baby, but throwing it out like trash is just disgusting! What a sweet dog, more caring than the human that did this!

    1. Hello Pamela,Do you know if she had tried many options but non worked? I think God wants to show her (the mother ) something in life.

  3. Other reports said this story happened in Oman, while Life With Dogs wrote that this happened in Brazil. There were several stories pubished here which were not properly researched. So I hope you’ll get the story right. Anyways, great job, this dog saved the baby.

  4. Its amazing to see how so many stupid people on the internet believe everything they see/read here. This never happened in Brazil. I am from there and know for sure. Not on the news, TV, papers….

    1. how truly horrible and self-righteous to assume the mother is the wicked one. Abandonment is not a normal thing for a mother to do. Was she desperate? under-age? Raped and denied a termination? Was she forced to abandon the child? get the facts before condemning her. Or is this another made-up story to glorify dogs?

  5. Unconditional. Humans don’t know the meaning. That’s why the baby was thrown away like trash and so many homeless and abused dogs (other animals) that people just don’t want to be bothered with.

  6. Dont like that photo at all. Take it down. Yes im glad the baby was saved but on the photo it looks dead. I had to bury a loved one and the babys purpleish colour is hard to stomac.

    1. Sorry for you loss, but just because you are offended or upset doesn’t mean it should be taken down. Don’t look at it again. And don’t expect everyone to bow to your whims because you say the magic word “offended”.

  7. The real story is very sad. This dog found the unborn baby boy dead. The police is now searching for the mother (in brazil abortion is not legalizes) To charge her.

  8. I’ve now seen this exact same story with the same photos set in three different countries. Also, as mentioned earlier in the thread, who is taking the photos??

  9. This is a pretty amazing story. Dogs are instinctual. It seems odd someone is photographing the situation rather than going right into action.

    1. The mother probably had compassion it was most likely VERY ill and that’s why she did that 🙁 poor thing

    2. The mother probably had compassion. It sounds to me like the mother herself was VERY ill and that’s why she did that last minute 🙁 very sad

  10. Yay, Puppy! God bless you. God bless this sweet, innocent child. And Lord, I pray that the poor, desperate Mommy find Your love and comfort, too. Amen.

  11. Who took the picture? And why didn’t they get the baby out of his mouth as a first choice instead of taking the camera out? ?

    1. Because you eat too many damn GMO’s. Google it: GMOs cause infertility. If not that, then you ingest too many toxic chemicals like ambient air pollutants (aka “fresheners” in your house, febreeze and garbage like that)

  12. How is that dog an angel? What a horrible comparison! Biblically speaking a dog is an unclean animal. 🙂 “Angel” is a pagan word anyways.

    1. Good to be suspicious. It means you are rational enough to see BS and call it when you see it. 😉

      If this were a real story, a photo would of been taken of the “after” effects. Not the “during” taking action.

  13. All the news is on the baby but what about the stray dog, have anyone taken him/her in and give him/her reward by giving him/her a forever home. Without this stray dog the baby will have perished

  14. I am a licensed foster parent since 2013. I would love to adopt the baby boy. Show him what love is. And that it might not been right what happened to him, but God makes things happen for a reason.

  15. Is the stray dog doing well…community and authorities should repay dog with life time food …build a house with a bowls of food and water daily….or see if stray wants to be with a family…what a good compassionate heart dog! !!!!

  16. The article forgot to mention how the dog performed CPR on the newborn before gently taking it (in his garbage-eating-bacteria-filled-mouth) to the nearest house. The dog later chastised onlookers for taking multiple photos of it rather than assisting him.

  17. So many nice comments. I’m curious as to wether Katherine(writer of article) or any of you commenters has any concerns over the 50,000,000+ babies who’ve been aborted in the US since its legalization. There’s no such thing as an ‘unwanted baby.’ Stop infanticide now. We make mistakes, God doesn’t.

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