Man and Dog Reunited After Being Stolen with Truck

A man and his dog are reunited after his dog was stolen along with his truck.

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Andy Painter, a mobile farrier who lives in Gaffney, South Carolina has been reunited with his dog.  After a truck that he uses to travel and fit horses with shoes was taken with his dog Liz inside, Painter and his family set out to find his dog.

He reported his truck stolen after stopping at a gas station this past Tuesday.  He stopped to grab a snack, and had locked the dog inside along with the ignition key.  When he came out, the vehicle and his dog were gone.

“I got out of the truck to grab a biscuit and a cup of coffee and when I got outside, the truck was gone,” said Painter.

There were cameras mounted outside the store, however the condensation that had built up on them prevented any truly useful information from being gathered from them.  The video does show a vehicle pulling up next to his truck.  Someone gets out of the vehicle, breaks into th truck and takes off with it.

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Of course Painter was upset that his truck that contains everything he uses to run his business was taken.  However he would have been happy to lose everything else, as long as he got his Liz back.

“She is a really good family pet.  She is my companion.  She goes with me down the road,” said Painter  “I might spend 12 hours shoeing horses.  It’s the horses and Liz.  That’s what I like about her.  She is pretty special to me.  She comes from an abusive place and I wound up with her through some family members.  She is fragile.”

After friends and family members took to all forms of social media, Facebook included, the truck and Liz were located.  Painter is just happy that nothing was done to her.

12.16.15 - reunited

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  1. Would certainly spike the adrenalin to discover my best friend kidnapped and my way of earning the bread gone not to mention heartbreak over losing my best bud.

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