Man Sacrifices Himself to Save Stranger’s Dog from Abuse

“The only thing that makes sense is that God had a job opening as the ‘Keeper of the Rainbow Bridge.’ He has one now – the absolute BEST man for the job.”

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An altruistic man made the ultimate sacrifice when he stepped in to help a dog being kicked in a parking lot.  He lost his life, but spared the dog any further abuse.

On December 11th, David “Krockett” Krieger witnessed a man ruthlessly kicking a dog in the parking lot of a Benton Township, Michigan hydraulic repair shop where he worked.  A dog-lover himself, Krockett immediately confronted Roy Thompson, a convicted felon out on parole.  Krockett was the dog dad of two rescues, Trout and Sophie, and would have done anything to help an animal in need.

Both were carrying weapons, but only one was doing so legally, and the other drew his firearm and took the life of a man who was just trying to help a defenseless creature.


12.30.15 - Man Sacrifices Himself to Save Unknown Dog from Abuse1


Thompson’s family held a press conference, claiming that the animal abuser was only defending himself from Krieger (though not one of them was an eyewitness).  Krockett’s brother Stephen, however, was a witness, and says the two men were arguing before Thompson took a few steps back, pulled out a gun, and shot Krockett in the chest.

“When I first saw it come out it just didn’t register what was happening in couldn’t and then when the shot happened that’s when my brother immediately grabbed his chest,” Stephen explained. “Grabbed his chest and he turned towards me and he said, ‘he shot me bro,’ and I ran.”

Stephen was also carrying a legally registered concealed weapon, and says he fired his gun at Thompson when the man aimed his gun at him.  Thompson fired shots back, but neither struck the other.


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Thompson has been arrested and charged with open murder, felon in possession of a firearm, felony firearm, and carrying a concealed weapon.

A fundraiser page was launched to help defray the costs of Krockett’s funeral, and was quickly exceeded by sympathetic donors.  A memorial Facebook page has been set up for him, and animal lovers are sharing photos of their own pets to honor him.

“In the wake of this tragedy we are all left to try to make sense of why such a wonderful man, who was an asset to society and made the world a better place, was taken from us so soon,” family friend Christine Wilke explained to BarkPost.  “We’ve decided that the only thing that makes sense is that God had a job opening as the ‘Keeper of the Rainbow Bridge.’ He has one now – the absolute BEST man for the job.”


12.30.15 - Man Sacrifices Himself to Save Unknown Dog from Abuse3

221 thoughts on “Man Sacrifices Himself to Save Stranger’s Dog from Abuse

    1. “Open murder” is actually the charge. It lets the prosecutor hold off on choosing to go with first or second degree murder. Another article said bond was set at $2.5 million. Not enough.

  1. What a horrible and senseless death. Bless this dear, kind man for stepping in – so many others wouldn’t have. To his family, I’m so very sorry for your loss and the hurt you’re feeling.

  2. What a selfless person. Animal cruelty arises the same anger and willingness to do something for me as it did for him, I’m sure of it. I share the same passion for dogs and I commend him for his actions. So unfortunate for the outcome though, and so sad for his family and two fur babies.

  3. Piece of human scum beats dog, good bystander tries to help dog, piece of human scum shoots bystander with an illegal gun, “piece of scum is a convicted felon,” good bystander is dead…..piece of human scum is black…..good bystander is white……if this was reversed it would be a “hate” crime……why the double standard now? This piece of scum belongs behind bars for the rest of his useless life!

  4. This happened in my area. The man was shot by a black man in a city where black violence is on the rise. It was not reported about what happened to the dog. It is believed to have run off.

  5. Prayers to his family. Such a profound reason his family stated, that God needed him as the keeper at the Rainbow Bridge. He will be treated to a multitude of wet kisses and noses. Again my heart breaks for his family.

  6. Oh how horribly sad that he died. I hope the guy who was abusing his dog AND shot and killed this beautiful guy gets life without parole in the worst hellhole prison there is. So sorry to this hero’s family.

  7. Very sad what happened to this angel on earth, but as his family shared they now believe he is the angel at the rainbow gate, what a blessing bestowed by God ?

  8. And now the man who shot him will spent a lifetime in jail to the tune of 50k per year to pay for at the taxpayers expense. What a great waste of money! Incarceration costs are a ridiculous drain.

  9. I believe in an eye for an eye…let the deceased’s family kick the abuser until he is dead. A gunshot is much too quick and painless for this monster.

  10. Very sad story, but at the same time I hope it makes americans think about their gun laws. Any other western country and this hero would be alive.

  11. Keeper at the Rainbow bridge would be a great job, so sad for his family though that he had to get there this way. I too commend this man for doing the right thing, the cess pool scum who killed him will be picking up turds in hell one day, dropped on him by dogs in heaven

  12. Heather Crooks Connie Kelch Westin Schepper Chelsea Clow … this is so sad 🙁 I’d do the same to save a dog from being hurt

  13. Absolutely unimaginable what this poor man went threw when confronting that animal abuser. Rest in peace keeper of the rainbow bridge.

  14. I sure hope that POS gets put BACK in prison, THIS time w/o any chance at parole! What a sorry excuse for a human. And color has nothing to do with it. Scum is scum.

  15. Too many guns. Too many guns owned by people who shouldn’t have guns. Too easy to get guns. Too many dead people because of too many fucking guns.

  16. Heartbreaking and nothing matters except that a really good, kind person was killed by a very messed up person. May I have the courage to step in for a dog and somehow not infuriate the mean person. Big challenge.

  17. Love and prayers to Mr. David “Krockett” Krieger and his family. Trout and Sophie must be devastated that he is no longer with them. Such a heartbreaking story.
    I hope we can all be as courageous as he was. Rest in peace xx

  18. A true hero and he paid for it with his life. A sad story but he died doing what his heart felt was right. I wonder if we had the chance to ask him if he wld do it all over again would he say yes…. I think he would. Rip. You are a true hero.

  19. Prayers for his family. Really hope they put the POS who shot him away for life- it certainly sounds like the charges against him will put him away for a long time.

  20. I once yelled at a guy at Walmart for shaking his young pitbull. People started looking, he got embarrassed and left. I thought maybe I was lucky I didn’t get shot, stepping in like that.

  21. Put the murderer in jail? No put a bullet in his head and do the world a favor. Or put him somewhere and let people kick him to death. I’ll gladly volunteer but let me strap some razor blades and nails to my boots first. Sickening

  22. Hope it’s true that other inmates don’t like child abusers and animal abusers. Maybe he will have a nice surprise waiting on him!!

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