UPDATE: Abused Dog Caitlyn Is Now Pampered & Happy

Despite her horrific abuse, Caitlyn thrived. Today, she’s an ambassador for abuse victims everywhere, and was recently given a “bone” to North Charleston by the mayor.


12.18.15 - Caitlyn Update2


Back in June we told you about Caitlyn, the dog who had her muzzle taped so tightly closed that her tongue was nearly cut off.  She recovered splendidly, and is now being spoiled rotten!

A Charleston, South Carolina resident found the tortured dog on their front porch and called police.  She was taken to Charleston Animal Society, who got her immediate medical attention.  The restricted blood flow minimized her sensitivity to pain after a while, but once the binding was removed, feeling came back with superabundance.

“When we pulled the tape off, she kind of opened her mouth and screamed,” said Aldwin Roman of the CAS.


12.18.15 - Caitlyn Update5


Despite her horrific abuse, Caitlyn thrived.  Today, she’s an ambassador for abuse victims everywhere, and was recently given a “bone” to North Charleston by the mayor.

“Her personality came out immediately after she wasn’t sedated,” said Kay Hymen, Director of Community Engagement at CAS.  Each day we learned more and more about her.  She’s super, super sweet, very loving, extremely intelligent… she’s amazing.”

BarkPost recently treated her to the best day ever…

For updates on Caitlyn, or information on adopting her, visit CAS’ Facebook page.


270 thoughts on “UPDATE: Abused Dog Caitlyn Is Now Pampered & Happy

  1. That’s so nice. She deserves it m they all deserve it.
    Why are these Aholes stealing my oxygen?

    This fella I met, got found as a little puppy tied up and with numerous rubber Bands around his muzzle.

    Caitlyn brings awareness to such horrible behaviour

  2. awww remember that, it was heartbreaking!!! :'( & the scars…of a evil person.. U SOB…..& hope whoever did this is in jail…..good news thou….. she is being pampered now…. thank you for your kindness & bless you <3

    1. The disgusting man who did this to caitlyn is going to burn in hell it is very hard to believe that someone would think that this would be a good idea

  3. I believe she got arrested for animaly cruelty. I don’t understand how some people can be so cruel. I’m so happy she is in a happy, loving home now.

  4. Was it ever noted or revealed if she had any special training requirements that may have provoked the POS that did this to her? Wondering if there’s an educational opportunity here for dog owners who have xyz behavioral/training issues with their dogs that may also cut down on this type of abuse.

  5. no i heard she still had the poor dog she reckens she was trying to let every one know not to do this sort of thing well i say it was bull shit it was that tight his tonnge was bad happy thats shes better but with the bitch that done this she should not have her

  6. I think the blonde haired lady or fireman should adopt this dog. The dog will get confused going from shelter to foster & then adoptee! I hope she goes to a loving home!!

  7. Now this is a happy ending. She stll should have never had to have gone thru it in the first place. But thankfully she’s getting the love and care she deserves. And the waste of space that did this is now getting what he deserves. Wish there would be tape involved in his punishment.

  8. Poor poor Caitlyn. I am so happy she was rescued and is good now. What a wonderful dog. And also wonderful people helping. I hope so much the abuser is found and experience a real punishment for this.

  9. I hope the catch the bastxxds who did this , glad hes recovering, hope hes happy now after all hes been through he can’t tell us all what happened to him , bless

  10. Wat de hell is this, why this person did this abuse, he should be tape on his mouth throw him in jail scumbag, monster. so sad to see this poor dog, thankyou for saving him

  11. Still sickens me… I just want to give that sweet girl a big hug… I hope all animal abusers feel the pain they have caused and burn in hell… Okay lighter note… So happy to see the new smile on her face?

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