Dog Hit by Amtrak Train Makes Amazing Recovery

A dog hit by a fast moving trains makes an amazing recovery thanks to animal lovers across the nation.

On January 20, 2016, when Amtrak police officers were called to the accident scene where a dog was hit by a fast moving train in Baltimore, no one thought the animal had survived, but to their surprise, a white, female mixed-breed dog was clinging to life. The victim had a severed hind leg, a mangled tail and excessive blood loss, but against all odds, she lived.


Photo credit: BARCS Animal Shelter/Facebook
Miracle Molly. Photo credit: BARCS Animal Shelter/Facebook



Today she is known as Miracle Molly. Train workers stopped all moving trains and Officer Kevin McMullen found her inside a train tunnel. Amtrak personnel cared for her while Baltimore Animal Control came to remove her. She was then transported to a veterinary clinic.

BARCS Animal Shelter was contacted and they stepped up to help the critically injured dog.

“It’s heart-wrenching to think about what Molly must be thinking,” posted BARCS on their Facebook page. “The confusion of what happened, the excruciating pain and the trust she had to put in complete strangers. She’s made it this far, and we are committed to saving her.”



Molly after surgery. Photo credit: BARCS Animal Shelter/Facebook
Molly after surgery. Photo credit: BARCS Animal Shelter/Facebook




The miracle dog underwent emergency surgery. Her hind leg was beyond repair and had to be amputated, the lacerations on her body were cleaned and closed up, and her mangled tail was fixed. The exposed artery from which she lost more than half her body blood was also repaired.

BARCS says saving Molly’s life was possible thanks to the generous donations animal lovers make to their Franky Fund for Medical Care. Today, the thankful and loving dog is in foster care, recovering very well.

Hundreds of people have shown interest in adopting Molly, including Officer McMullen, who seems to have a special bond with the dog. However, the little lady is not ready to move to her forever home yet, but when she does, BARCS will ensure she goes to the right home.




Molly with officer McMullen. Photo credit: ABC2News Paul Jaffey/ BARCS Animal Shelter - Facebook
Molly with officer McMullen. Photo credit: ABC2News Paul Jaffey/ BARCS Animal Shelter – Facebook




Learn more about BARCS, the amazing work they do and the many other animals under their care looking for a forever home. Consider making a donation to the Franky Fund for Medical Care to help many other animals just like Molly.

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  2. Good of Amtrak staffs saving Molly life. Let Officer McMullen adopt Molly as there a bond between them. Chin up and get well soon Molly.

  3. God bless you precious little pup. Look at that sweet face……beautiful girl. Hope she makes a full recovery and finds a forever, loving, caring, and wonderful home!!!! Amen

  4. I hope she goes with Officer McMullen. She knows he saved her, other officers would have been inclined to have ended her misery, which is still understandable as they wouldn’t have wanted her to suffer but he must have saw the fight in her eyes.

  5. Oh sweet Jesus. My tears are running down,my cheeks. This poir,dog has suffered so much. Pray for a loving home and a wheelchair for this sweetie. No dog should suffer like that!

  6. Thanks you so much Officer McMullen I hope Molly gets to go home with you where she will be safe and well LOVED!!!!!!!

  7. Am very happy to see that she was identified as a mixed breed (and not a pittie mix, there is no!!! pit bull breed!!!!)

  8. That poor sweet baby! She went through so much. I think Molly and Officer McMullen already bonded and are perfect for each other. God bless both of them!

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